Warren Buffett quotes on life, success and investing

Warren Buffett quotes on life, success and investing

Warren Buffett quotes inspire many entrepreneurs around the globe. Warren Buffett is a renowned American business man. He is an investor, a motivational speaker and a philanthropist. He works for Berkshire Hathaway as the chairman and the Chief Executive Officer. He is among the many successful people emulated by many people who want to succeed in life, business and career. Numerous books have been written in his honor to mark his quotes and talk about his philanthropic nature.

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warren buffett quotes on investment
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At times, we need that push by someone who has experienced a similar situation to ours in order to take a step. This is where quotes come in handy. Short but powerful messages that get you up your feet. Warren Buffett has a number of quotes outlined to motivate people and principles that he lives by. At some point we all develop some things that we need to sacrifice or abide by in order to move forward. This article explains some of Warren Buffett quotes.

Warren Buffett quotes on success

“Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No.1”

This is among the most famous stock market quotes by Warren Buffett. Sometimes the stock market is priced wrongly. Equity markets experience a lot of drastic changes and if one is to invest in them, they must know the right way to do it so as not to lose money. While making a decision on whether to invest or not, a person must make rational decisions. You can lose a lot of money or gain a lot of it depending on your strategy.

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

This is another one of Warren Buffett quotes on investment. He advises that an investor should be concerned about the value that the investment brings as opposed to the money that they use in running it. Identifying the best investment opportunity is a major step in making an investment valuable. Warren Buffett advises that investors, especially in the stock market should not put a lot of focus on the short term changes in price.

“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.”

Investors must take risks. In this wise saying about money, this successful entrepreneur urges people not to invest in a business that they do not understand. Often, when people make good returns from a particular investment, they want to try out other areas. Even though this is a step towards growth, it is wise that a person understands how that field works. Coming from a person who has made huge returns in big companies such as Johnson & Johnson, MasterCard, Wal-Mart among others, this is definitely among the top quotes about investment.

“Hang out with people who are better than you so that you can drift in a similar direction.”

To become successful in life, career and business, one is supposed to associate with people who are doing better than them. Often, this can be quite intimidating because some people might feel that they do not belong to the class of successful people. Warren Buffett advises that if you want to achieve growth, you must make connections with people who are doing better than you. Most definitely, they will influence you to follow a similar path.

“The rear-view mirror is always clearer than the windshield in the business world.”

Being a businessman is not very easy. This is particularly the case when a person incurs losses after investing in a venture. When this happens, some people are bound to be fixated on the past rather than the future. It is important to reflect on the past mistakes so as not to drop once you try the venture again. Having the past experience is the best thing an entrepreneur can have.

warren buffett quotes on success
warren buffett investment quotes
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“You’d rather buy a wonderful company at a fair price than buy a fair company at a wonderful price”

This is among the most interesting Warren Buffett investment quotes. Investors often look for a deal that has a discounted price. This is where they go wrong because buying a company at a wonderful price does not guarantee value. They should always look for opportunities that add value no matter the price.

“You can spend 20 years building a company but can ruin it in 5 minutes. Think about that and do things differently.”

This is an important quote about building a reputation. It takes a lot of work and time to create a good public perception. However, this reputation can be destroyed within a short time, which can bring down a company. As such, a person should avoid scandals that can give a company a bad name.

“I knew I was going to be rich. I didn’t doubt that for a minute.”

Warren Buffett encourages people to dream big. Becoming successful starts from the mind and the belief that a person has. Therefore, people should proclaim that no matter the circumstances, they will be rich, then work towards realizing their belief.

“Buy something that you’d be happy to have if the market closed for a decade.”

Here, Warren Buffett urges people to make long-term investments. At times, the returns might take long to be realized. However, once they start coming in, they are quite huge returns.

“Our favorite holding period is forever.”

When investing in a business or company, you must think that you will hold the business for a long time. Sure, there will be challenges in running it but you must have a positive mindset. Positivity has helped successful business people like Warren Buffett to achieve value in their investments.

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“Simple behavior is very effective even though complex behavior is rewarded more.”

Part of the reason why people do not want to invest is because of the fear. Many are worried that the process is complicated. Warren Buffet points out that people have been made to think that investing is difficult. However, it is a simple process that any person who is determined can succeed in.

“Do things when an opportunity arises.”

As an investor, you must think outside the box. At times, you will have several ideas that can add growth to your business. It is during such times that you must implement those ideas. Other times, you will lack ideas, and that is fine. Take advantage of the opportunities that you come across.

“Honesty is very expensive. You must not expect it from people who are cheap.”

Honesty is a great virtue in life and business. However, not matter how honest you are, you will most likely run into people who do not value or practice honesty. When seeking advice, ensure to only take the pieces of information that are valuable to your business or life. Some people will give you wrong advice and this can cause the downfall of your achievements.

“You can sit in the shade today because someone else planted the tree a long time ago.”

In this quote about success, Warren Buffett urges people to appreciate where they are coming from. It is because of actions taken by other people in the past that they can enjoy what they have now. Therefore, people should also aim to do good things so that other people can benefit in future.

warren buffett quotes on investment
quotes about investment
warren buffett quotes on success
“If you are among the lucky 1%, you must think about the other 99%.”

People who have things must learn to share with those that do not. This is a very kind gesture that can lead to societal development. People should also not be greedy. They must learn how to access resources in the right way and share them with others. If you give back to the society you feel contented and also create a good name.

”There are people that make easy things difficult.”

Some people fail in life because of complicating situations. Warren Buffet advises that this type of behavior ruins the life of people. Investing does not require you to be a genius. All you have to do is believe in yourself. Again, invest in yourself so that you can build on your skills. Besides work and career, learn to sacrifice time for yourself. Learn new things and occasionally do things that bring peace of mind. This will make your entrepreneurial journey enjoyable.

“People who are successful are likely to say no often.”

If you want to be successful, you must not agree to everything. You must learn to say no to people who do not add value to your life. Avoid situations that derail your progress. For instance, if you are an alcoholic, you cannot achieve much. You must fight the addiction or else you will lose all the motivation that you had from the beginning.

“Successful people do what they love.”

Ever wondered why some people are successful in business? It is because they are passionate about what they do. They implement their talents, which is not only fun but fulfilling. Look at people like singers and footballers. These are people who earn by using their talents. Nobody forces them to do that because they love it. If you do what you love, you are likely to become committed and dedicated.

“Do not expect different results with the same strategy.”

The reason why you are failing is because you keep using the same strategy. Try to embrace change once in a while. For instance if you invest in companies and keep failing, it could be that you do not conduct thorough research before investing. You should know that when investing, you are making a major decision that can make or break you.

“Control your time. Do not let others do it for you.”

Time management is key in business. You have to know what to sacrifice time for. People are likely to tell you what to do even when you know their suggestions are not adding value to your life. Others will want you to engage in activities that can derail your growth. You should avoid such situations and focus on better things.

warren buffett quotes
wise saying about money
warren buffett quotes on investment
“If history was all that is needed to become successful, the richest people would be librarians.”

Warren Buffett urges people that history does not dictate what will happen in the future. If you made mistakes in the past, there is a lot of hope to correct the situation and become successful in future. Similarly, if you made success in the past, do not be over-pleased that you forget there is more that needs to be done. Keep planning and adjusting your activities such that they give the best results.

"Tell me who your heroes are. I will tell you who you’ll be.”

The people who you associate yourself with can make or break you. You do not just emulate anybody because you love them. Choose your mentors and people you consider inspirational very wisely. Emulating them makes you become more like them.

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