Funny quotes about love

Funny quotes about love

Love is a great feeling. For that reason it should not be taken too seriously like a court session. In order to create great memories, you have to enjoy every second with that person that you adore so much. Humor is really good for the soul. Therefore, it is wise for you to have those people that make you laugh out loud close to you. It’s very hard to forget that person that makes you laugh countless times. The humorous side of a relationship is what gets people staying. It's the fun messages that you send and the hilarious things that you do that ultimately counts towards strengthening the ties. No better way to do this than sending that message that you cant help but laugh and think about all day long.

Funny quotes about love
hilarious quotes
funny relationship quotes

That is why you need to send your loved one funny quotes about love more often. It will not only make her feel loved like its the first day of the relationship, but it will also make him or her laugh and get jovial. Below is a well detailed list of funny love quote for those hilarious you are familiar with.

Hilarious love quotes

These are some of the quotes that will get him or her cheerful and jovial. Take a look and put a smile on their face today!

Do you know that tingling sensation you get when you see someone you are in love with? That’s your common sense leaving you.

That is not just funny but right. When we fall in love, the only thing most people are obsessed with and can only think about is that feeling. In the first phases of being in love, people tend to forget about their lives and really focus on how they feel about that person they have fallen in love. That is why you will find some people even smiling alone without any evident reason. This is a great quote especially if you see your best friend falling in love and they are all obsessed about it. Sending them this quote will serve as a reminder and also a hilarious moment for the two of you.

I have got 206 bones and only one heart, please spare my poor heart and just break one of the bones instead.

This one is so funny especially if sent to a girl you have fallen for but doesn’t want anything to do with you. This is one of the funny love quotes for her that will allow her to see your humorous side. Many guys forget that ladies love and would fancy being with a funny man. Showing the hilarious side of you works as a bonus when trying to woo her.

I miss you exactly like how an idiot misses a point.

An idiot will always miss a point; sometimes even by great margins. Missing someone exactly as an idiot misses a point means that they miss you always and greatly. This text might just end up making his or her night when you send it.

Loves makes you blind but marriage is an excellent eye opener.

Love not only makes you mindless but also makes you blind. You can never see the faults of your partner when you are dating and in love. All you see are their perfections only and you fail to notice their imperfections. No one can blame anyone for being blindly in love, it is normal. Sometimes, things change when you are married and that is where you notice all their faults and you wonder why you never saw them. This joke is meant for a married couple to tease and make fun of each other.

funny love quotes for her
funny love quotes for him
relationships funny quotes
I love marriage, you get to annoy one particular person for the rest of your lives.

This is a funny love message directed to the married couples. When you are married, you will only have the option of just annoying only one person. The funny thing is that they always enjoy being annoyed and would feel bad if they do not annoy each other once in a while.

You stole my heart but no worries, I will let you keep it.

This is among the most hilarious quotes about love that you can send to someone you love deeply. It’s hilarious in a way that it says that someone has fallen in love but they can’t possibly fall out easily so they just let things flow. It may serve as an excellent catch phrase as well!

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Forget the butterflies, I feel the whole zoo in my stomach when I see you.

This is taking the woo game to a whole new level. Normally, they would only feel butterflies in their stomachs, but a whole zoo! Isn’t that hilarious?

Never ever laugh at your wife’s funny choices, you are definitely one of them.

Men tend to laugh about everything their wives do, forgetting that if the wife always makes stupid choices, then they are probably the first stupid choice. What a great way to inform a friend not to speak ill of the wife's choices!

Funny love quotes for him

Want to get him laughing all night long whenever he thinks of the message you sent him? Let's take a look at what may impress him.

I’m yours no refunds.

This will definitely get him smiling. An assurance is the most basic thing that men look for in most relationships. It will show him that you already love him and there is no way you are going to leave him. This quote is also a message that you actually are aware of his feelings if at all he is trying to hide it. Ever seen your man blush? Try this and see it for the first time.

Thank you for loving even when am a crazy bitch.

Sometimes when you realize that you are crazy you wonder if he still loves you. Then he still shows that he loves and adores you even after your crazy character cannot be hidden anymore. This is where you realize that you can at least thank him for loving you, and this is the perfect quote to show that you love him and appreciate what he does. You also get to make him smile.

Love is when you tell them that their zipper is open.

When you are in love but you are free with each other, you can tell him anything. This is a perfect quote to keep him on toes and make him be at ease a little bit. This can come as a text to remind him of that funny day his zipper was open. He will surely smack when he reads it and remembers.

I love you with my butt, I would say heart but my butt is bigger.

This is one of the relationships funny quotes that is best delivered to a boyfriend. You get to tease him a little and show how big your love for him really is. It’s a good feeling for the guys. It can be sent as a text in the morning just to make them smile all day at the though of what you said.

relationships funny quotes
hilarious love quotes
humorous love quotes
I want to get married to you because when I start having wrinkles, your eyesight will have failed to see them.

This is the bomb of them all. It is both funny and very thoughtful. Women do not like it that their beauty fades right in front of the men they love. It’s kind of embarrassing and that is why women would prefer a man of the same age with them or older but not younger. Plus, it is more or less an assurance that you will stick by him for a very long time.

These funny quotes about love are best sent in the morning or when a relationship is going through a rough road. However, you are free to send them whenever you feel like. You can send such quotes through a simple text. If you wish for it to be special, you would consider decorating the message on a card and deliver along with a gift. Laughter is great for the soul and the heart. Try putting a smile on his or her face and see how it glows!

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