Funny jokes messages

Funny jokes messages

Funny jokes bring a wide smile on a person’s face very quickly. They make one to lighten up even if they were in their saddest situation. The good thing about crazy jokes messages is that they can give someone who is miles away from you a wide smile. We therefore shared with you a collection of jokes to send to your girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband, or friends. Keep in mind that it is awesome to giggle a bit and to smile as well.

love jokes messages
jokes messages for friends
jokes messages for whatsapp

Funny jokes will enable you to be able to manage anger, boost happiness, boost self-esteem, and make you to be more assertive. Scroll down and journey with the article.

Life jokes messages for friends

Are you bored? This funny messages will give you humor that will remove that boredom.To make the texts too hilarious, share them with your friends by either posting on your Facebook page, send them to your close friends via Whatsapp and cheer their days. Read on the life Jokes Messages for friends.

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“I really want to explain everything, but am afraid your mind might explode.”

You send such a funny text to someone if you do not want to give him or her more details about something.

“A man with pierced ears is more than prepared for a long-term marriage. Why? The reason is that he has a good experience of the piercing pain; he owns jewelry that you both can share.”

Such a funny joke will make ladies to prefer pierced men. Another advantage is that they know the price of the jewelry and a good taste as well.

"Which country do you love most? Travel as soon as you can before you even marry. Once you marry, even changing the TV channel will be tricky.

Decades ago, a man controlled everything in a home. Nowadays, even the kids make the decisions; be prepared.

"If you want a lady to like you, them tell them 'You Lost Weight.'

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The 3 words are very simple, but they means a lot to a lady. In fact, that is the shortest way to make a lady to like you whole heartedly.

“You need to be very friendly to your children. Why? This is because you will soon get old and they will choose your home.”

Such a funny quote is an advice to the parents. Aging is a must to everyone, your parents inclusive. The children will definitely take care of you, if you were friendly to them. If you never played your friendly part, you might end up in a home for the aged.

"Am not a drunkard. Unless am with someone or alone.”

The joke is hilarious. Send it to a friend who likes referring to you as a drunkard and you will definitely cheer him/her. In fact, that friend will never refer to you as a drunkard again.

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“Do you need a faster way for transferring your funds? Try marriage, it is more faster than even using electronic banking.”

Marriage comes with loads of responsibilities especially to the man of the house. You pay, pay, pay. This is the major reason why men look forward to have a working class lady so that they can share the responsibilities.

Funny jokes messages for girlfriend/boyfriend/married couples

love jokes messages
jokes messages for friends
jokes messages for whatsapp

Did you know that humor is one of the great ways to express yourself to your partner? Logically, if you are in love with each other, then you share sense of humor though. What is the sense of humor of your significant other? That is what you should know first before sending him/her one of the double meaning jokes and messages. Keep scrolling the love jokes messages.

“Hey, you can call me Microsoft. Do you mind me crushing at your place in the evening?”

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Such crush jokes messages will make him/her laugh. Be ready for a positive answer though.

“Am deeply in love with you babe with all my butt. Why Butt? Well, my butt is bigger than my heart.”

You can send such a hilarious message to you boyfriend or husband to cheer up his day. You can send him as a good morning text to make him have a wide smile on his face.

“Good night sweetheart, have in mind that you take off breathe just like asthma.”

This funny text will make him/her wear a smile before taking a rest. Ideally, he/she might even dream with you.

“Hello baby, I just wanted to tell you that I can never get you off my head just like dandruff.”

This funny text will make your lover smile and also express you deep is your love for him/her. Your lover will feel more loved and special as well. It will make your relationship to grow stronger.

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“I feel like borrowing a deep kiss from you. If you give it to me, I promise I will give it back.”

Send this hilarious text to your lover, to make him/her aware that you urgently need a kiss. Asking it in norm way will not make it as sweet as asking it in a hilarious way.

“Is your name Wi-Fi? I honestly feel a very strong and reliable connection near you.”

There is no harm if you send such a funny text to your crush. In simple words, you will be telling him/her that you are in love. If there a connection between you, then connect and try it out. A guy can comfortable send it to his crush and a few ladies as well.

“If given a chance, I would rearrange the alphabetical letters and put together U & I.”

Do you need new jokes messages? Share the hilarious message that will make your lover aware that you cannot live without him/her. Expressing what you feel for someone is a challenge to many, but thanks to the funny jokes message.

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“Are you sick? Tell the doctor to check in you have Vitamin me.”

You can send this funny joke to your lover who is mile away. This is a way to show that you both miss each other’s company so much. You can also send to your lover who is at work or maybe a trip.

“Is Google a female or a male? Well, it is female. Why? Google can never let you finish even a sentence without giving you a suggestion.”

Do you agree? A lady will soon become the head of a family in decades to come. That might happen in other continents apart from Africa.

April fool jokes and messages

love jokes messages
jokes messages for friends
jokes messages for whatsapp

Are you among those people who look forward to pull a good prank to close friends or relatives on April Fool’s Day? Here is a collection of April fool occasion jokes and messages.

“Hey fool, it’s your day. I wish you a joyous fool’s day.”

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Send this joke to your close friends and make them to wear a smile. You can also update you Whatsapp or Facebook status.

“I have a friend who think that he is smart. He once told me that it is only an onion that can make her cry. Today, I decided to throw a small stone on her, she cried, and am happy that she knows that she is wrong.”

Such a text will definitely make your friend know that you are smart.

“You need to know that sometimes even fools are right.”

You can send such a funny joke to a person that you just pranked.

“Did you know that everything is so funny when it is happening to another person?”

If you are fooling a person and he/she falls into the trap, it becomes more hilarious unlike when it is happening to you.

“Today, we are celebrating people like you; consider yourself lucky.”

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If you prank someone, send him/her such a funny message. It will make him/her know that we celebrate him/her.

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Jokes messages for Whatsapp

Below are Jokes messages with pics that you can send to that friend, partner, or even a close relative.

Send this to your mother, if you gave her smartphone usage lessons.

love jokes messages
jokes messages for friends
jokes messages for whatsapp

Send this funny text image to your dad to cheer up his day.

love jokes messages
jokes messages for friends
jokes messages for whatsapp

A funny joke message is all you need to make someone's day special. You never know when that person really needs some cheering. So make it a habit of surprising your loved ones with that cheerful message.


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