Facebook statuses about life

Facebook statuses about life

Facebook is one of the popular social media pages with millions of users. Users socialize and interact with friends. You can imagine how many Facebook statuses are updated every minute! Some give their thoughts while others offer their friends with meaningful Facebook statuses. Coming up with a great status that captivates, motivates or pleases friends and followers sometimes becomes a challenge.

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Trying to get the right message without hurting anyone's feelings or violating anyone's privacy can be difficult. We did a research and came up with a great collection of posts for fb status that will inspire and motivate your followers.

Great status for Facebook about life

There so many aspects of life that you can post on your Facebook status. We have some certain aspects in life that are contrasting. To some people, coming up with newest Facebook statuses is simple. If you may need help getting an update, consider status posts and select whichever may befit your situation.

“Never Facebook your challenges and problems. Try to face them”

If you facing a challenge in life, try so solve it instead of posting for everyone to see. At times you may get criticisms, which may not be beneficial at the current situation. Keep your personal affairs off social media. You can update it to inform your Facebook friends who may be going through issues to seek help but not on social media.

“You should try to be better than the person you were yesterday.”

Life is not all about regrets or working extra hard to be better than someone else. You should compare yourself to the point you were at previously and you will definitely succeed. You can update such a status when you are feeling inspired by the person you are becoming.

“Life is like a book that you write with a pen. If you make a single mistake, then you will not be able to go back and erase it.”

Such a real life Facebook status! It teaches you that there are no experiments in life. Try to do what is right because you cannot erase the mistakes you may have done. If you do a mistake, try not to do it again. Ensure that your past life mistakes are not affecting your future; forget and move on. You can update your Facebook status with such a quote to motivate your followers to avoid leading bad lives that may trace back to them in the future.

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“Each day is like a second chance.”

In life, there second chances in which we should not take for granted. It is what to do with our second chance that matters eventually. Wrong someone today, ask for forgiveness and avoid doing the same tomorrow. You may have done something regrettable in the past, forget about it and try avoiding it by all means.

“What the world needs are people who have specialized with the impossible.”

The world truly needs people who believe in themselves. If something is said to be impossible, be the one to oppose and provide a solution. For instance, if you are in school and most students find it impossible to do a math sum, show them that it is possible. You can use this status to motivate your friends to go the extra mile in life in order to achieve in life.

“Your real friends are stars because they help you shine when you are in a dark world.”

If a friend is there even in the gravest of times, then you should keep him or her. This is because some friends are only there during good times, but disappear when challenges set. You can update your Facebook status with such a quote when you need a true friend or praising a friend that you have who has always been by you come rain come shine.

“My life is so good nowadays. What I do is to love those friends that are good to me and completely ignore those who are not good to me. This is making my life so peaceful.”

If someone values you, then you should value them as well. If someone ignores you, do not bother about them as well. This is because those who ignore you are not interested in having you in their lives. Life is all about knowing your true friends and not letting them go. You can update your Facebook status with such a quote, when you feel good, encouraged, and inspired with life and the friends who rarely let you down.

Facebook quotes about life and love

Life is unpredictable. There some people who enjoy living their lives to the maximum while others live a lowly life. What we believe is that each person has a memorable event, which can either be bright or dark. This is the major reason why people from different continents create similar statuses to post on Facebook. They make people to learn, get inspired, and get encouraged as well.

“Enjoy the little you have today before a day comes and you realize that they were much.”

In life, you should be contented with what you have because there people longing to have what you consider small. For instance, if you have a job that caters for almost all your needs, then you should enjoy it. You can imagine if you are not making the amount of money you consider little. Use this post to teach you friends who are never satisfied to be content with what they have.

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“You do not need a life professor, teacher, or anyone. This is because an empty stomach, an empty pocket and a broken heart will teach vital life lessons.”

Life is short and you should try to work hard to enjoy it. Life's harshest lessons come in form of struggles. You will learn to fend when you realize how tough it is to stay hungry. Update such status to encourage your Facebook friends to keep working extra hard to achieve the best in life.

“You should pray because it is as essential as breathing.”

This is more or less a religious status. We all need to put our almighty God first. This is because we cannot live without the Lord's grace and protection. He is the reason you are alive today and you should keep on appreciating him. Seek for forgiveness anytime you wrong him.

“All the struggles that you have gone through have shaped the person you are today. You should be grateful for the struggles because they make you stronger.”

Tough times are a stepping-stone to success. They make you learn and become a better person. The experience from the hardships shapes and strengthens you. Update such status if you feel encouraged and strengthened by your hardships.

“Life is just like cycling a bicycle. If you want to balance, you have to keep on moving.”

If you fail in life, you should not stop, but keep on moving. One thing you should know is that you have the power to mend your mistakes. Never allow yourself to lose hope; try to balance and move on with life. This status can be used to show your resilience towards the tough times that you may be going through.

“You should forever wear a wide smile on your face because life is so awesome and beautiful.”

This is an example of a 'life is good quotes for Facebook'. It will teach your friends that they should not try to major themselves in the bad happenings. They should look at the good things that makes them smile. There is nobody who has a perfect life; we all have downsides. It is the decision to stay up that counts.

“In life, there is not a perfect relationship. It all depends on how strong the involved people are to overcome the challenges.”

In every relationship, there are many challenges. The secret to overcome challenges is to be strong and join hands. The non-lasting relationships are there because many people do not want to join hands to face the challenge. This is a status to motivate friends to maintain tight bonds that may arise.

“If an opportunity is not knocking on your door, then you will have to build a door.”

Such a great Facebook status will remind your friends that they should go an extra mile if an opportunity does not come their way. You cannot just lose hope find the opportunity yourself.

Best Facebook status about life

Good Facebook status about life makes both you and your Facebook friends motivated. They inspire a person and makes them think positively about life during good times and hardships.

Facebook statuses about life
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best facebook status
“If you achieve something inwardly, you will definitely change your outer reality.”

If you have a dream and you are very sure that you will achieve it, then you will work extra to achieve it. Every success begins with a dream.Inner motivation goes a great way in making someone work tirelessly.

“Life is too short, forgive quickly, break some rules, kiss slowly, laugh uncontrollably, love truly, and never allow regrets to haunt you.”

You should enjoy every single second of your life. If you failed somewhere, do not regret; instead mend the mistake. Ensure that you have fun in life and you enjoy every bit of it. The status seeks to motivate your friends and followers not to dwell to much on the past since life is unpredictable.

“Success doors open to those people who are bold and courageous enough to knock.”

Success doe not come through relaxing and waiting for everything on a silver platter. That can only happen to that person who inherits well. You have wake up and find success. The status is meant to condemn laziness and ensure your friends are up on their toes toiling for a great life.

“Poor attitude is the only dangerous disability in the world.”

Bad attitude will inhibit your success. If you truly want to succeed, then you should work on your attitude. Update such status if you want to discourage your Facebook friends from having a poor attitude towards life in general.

The statuses that we upload on Facebook act as a mirror to what we are going through in life. The choice to use a particular status is based on experience, either ours or another person's,with an aim to derive lessons, joy and motivation.

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