Perez University College courses and admission requirements

Perez University College courses and admission requirements

Perez University College is a preferred destination for seekers of higher education. Like other universities, it offers you an opportunity to pursue your higher learning in a serene environment. Getting a chance to build your career in the best place is important. For anybody to acquire the right kind of education, the choice of school has to be the best. Quality education depends on the facilities, information dissemination, staff, and the level of commitment of the institution. In consideration of these factors, Perez University works harder to ensure it delivers the best to its students and improves the society in general.

perez university college student portal
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About Perez University College

As far as quality education in Ghana is concerned, Perez university is a choice not to ignore. It will cater for your needs in business, as well as spirituality in theology. The school started through an initiative of the Perez International Chapel. It started as a Bible college in Tamale, in 1992 by Bishop Charles Agyinasare. At first, it was World Miracle Ministerial College (WMMC), and it later changed to Miracle Ministerial College (MMC), after its relocation to Accra.

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Perez University College has two schools - school of theology, and school of business. School of business is an affiliate of the University of Cape Coast, while the School of Theology is an affiliate School of Trinity Theology Seminary. The two schools are duly accredited by the National Accreditation Board of Ghana, since 2007. Perez University is located off the Swedru-Winneba highway, about 5 min drive or one kilometre from the Winneba roundabout. Perez University got its accreditation on 15th November 2015 as the first university to be accredited in Pomadze-Winneba. Perez offers various courses and programmes, as discussed in this article.

Courses offered at Perez University

The main vision of Perez University is to be a top class world Christian entrepreneurial university that has local, national, and international influence. It has a mission of devotional training of students, to think critically, be morally sound, have an entrepreneurial outlook, as well as provide solutions to the challenges in the society. Holding first to this mission and vision, Perez University College courses align with its vision as well as mission. It mainly offers courses related to businesses and Christian virtues. They offer certificates, diploma and undergraduate courses as outlined below:

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Undergraduate courses

School of business

Perez school of business offers the following courses

  • Bachelor of business administration(Accounting)
  • Bachelor of business administration(banking and finance)
  • Bachelor of business administration(management)
  • Bachelor of business administration(human resource management)
  • Bachelor of business administration(Marketing)

School of Theology

Perez school of theology aims at training their students to be critical and creative thinkers, enriched with the Biblical view of the world. It trains men and women who feel the call of God to serve in the church, as well as in the society, as ambassadors of Christ. Currently, Perez university programs in this school are not many, but there are upcoming programs, which are likely to increase in number, in the near future. It specializes in the following programs:

  • Bachelor of arts in biblical studies

The program's main aim is to produce church leaders, pastors and lay ministers who are competent in theological studies. Its main aim is to offer training and equip the candidates with sufficient knowledge and skills to interpret Biblical messages, using original Biblical languages, and still bring the real meaning, without committing an error of commission or omission.

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Certificate programs

The university offers various certificate programs, from both schools. They are as follows:

  • Executive Certificate in Ministry(accounting)
  • General Business Certificate Exams(GBCE)
  • Advanced Business Certificate(ABCE)
  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship
  • Certificate in Business Administration
  • Certificate in ICT
  • Certificate in Critical thinking and Logic

Upcoming programmes

In striving to fulfil its core mandate, Perez University College tries to respond to the main needs of the church and society. Concerning this, it has submitted two courses to the National accreditation board for approval. In case of approval, their training will be in two modes; sandwich and regular modes. The programs are:

  • Bachelor of arts in church management /administration
  • Bachelor of Arts in pastoral care and counselling.
perez university college student portal
courses offered at perez university
perez university programs
perez university college address

Perez university college fees

Perez university tuition fees differ from one program to another. Depending on technicalities, and how involving a program is, the school has set different fees for each program. In order to get the tuition, and fee structure, you first apply for the program you wish to undertake. After reception of the application, the admissions adhere to the following:

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  • Produces an invoice, with the tuition and fees required for the program
  • Sends the invoice to the students with the bank details clearly indicated for payment purposes.

To access their school fee structure, you need to apply for admission.

Perez university college admission

Perez university college admissions body is involved with the admission of candidates. They give the entry requirements to the applicants and receive the applications. Once the processing is over, they are responsible for the release of admission list. The following are the set entry requirement for different courses:

Admission requirements for business school

The school will admit students who meet the following requirements, based on the national accreditation board, for entry into tertiary education level:

  • West African examination council(WAEC) examination category

They recognize these standards for the progression to tertiary education level in Ghana.

  • Senior secondary school certificate examination(SSSCE)

You must attain grade D or better in three core subjects (English, mathematics and integrated science or social studies), and a grade D or better in three elective subjects.

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  • West African Senior School Certificate Examination(WASSCE)

Applicant must have obtained grade C6 or better in the core subjects (English, mathematics and integrated science or social studies) and a grade C6 or better in 3 elective subjects

  • General Certificate of Education(GCE) advanced level

Applicant must pass in three subjects, with grade D or better, and pass grade 6 in five GCE ordinary level subjects, including mathematics, English and science ( for non-science students), and an art subject for a science student.

  • Advanced Business Certificate Examination(ABCE)

Applicants must have passed in three subjects (one of the passes should be a grade D or better). The applicant should also have passed in five subjects, including English language, mathematics, and integrated sciences, in the advanced business certificate examination.

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Mature student entry requirements

Mature student entry provides a chance for people who did not get time to study in their early life, to advance their education. This mainly involves people who need to enrol in tertiary education, preferably while working. The applicants are not supposed to exceed 5% ( for public tertiary education institutions) and 20% (for private tertiary education institutions). They have the following entry requirement

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  • Be at least 25 years old.
  • Must show proof of age, with a birth certificate or any other legitimate document, from the government. The document must be at least 5 years old during the time of application.
  • Provide an introductory letter from the employee or any other document to show proof of employment if working.
  • Pass the mature student entry examination, that is conducted by the institution itself. The exam captures English, mathematics, and an aptitude test.
  • In the follow-up of these examinations, the applicants must produce proof of credit passes in English, and mathematics in WASSCE, SSSCE Or any other recognized standard high school examinations.

Foreign qualifications.

All foreign applicants who are willing to join Perez University will be referred to the National Accreditation Board. The board determines their credibility and eligibility for enrolling in a tertiary institution in Ghana. Note should be taken that SAT, TOEFL and other foreign qualifications cannot be accepted into the Ghanaian tertiary education institutions as entry-level qualifications.

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Higher National Diploma (HND) qualifications

The institution wills to admit higher diploma holders into the undergraduate programs. However, the applicants must meet the following qualifications

  • Must have graduated with a good HND certificate (at least second class lower division).
  • The applicant must have attained a two-year HND post working experience.
  • Other diploma qualifications, which are found to have qualifications with HND, might be considered.

Professional and other entry qualifications

All the other professional certificates, and other qualifications, which are beyond the ones that have been mentioned above, must be referred to the National accreditation board. The board determines the applicant's eligibility and credibility to join the tertiary institutions, universities, colleges, and polytechnics.

Perez University College student portal

Perez university student portal is a platform where students can access all the information related to their programs. They use it for unit registration, checking their examinations results and to access all updates related to fee payment detail. The portal is important to every student, as it eliminates the need to go into offices for minor inquiries.

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Perez university college address

If interested in contacting Perez University College for any information, you do not have to worry. All you need is to know their contact addresses, which will help you to get in contact and get your issues addressed. Here is Perez university college address:

Physical address:

No. 1 Perez University Drive;

Gomoa-Pomadze, Winneba;

Central Region-Ghana.

Telephone numbers:

Tel: +233 0332 091 007 – Front Desk

+233 0332 094 907 – Registrar

+233 0332 094 906 – Finance

+233 0332 094 905 – Rector

Email address

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perez university college student portal
courses offered at perez university
perez university programs
perez university college address

Quality education is the number one factor every person looks at when looking forward to enrolling in an institution. Universities should not strive to get a higher number of students for the purposes of getting revenues. They should, however, endeavour to provide the best education that will benefit the society. Excellent skills and knowledge should be taught to learners who in turn benefit the society. Perez University College is one of the best universities in Ghana that has facilitated the dream of producing efficient candidates. It offers the best business programs and theology courses that you would not wish to miss. Enrol and get the best education ever.

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Perez University College is a fledgeling university and is deliberate in its effort to produce quality graduates. Additionally, It provides an opportunity to mature students to meet their higher education aspirations. With Perez University College, there is no excuse for not pursuing your dreams. Have an active faith and take action; make your dream a reality.

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