40 Ewe names and their claimed meaning

40 Ewe names and their claimed meaning

As Ghanaians, we all have local names that trace us back to specific tribes and cultures that we are rooted in.

Whereas some local names hold true meaning to the day on which one was born, others also give meaning to the kind of person the name-holder is likely to be.

In this publication YEN.com.gh brings together some Ewe names and their claimed meaning:

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1. Agbeko - only life

2. Abadzivor - Bedsheet

3. Avugla - Jaw of a dog

4. Fiadigbor - Useless king

5. Amemornu - This one....

6. Tulasi - Gun in hand

7. Datsomor - An ambushing Snake

8. Kudolo - Death does wonders

9. Alegeli - Rat

10. Agormevi - This one must be whispered.

11. Avudzivi - Dog has given birth

12. Nuworgu - Waste of time and resources

13. Agbetsiame - Life is frustrating

14. Kumordzi - Death road/path

15. Agodzo- Corn husk fire. Hot air.

16. Vivõr- Ugly child

17. Kumasenu - Stubborn Death

18. Gamor - Trap

19. Gomado - It is better we don't meet

20. Gakli - Scrap metal

21. Aforklinyuie - Fortunate Stumble

22. Kese - Monkey/Chimpanzee

23. Torgodo - Behind the river

24. Akpakuvi - Calabash

25. Degodia - Remove the underwear

26. Ayivor - Beans is finished/Bad beans

27. Gbortiman - goat swallow saliva

28. Deh- Palm fruit

29. Akakpo - a heap of charcoal

30. Ahadzi - on top of an Alcoholic drink

31. Katsekpor.-if you like say fi

33. Demanya - Had I known

34. Agbovi-Lamb

35. Agbota -Sheep's head

36. Agboga- Huge sheep

37. Amedeka - only 1

38.Avadzi - On top of the male junky

39.Woyome - Judgement

40. Gbegbey - Today is today

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These names and their meanings cannot be overly confirmed by YEN.com.gh especially when people have the right to attach meanings to their names no matter the established norm. You may want to add on to these names and also share with us some meanings you think must be added.

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