My NSS private pin code for 2018-2019

My NSS private pin code for 2018-2019

A NSS pin code is an electronic generated pin used as a personal identification number by the aspiring students enrolling to the National Service Scheme. The pin was introduced according to the National Service Act of 1980, and was intended to offer legal and constitutional support to the scheme. NSS private pin code is very necessary in Ghana since, you will not succeed in the job market without the government recommendation.

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This is only possible if you enroll with the National Service Scheme and give back to the society. In this article we have compiled all the details you need about the NSS private pin code for 2018/2019.

NSS Pin code 2018

According to the press statement signed by Mustapha Ussif (the acting executive director of National Service Scheme), the National Service secretariats released a total of 100,209 pin codes for prospective service persons. The candidates are therefore guided to visit the NSS Portal with their respective index numbers for online enrollment. However, the enrollments of 2018/2019 service personnel were done around early May (first slot) and late August (second slot). The interested candidates who were left out should try to reach the department for consideration.

Successful candidates are reminded to book their endorsement from their user agents they are posted to, and then book appointments.

What the NSS pin code entails

An example of a NSS Pin Code is, GUG325618 where;

  • GUG- initials for Graduate of University of Ghana. However, these alphabets might change depending with the name of institution you attended.
  • 3256- Is the prospective service persons unique number
  • 18- Implies that the person will be among the slot graduating in 2018

The National Service Scheme Pin codes are used during the online registration, and when retrieving a forgotten NSS number. Well, those applying the Pin codes to work on their own are granted a GPV code. Lastly, the NSS pin codes are only released at the beginning of the year; Mostly on February and March.

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NSS pin code request

nss pincode
nss pin code request
nss pin code check

To acquire the Pin code, prospective candidates are requested to visit the National Service Scheme Portal and follow the below procedure.

  • Under the application menu, click on ‘my NSS pin code’
  • Enter your school index number or school ID number on the search box.
  • NSS pin code check

After acquiring the NSS pin code, aspiring National Service personnel are requested deposit GHS 40 to any branch of the Agricultural Development Bank Ltd or deposit the registration amount of GHS 41 via the MTN Money.

Steps to follow when you opt for MTN money

1. Dial *170#

2. Choose option 2 (pay bill)

3. Choose option for general payments

4. Enter the NSS Pin code as the payment code; Type NSS followed by a space then your pin code

5. Confirm your name

6. Enter the amount to deposit; GHS 41 (any amount less than this is not acceptable)

7. Enter the NSS reference

8. Then enter a pin to confirm the payment

You will then receive two confirmation messages; one from MTN mobile and the other one from NSS Ghana.

How to get your NSS number

nss pincode
nss pin code request
nss pin code check

After depositing the registration fee, login to the NSS website ,then on the ‘application’ tab, click ‘enroll’.Then;

1. Click on new enrollment option.

2. Enter your correct NSS Pin code and key in your school index number or ID number.

3. Click on ‘get enrollment form’

4. A form with your name, the institution you attended and the course you pursued will appear if you filled the form correctly. If otherwise, your form will be rejected.

5. Upload your passport photo (should be less than 1mb or approximately 3.5 by 4.5cm), then submit your complete form.

6. The system now will generate and send a NSS number.

7. Click back to the previous window and click on ‘query enrollment’ option.

8. Enter the system generated NSS number, your index number or your school ID number

9. Click on ‘get enrollment form ‘tab. Your complete form will now appear bearing your passport photo.

10. Print the form and keep a copy.

Working and schooling service persons should fill the appropriate fields carefully, and send copies of study leave letter to the National Service Scheme headquarter or to their nearest offices through their fax line;03221-769074 or 03321-772714.

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NSS Number

These are unique numbers generated after the prospective NSS Service person completes and submits the online enrollment form (They receive a notification “successful enrollment”, and then a form returns with a different computer generated number -NSS Number. For instance; NSSGUG325618. After receiving your pin code, do not add NSS in front of it manually since it will not work.

Importance of a NSS Number

1. It is used by NSS enrolled candidates to check their placements after the postings are released

2. The aspiring service persons will use the NSS number to register to the regions they have been posted to

3. It will be used to provide NSS Service personnel ID cards

4. It will be used by the National Service Scheme to pay allowances to their service persons.

Reactivation of NSS pin code

The National Service personnel whose accounts are not accessible are advised to write a letter of activation addressing the Executive Director of NSS. The letter should have; initial old pin code, your full name, the institution you attended, the courses you pursued, Year of completion and attach your copies of certificates. The process is also applicable while reactivating an inactive NSS number. However to conduct a NSS Pin Code search (for forgotten pin code);

  • Login to the portal
  • Under the application menu, click my NSS Pin code
  • Then enter your school index number or your school ID number to retrieve your pin.

Once the candidate has retrieved their forgotten National Service Scheme Pin code, they should automatically remember their NSS numbers by fixing the alphabets NSS in front of their pin code.

National Service Scheme contacts

For general enquiries, any interested party may reach the NSS department through:

  • Telephone: +233-302-772714/0299370188/0299370119/ 0507193125/0507193128
  • Call center: 0299370119/0299370117/0299370118/0299370119/0299370203
  • Email:
  • Physical address: 6 Patrice, Lumumba road, Airport residential area. Accra.


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