Sick quotes and sayings for encouragement

Sick quotes and sayings for encouragement

Almost everyone loves some encouraging words and especially those that come in quotes form, and the best thing is that they come in all types. There are motivational quotes, quotes for wisdom, quotes for the hard times and there are also sick quotes both for the sick and for showing that you are tired of something.

not feeling well quote
i am sick quotes
not feeling well quotes

In this article we are going to expound more on both of the sick quotes. Read on and be encouraged.

Not feeling well quote

Being ill literally drains one energy, everyone hates it when they are sick. Being in bed for most of the hours whether it’s the hospital bed or home bed is the worst feeling ever. Sometimes when we are sick we want our loved ones to show us they still care about us. This is why when we have a sick loved one it’s a good idea to encourage them in all the possible ways. Apart from taking care of them and being there, it is good to think of something that will touch their hearts when we are not able to be around them. Sending them a message that you care for them is a great way to encourage them. You can buy a beautiful card and write on it encouraging words.

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One of the best way is to use quotes or sayings that will make them even stronger to face their illness. If you are not able to deliver the messages to them yourself, you can text them or even send someone else. Below is a well laid list of encouraging and wise quotes and sayings that you can use to deliver your caring words to them.

not feeling well quote
i am sick quotes
not feeling well quotes

Being sick is one way of your body telling you that you are too awesome and you need to slow down so that the rest of us will catch up with your awesomeness.

Sick people don’t like the idea that someone is pitying them so you do not have to show it. This quote, will make them feel awesome and take their time to get well and go back their lives. This can be sent to your girlfriend, boyfriend, dad or any other family member that you are really close to. A card with this kind of message will automatically light up their day.

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The medicine you are taking will only heal the body but I promise you that our friendship will cure your soul.

When our close friends are ill, we feel lonely and bored. This happens when you have a friend you spend most of your time with. When they are ill and just at home that leaves you alone and we end up missing them. This quote is the best if you are struggling to express that feeling towards the illness a friend is going through. It will make them know that you really care and love their company at the same time help you in expressing the feeling of missing them.

There is no difference between the words you and I, if you get sick, I do too, get well soon.

This is a great quote you can send to someone that are really close to. This can be your spouse, your close family member or even your friend. This will help you to show them that their presence in your life really matters to them. It encourages them to even do what they can to get better and come back to their lives. In addition, you will express what you feel without having to be there. You can send this along with some flowers and some fruits too.

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While you lie down to rest and also to recover, I promise I will be next to you praying that you will have a quick and smooth recovery.

This is one of the touching being sick quotes that you can’t miss to send to your loved one. The message has an encouraging message that the patient is going to have a smooth and quick recovery and that they will also have someone by their side. What to could be more touching than that? It’s a good quote to those with chronic diseases, it will help them know that their recover will be quick and smooth too.

You are wonderful, I know you are really trying, keep it up.

For someone who is doing all they can to feel better, it is good that they are given the much support they need. They have to be shown that what they are doing is great and there are people who are actually seeing it. Sending them a quote like this will not only encourage them to feel better soon but also that there is someone who appreciates their effort.

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Always maximize your faith than your illness. Everything is going to be okay

What could be more encouraging than this? Such a quote will automatically encourage the sick person that their faith is always great compared to their illness. You can send this quote as a text too if you are in no position to purchase anything for them. A simple text will get their spirits elevated.

Eventually, everything has a end including your illness. Be strong.

A sick loved one should be shown that their pain is not permanent, in due time it will fade away. Many sick people always think that their situation is taking way too much time and weighing their spirits down. This saying will give them hope that their illness will eventually fade away some day. The only thing they have to do is be courageous and hold on to the fact that their pain will one day fade away.

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I have never met anyone with such a smile as yours. Get well soon, I miss you.

This message will automatically get them smiling, and that is the goal of the quote. This will make them forget their failing hope and start looking forward to getting back on their feet as soon as possible. Quotes about feeling sick such as these are the best for sending to mums or lovers.

Being sick feels like you're wearing someone else's glasses.

This is a saying by an American writer and filmmaker, Megan Boyle. it is a funny quote. It can be sent to a person who is not critically ill, for instance, someone with flu will not break down and cry for such a message. You can even send them feeling sick images. It will lighten up their moods.

I am sick quotes

not feeling well quote
i am sick quotes
not feeling well quotes

These are the quotes that show that someone is tired of something happening in their lives.

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I am sick of remembering the good words and also, the broken promises.

When promises are made to us, they are accompanied by sweet words. Then the person making this promises fails to make them come true. When this happens repeatedly, we become tired. We subsequently get sick of remembering those sweet words that never amounted to anything.

I’m sick and tired of ignoring my feelings towards you.

When we feel a certain way towards someone but can’t gather the courage to tell them point blank and we end up ignoring the feelings. We know that feelings don’t just disappear into thin air and the person is always close to us, we tend to get tired of ignoring the feelings. If you are in this stage then this quote has got sorted, you send it on a card or as a text.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

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A stage reaches in life when you are too much until you can’t take it anymore. This feeling sick quote summarizes that feeling of being too tired to stomach anymore hurts.

I start to feel sick when I picture you out of my life.

This is a good one to send to someone that you deeply love in your life. Sending this quote to them even as a simple text message will undoubtedly make them happy. You can use this especially if you are at loggerheads with your lover. It’s a great way of showing them that they matter a lot in your life.

I am sick of people who make excuses of everything.

Having to encounter irresponsible people all the time truly annoys. People who never accept their mistakes or take charge of anything. They always make excuses of why they cannot do this and that. This is really annoying especially if you are responsible and you do not give excuses for anything. This can fit well if you cannot tell this person his irresponsible behavior in person, you can send them such a message.

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There are also people who will never accept their mistakes, they will only make excuses for anything they do wrongly. This quote also is suitable for them.

Am sick of looking at my wallet and not seeing a thousand dollars.

Being broke really breaks one's heart and it pains when there is something can do about your situation. This quote would be suitable if someone is owing you some debt but dos not seem to be paying. You can send this to them with to show them you are tired of having to wait for them to pay your your cash. Such a quote will make the see the seriousness and treat the issue with seriousness.

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Quotes are a great way to express one’s feelings toward something or someone. Sick quotes are also the best when you are trying to express the sympathy and the concern you have to sick people. Sick quotes also are the best for showing that you are tired of something. The list above can as a directory to the best quote to use

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