Questions to ask your partner to know them deeper

Questions to ask your partner to know them deeper

You really never know someone enough. Even a couple that has been married for quite a long time cannot really know each other completely. This is because we are all different and once in a while it is very essential to know what your partner thinks. That way you can know if this person is your ride or die or just someone who will walk out on you and leave you. The best way to know how someone things is to ask some deep questions, questions that have a deep meaning. These deep questions will help you to connect with your partner in a deeper way.

romantic questions to ask her
deep questions to ask your partner
questions for couples

They also make your relationship more meaningful and also they will make the two of you understand each other better. Let’s check out the deep questions that you can ask your partner;

Deep questions to ask your partner

I don’t want to know how you are, I don’t just want to know your likes and dislikes, and instead can I know you fully?

In a relationship in most cases people just know the behaviours and reactions of their partner. They don’t know their character. When you tell your partner this, they will tell you more about them so that you can be able to know their personality better. There is no love without understanding, and this quote is best for him/her if at all you want a long lasting relationship with them.

Because we are together, can we avoid talking and just share?

Most relationships nowadays are based on talking and not sharing. The best way to know each other is by sharing. Start by asking about your partner’s day, the encounters that they had and many other things. A relationship is two way and two people are supposed to share. When it gets to that point where conversations are a dead end, then the relationship might fail.

Given a chance to travel with an extra ticket who would you take with you?

This question is pretty much direct. However, your partner will spend some time thinking about it. If they say that they’d take their mother or a family member just know that your relationship has not yet matured. If a person is serious with you then they would gladly take you on the trip. This is one of the amazing questions for couples.

Which day would you consider perfect for you?

This question is tricky just like it sounds. In normal cases your partner will think about it for a while and answer. Well some would say their birthday or their graduation day. But a person who really loves you will say that the perfect day is when they met you or when they dated you or any day with you. People who are in love are not afraid to show their feelings. Use this quote to gauge your relationship.

If you were 90 years old and you had the option of choosing the body or mind of a 30-year old for the next 60 years, what would you choose?

This question is just brilliant. It helps you to know if your partner is more into the physical than the mental. Either way whatever they choose they would have an explanation. This question helps to gauge the thoughts of your partner as well as other factors that contribute to their character.

What are you grateful for?

In life we all have something to be grateful for. Knowing what your partner appreciates more in their life will help you to understand them better. Some are grateful for their jobs, their cars, their families but some are even deeper. Ask this question and know how they think. This is one of the questions to ask your partner to get to know them better.

If you could change anything about you, what will you change?

Everyone has their weaknesses and strengths. And you may date someone not knowing that they have some self esteem issues or issues with their families. So this question will answer all these questions and it will help you to know some of the weaknesses that they have.

Name 5 things we have in common?

When people are in a relationship somehow they look alike. This is because they understand each other and they are part of a family. As much as we are all different, there are some things that we can find that are common to your partner. These things include preferences for example you and your partner love vanilla ice cream or any other flavour. Find out the things you have in common, share with each other and make your relationship stronger.

Take five minutes and tell me your life story

In some cases as much as two people in love may share about their life stories they may leave some small details. So when you open up about your life story, you got to be thorough. This question might look easy but wait until they start. Everyone has their story and somehow in life everyone has faced challenges. It is in vulnerability that people fall deeper in love.

If you sleep and woke up tomorrow with a new skill or ability, what would it be?
romantic questions to ask her
deep questions to ask your partner
questions for couples

This question causes someone to start thinking; however it is nice to know what your partner desires, what they want and why they want it. This deep question will cause them to open up about it.

If a crystal ball could say three things about your future, what would you like to know?

Crystal balls are thought to say things and when you ask your partner this, you are looking to find out their dreams, aspirations or even fears; some would say they would want to know if they would be rich or poor, but everyone has a different opinion. This is one of the romantic questions for her.

What is the darkest moment of your life

Such a question is definitely important. A person will tell you when they really had a difficult time or when they felt low. Remember a relationship is not just favourable during easy times. It is also important during tough times and it is up to two people to know how their partners react towards such situations.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

The greatest accomplishment to your partner is very important to you. Just like the dark moments, the happy moments are equally important. It’s also necessary to check your partner’s mood before asking some sensitive questions because they might react in a different way than you expect.

If you knew that you would die next year, would you change how you lived? Why?

This question will help you to find out how much your partner appreciates life. Life is very important to each one of us and living the moment is also very important. If we all knew when we will die, I bet we would be living life without limitations.

What roles do love and affection play in your life?

People have different perceptions on love. Some think that it is just something to pass time, but others think it is more than that. So to know how serious your partner is, you got to find put more about your partner’s perception. This question is just one of the things you should know about your partner.

What do you like about me? Be honest

Everyone has their faults but in every fault there is a positive side. Most relationships last because two people appreciate each other more and better. So feel free to tell your partner what they like about you because that is what keeps two people together.

What is your most embarrassing moment in your life?

Embarrassing moments are always there in life and laughing about them actually makes them even better. Feel free to ask your partner about this so that you can understand them better.

If your house caught fire and you had only one chance to save one thing, what would it be?

They say that the ultimate measure of a man is how he reacts to situations. So this question will help you to find out just how much your partner treasures things in their house

When is the last time you cried?

This question is just deep. This is because crying is a form of expressing feelings. Generally women are said to be more emotional than men. However you should not judge your partner by this saying. Find out when they cried last, find out the reason why and make sure to be there for them next time!

If love was measured from 1-10 what number would you give your love for me?

This question indirectly asks how much your partner would measure the love they feel for you. Love is definitely not measurable and asking this question will let you know how the two of you are getting along..

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All these amazing quotes work very well for anyone who wants to know their partner in a deeper way. This is how people spice their relationship and make it or meaningful. A relationship is not just all fun and games like we watch or hear. Love is commitment, sacrifice understanding and many more. It involves two people who are serious with each other and want to build a life together. Feel free to ask any of these questions and to know if your partner is genuine simply watch out for their smile when answering. I bet after reading this, you will not lack questions to ask your partner, in order to know them better.

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