Determination quotes about life and work

Determination quotes about life and work

If you are looking for success in life, then you must be determined. Everything requires determination and as you pursue your goals, you must stand firm regardless of the situation. It is rather hopeless trying to do something without the driving power within you to push you. Many people derive their motivation from determination quotes. When you read them, you understand how to go about being determined and this really helps to see life in a positive manner. From the quotes of the successful people, we realize that they had a setback, but managed to work their way around it in order to be at the position they are currently at.

quotes about determination
self determination quotes
quotes about being determined

Determination does not necessarily mean always grouching while working or shutting people out. On the contrary, a determined person does everything in his or her willpower to seek change. This may involve interacting with people of a higher class or level to know how they got there. If you are looking for determination quotes, then you will find this article useful. Below is a list of some of them from popular people.

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Quotes about determination

“If my determination is strong, failure will not overcome me” by Og Mandino.

This journey called life is very complicated. We face ups and downs every day. If we are not strong enough, we can easily succumb to failure. We must therefore be determined in everything we do, be it in our lives, career and what we give back to society. This is among the top self determination quotes that people should live by.

“Dreams do not just come to reality magically. You must be determined, work hard and sweat.” By Colin Powell.

This is among the best quotes about being determined. Dreaming is very easy for a person. Most of us have great ideas but the problem comes because some people fear implementing them. To turn these dreams into reality, we must be determined. Determination requires you to work hard despite all the challenges that lives throws at you. You must sweat to finally achieve success.

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“Dedication and determination is the price you pay to achieve success.” By Vince Lombardi.

If you are looking to be successful, you will need to implement these famous determination quotes. Success comes at a price. It is not transmitted by anything else apart from being dedicated and being determined. If your determination is strong enough, you will conquer all the challenges. Whether you win or lose, at least you tried your best and learned.

“Keep your dreams alive and believe in yourself. Hard work and determination is what you require to achieve anything in life. “ by Gail Devers.

Many people dream about achieving great things in life. Some want to become singers, politicians, doctors, inspirational speakers, big investors etc. However, they fail to keep their dreams alive by not pursuing them. Even though you do not have the resources to get you started, at least you have passion. Combine it with determination and you will keep your dreams alive. This is among the greatest motivational quotes determination.

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“Little girls are made of courage, determination, dedication, talent and guts.” By Bethany Hamilton.

This quote is meant to encourage young girls that they can have anything they want in life if they are determined to get it. Determination requires one to be courageous and to utilize their talents in the best manner possible. Hard work and believing in oneself are also important.

famous determination quotes
motivational quotes determination
hard work and determination
“Do everything with determination. You only have this life to live.” By Alia Bhatt.

We have got only one life to live, why not make the best out of it. As we go about living, let us be determined all the time. This requires a person to be passionate about what they do; sacrificing time and resources for it. If we eventually become successful, we will feel fulfilled and inspire others.

“You might be motivated by a certain desire but you can only achieve success by being determined and pursuing your goals relentlessly.” By Mario Andretti.

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The reason why some people do not achieve anything in life is due to lack of determination. At one point, most of us are motivated by a desire to do something. However, we fail to realize the relentlessness that is required and the hard work that we must put in. We must focus on our goals regardless of the situation.

“Talent, being a genius and education cannot take the place of persistence and determination.” By Calvin Coolidge.

Even though you are talented at something or you are a genius, you cannot achieve your goals without being persistent and determined. Education as well is part of a successful life but it will not take you to greater heights alone. You must combine all these elements with persistence and determination.

Famous determination quotes

“It takes a lot of determination, self-discipline, dedication and effort to realize our dreams.” By Jesse Owens.

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Everybody on this earth has dreams. However only those that are determined, have self-discipline, work hard and are dedicated become successful. Even when nobody is watching you, manage your time well and remain focused as you pursue your goals.

“Determination is the difference between possible and impossible.” Tommy Lasorda.

Nothing is impossible on this earth when you are determined. The main reason why people see that some things are unachievable is because they are not determined enough. Determination is enduring all odds to achieve even the most difficult goals.

“America was built on imagination, courage and determination of accomplishment of tasks.” By Harry S. Truman.

The greatness that you see Americans enjoying today is not something that just came up. It is through efforts of the leaders who ruled the country that makes it standing and among the super powers. People have had to be courageous to set the pace for success so that others can follow. All tasks before us must be handled with a lot of determination while we eye success.

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Determination quotes about life and work
determination quotes
quotes about determination
“You should not underestimate the determination that quiet person has.” By Iain Duncan Smith.

Determination does not require you to be loud. You do not have to tell everyone what you are doing. Let success do the talking. Often, people who are determined avoid unnecessary talks or associations that do not add value to their lives. They avoid such distractions to focus on their goal.

“Anything worth achieving has very many obstacles. You must have a drive and determination to overcome them.” By Chuck Norris.

If you want to be successful, you must understand that what you are pursuing is worth it, it will not be easy. In fact, you will face a lot of challenges from people, lack of resources and other life circumstances. Despite all these, you must remain focused. When you feel low, seek motivation and remember why started pursuing that goal.

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“A great life begins with a determination.” By Louis L’Amour.

There are very many great people in the society. If you ask them, being where they are now did not come easy. It took determination for them to be influencers in the society. They will tell you that there is no easy way. Therefore, you must be determined if you want to soar to great heights.

“Being far away is not an excuse for having a bad relationship. If you want to keep the relationship with someone strong, you must be determined.” By James McAvoy.

Even when it comes to dealing with people, determination is required. You cannot just communicate less or lead a horrible relationship with someone because of the distance between you. If you are determined, you will make the relationship work through communication and other efforts.

“Do not go backwards. Try, do it with all your might and remember that there is power in determination.” By Charles Simmons.

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People have a tendency of wanting to look back once they fail. The mistakes that you made in the past should not stop you from achieving your goals. Learn to move on but ensure not to make the same mistakes again. This is what determination is all about; looking forward.

Self determination quotes

“Victory is born out of preparation and determination.” By Sean Hampton.

For you to be successful, you must come up with a strategy. First, determine what it is you want to pursue in life. It could be sports, business, motivational speaking, among others. Make a plan and outline what you want to achieve. The next step is to stay focused on implementing your idea.

“When you become obsessed with determination, that is all that matters.” By Jeremy Irvine.

Among the greatest obsessions you can have in life is determination. Determination keeps you glued to your goal. With it, solving the most difficult situations becomes straightforward. You become more and more addicted to achieving greatness and nothing can stop you.

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“Change is hard. It requires determination to overcome the struggles that come with it.” By Sadiq Khan.
quotes about being determined
famous determination quotes
motivational quotes determination

Change is inevitable but it helps us to grow. We must accommodate change even when sometimes it is difficult to do so. Change comes with a lot of struggles at times. However, this is not a reason for a person to abandon their goals. If we are determined, we can easily overcome such struggles.

“Losing gives you extra determination to work harder.” By Wayne Rooney.

Your efforts should not be derailed by the mistakes or loses that you have incurred. In fact, such events should give you the motivation to keep going. Pick yourself up and learn from the mistakes. Determination entails overcoming all odds to get what you want.

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