Are leaders born or made?

Are leaders born or made?

Are leaders born or made? That is an old-age argument that needs to be put into rest. Some believe that a true leader is born destined to create a mark; defining him/her as an individual who is influential, natural charismatic, and inspiring. On the other hand, some have a strong belief that a true leader is made not born. To them, a true leader is made through great hard work and determination. This means that if you have a goal of becoming a leader, you have to have the passion to refine as well as develop leadership characteristics.

leaders are born not made
are leaders born or made debate
how are leaders made

We are therefore dedicated to put into rest the issue of ‘are leaders born or made’ debate by supporting the two sides to come up with a verdict. Scroll down to journey with the article.

Leaders are born not made

This argument commenced after Thomas Carlyle a wise writer formulated ‘Great Man Theory’, which described leaders as born with leadership qualities & prowess. This theory was developed back in 1840s and it argues that a person inherits some traits as well as qualities that makes them to be great leaders. To Thomas, “is either you were born a leader or not.” Here we have support claims that argue great leaders are born not made.

1. People are not born with equal talents and abilities

Some people are just predisposed naturally to leadership the same way some are predisposed naturally to abilities & talents such as musicality and athleticism. If you are born a leader, then you have a ‘special sauce’ that will make you to naturally excel in leadership.

2. All prominent leaders have a remarkable history behind their leadership journey

True leaders have a very different history making their leadership journey to be different. Some of the remarkable leaders include Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther, Aung San Suu Kyi, Mahatma Ghandi, and King Jr; they all an incredible have history behind.

How are leaders made and not born

leaders are born not made
are leaders born or made debate
how are leaders made

The behavioral theories have a strong belief that a person can become a great leader via a process of observation, teaching, as well as learning. Leadership is just a set of incredible skills that are learned via over time experience, perception, training, and practice. In clear words, leadership is all about lifetime activity. If you have a passion of becoming a great leader, then you will be determined to seek development gaps that will assist you to learn leadership skills. Here are support claims that argue leaders are made not born.

1. Soft skills are explained not implanted

If leaders are born, then people could not waste time studying management or leadership. Have you ever heard of military leadership training programme? If leaders are born, then why go for the training? Enrolling in such programme on leadership & management makes some people to become great leaders upon a tough competition. All this makes one to ask if influence, charisma, ability to inspire, and integrity be taught.

If you have a vision that you want to share, then it will take you more than PowerPoint presentation. Anyone with basics can learn leadership and become great. That is the major reason that some get poor results and some do extremely well while studying leadership.

2. Development is very essential and powerful

A leader is made because he needs leadership development, which will bring him/her positive impact. Leaders seek feedback, they get into situations that are overwhelming, they read & learn, they seek instructions, and the also practice. For instance: Have you ever seen a talented person who is very lazy, who lacks passion, and also lack conviction to develop their God-given abilities? This people exist and those who are determined to develop themselves succeed the same as leaders.

3. Characteristics of leadership are one

Leaders receive credits as well as blames for the good and the bad things that took place during their term or tenure. Great leaders are not great leaders alone. They tend to be surrounded by committed as well as competent teams.

4. There different types of leaders

If leaders are born, then researchers could take their time to plot the mix of strategic thinking, intelligent, and communication skills just to identify that great woman or that great man. That does not happen because effective leaders are very different from one another. They have different skills as well as personalities, which influence the people.

There some leaders who are extroverts and others introverts. There others who are obsessed as well as administrative to maximize the value via managing details and others are strategic to maximize value via leveraging persons towards great gaps. Yes, birth given characteristics have a great impact on the type of a leader one will become, but every leader needs to develop in order to be effective.

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Are great leaders born or made? The verdict

leaders are born not made
are leaders born or made debate
how are leaders made

Leadership is just an art and not science. You can also define leadership as a set of great traits that are perfected as well as redefined with experience, education, and training. Keep scrolling to find the conclusion of this old-aged question to put it into rest.

1. Have you ever heard of an aspect that goes, ‘be in the right place in the right time?’ Yes, you are a leader though you need to know if you are in the right position. This is because you cannot shine if you are in the wrong position. Environment and location also needs to be identified when discussing anything to do with leadership. Are we discussing about a great leader of a small-scale organization, a society, an industry, a country, or the world?

2. If you want to become a leader and yet you lack willingness, then you are a follower. We all cannot be great leaders the same way we all cannot be great musicians. You need to have that latent ability that will enable you to learn how to become a leader. It is vital that you know that classes, training, books, and education will never turn any follower into a great leader.

3. To be a great leader, you require formal training. A lot of people learn how to start off a business, how to manage well, how to be a leader of a project team because excellent management is established on rules. Note that rules can be mastered as well as learned.

4. No one is forced to be a leader, it is a choice. If you want to become a leader, you should step up for the challenge. You need to have a passion in leading in order to have the guards to rise from the crowd. You cannot nurture your leadership skills with good training and still hide in the multitude. If you have fear, then you are not a leader.

5. Did you know that leadership skills vary? Well, they vary with followers, situations, as well as maturity.


A total of 60 countries did a good research on the issue of leader attributes. To them, integrity; visionary, charisma, encouraging, inspirational, positive, dynamic, confidence, foresight, builders, having the effectiveness of team building, decisive, being a problem solver, coordinating, and intelligence make up a remarkable leader. The attributes combine with character, communication ability, personality, emotional intelligence, and skills.

The best conclusion is that leaders are born, skilled to communicate, developed, as well as cultivated over life time experiences. There is a pulse that gave the estimates of the researchers to be 2/3 made and 1/3 born.

All remarkable leaders like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther were passionate about all people, worked hard to make greater good, they loved justice, they were selfless, and they did not seek fame or wealth.

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