Law of karma: meaning and quotes

Law of karma: meaning and quotes

Karma is a Sanskrit word that translates to doing or action. What is law of karma? Newton's law that states, ‘every action has a reaction’, is equivalent to the law of Karma. Anytime you think, act, or maybe speak, you usually initiate some force that reacts. That force can be modified, suspended, or maybe changed. Sadly, only a few people have the ability to eradicate it. The effect and cause of this law is usually learning and not punishment or reward. Escaping the consequences of your actions might not be possible, but if you make the conditions for your suffering yourself, then you will surely suffer.

Law of karma: meaning and quotes
what is law of karma
the law of karma quotes

Do not be afraid, this article will share with you more of karmic laws and quotes that will help you get empowered in karma world as well as reincarnation.

How is the law of Karma affecting the living entity?

Law of karma, according to Buddhism tradition, translates Karma as the action that is driven by an intention that leads to consequences. Karma, mind, speech, and the body of action have an impact in our lives. The action does not only affect the doers, but also those who are around the doers in unbelievable ways. This means that the law of karma is among the most essential laws that govern our lives. We have to fully understand it before acting so that we can live in peace as well as wholeness. If you live a life of ignorance, a life that is out of wholeness and harmony, then be ready to experience confusion, pain and dissonance.

We should not allow ourselves to be motivated by delusion, greed, or hatred. This is because the end results are that of pain and suffering. Let us all try to be motivated by wisdom, love, and generosity to create ourselves happiness as well as abundance karmic conditions.

Here is a physical world analogy:

If you plant a mango seed, you will expect a mango tree to grow and bear mangoes. This is because no amount of complaining, manipulation, or beseeching will induce the mango tree to bear apples. The law of karma works in the same way.

Karmic laws that will guide your life

Karma teaches us our responsibility over all creations. Karma is just an action whether verbal, mental, or possibly physical. Here are basic karmic laws that will further expound the karma meaning.

1. The great karmic law

“You reap what you sow”

This karmic law is also referred to as Karmic law of cause and effect. You will definitely bear your own consequence. This means that if you sow honest and wholeness, then you will reap harmony and wholeness. So if you are in need of friendship, happiness, love, and peace, then always be friendly, happy, loving, and peaceful.

2. Karmic law of creation

This karmic law teaches you three major things in life.

  • Life requires your participation. This meaning that it does not happen on its own. You are entitled to take part in a number of things that enable you to be alive. Participation in the sense of continuity of life through reproduction and taking care of the existing creation.
  • The universe and the people are one both in the inside and outside.
  • What is surrounding you should give you a clue to your inner state. You should always be yourself and try to surround yourself with all that you want.

3. Karmic law of humility

This karmic law teaches us that if what you see is people with negative characters, then you are not focused; you lack a high level of existence. Positivity is crucial in life. There is good even in the bad people. Constantly seeing the negative in people is a culture that should not be cultivated in your soul.

karma meaning
law of karma according to buddhism
how is the law of karma affecting the living entity

4. Karmic law of growth

This karmic law teaches us that if you want to grow spiritually, then do not expect the things or maybe the places around you to change because it is you to change. Your main possession in life is yourself, the only factor you have a perfect control over. If you change who and what you are within, then your heart will change as well.

5. Karmic law of responsibility

This law teaches us that if you feel that there is something wrong happening in your life, then the wrong is in you. The universal truth is that you mirror what surrounds you and what surrounds you mirrors you. You need to be responsible to what you have in life.

6. Karmic law of connection

This karmic law teaches us that you need to finish up something that you commenced to do even if it seems inconsequential. This is because everything that exists in the universe is usually connected. Every step you make leads you to the next. To complete your job, you have do all the initial work. Everything you do or you are going through in the present, past, and future are connected. Your first step or your last step are not of greater significance because all steps are required to complete a task.

7. Karmic law of focus

This karmic law states that there will never be a day when you will think of two things at one particular time. I believe that you have tried but it just cannot happen. That is how things were meant to be. Just like a computer, you can open several tabs at a go but can only work on one at a time. If you focus on spiritual values, then you will have lowered thoughts of anger or greed.

8. The karmic law of giving and hospitality

This karmic law teaches us that if there is something that you have a very strong belief to be true, then one day you will be called to demonstrate that truth. Another valuable lesson from this is 'here’ is the place that you will claim having learned into practice.

9. The Karmic law of here & now

The karmic law teaches us that to be in the ‘here and now,’ you will have to halt looking backwards in the name of examining what was. Keeping your old dreams, old thoughts, and old behavior, prevents your from having new dreams, behavior, and thoughts.

10. The karmic law of change

This karmic law teaches us that history usually repeats itself. To prevent that, you have to learn how to change your path. Embracing change prevents repeat of past traumatizing experiences and effects.

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The law of karma quotes

You need to believe that you have your own karma. Karma usually donates the cause and effect of your actions in every aspect of your life. Do you believe that you will reap what you sow? You have to because your future is shaped by your actions. Here are karma quotes to help shape our knowledge and understand what karma truly entails by the experience of other people. You have gone through it without realizing at some point. Read and relate!

“How a person treats you is his/her karma, but your reaction is your karma.”

Such a quote teaches us that everyone has his or her own karma that depends on someone’s action. This can be either good or bad. If you treat someone badly, you will face the consequences on your own actions and vice versa. Your good or bad reaction will come back to you as well. You cannot escape from karma no matter how hard you try.

law of karma
what is law of karma
the law of karma quotes
“Never waste your precious time revenging because those people who pain and hurt you will face karma.”

There is no need of revenging those who wrong you because karma will do it for you. Do what is right always because karma does not spare. It serves you with what you deserve.

“Try to be honest; it will come back to you just like karma.”

If you are honest, then karma will also serve you with honesty. For instance, if you are always faithful to your boyfriend or girlfriend, then karma will give you a faithful husband or wife and vice versa. In simple words, if you believe in karma, then you have to do what is right.

“There is nothing that will ever happen by fate or by chance. We all create our own fate by our doings. That is karma.

Have you ever heard of people who believe that what is meant to be in their lives will be and vice versa? Well, karma teaches people that nothing that happens to us is by chance or fate. Every consequence is caused by karma.

“Before you commence your revenge journey, dig 2 graves.”

Such a quote discourages people to revenge because karma is there. If you revenge, then karma will not spare you. It is very vital to understand karma. This is because it makes you avoid what is evil’ at the end of the day evil will come back to you.

“Revenge does not solve anything, but karma does.”

This quote teaches us that revenge will not solve your issues. It will only make you suffer. It is better if you just let karma be.

“When you do good, then good will also follow you.”

Such a quote encourages people to do what is good so that they can enjoy good. Karma makes the world to fair. This is because you cannot do good and experience bad or vice versa.

“If what is good is sown, then what is good is collected.

If you plant what is good, then there is no beseeching or anything that will make you harvest bad things. Plant good to enjoy good in life and woe unto you if you sow bad!

the law of karma quotes
karma meaning
law of karma according to buddhism
“When some people are asked ‘what is the key to great success,’ they say karma.”

Such a quote encourages those that believe in karma to desire to go good because good or bad karma awaits them depending on their doings.

Karma never gives a menu. It serves us with what we deserve.”

Karma either rewards or punishes you depending on your actions.

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