Owusu Bempah points finger at Sam Korankye Ankrah for bleaching

Owusu Bempah points finger at Sam Korankye Ankrah for bleaching

- Rev. Owusu Bempah has alleged that Sam Korankye Ankrah bleaches

- The outspoken prophet claims Sam Korankye Ankrah was previously dark in skin tone

The founder of the Glorious Word Power Ministry, Rev. Isaac Owusu Bempah, has alleged that Apostle General Sam Korankye Ankrah of the Royal House Chapel, bleaches his skin.

The Apostle General of the Royal House Chapel had recently warned his congregation against false prophets in the country who, according to him, mostly bleach their skins.

In what seems to be a rebuttal, Rev. Owusu Bempah, alleged that the Royal House Chapel pastor resorts to all kinds of skin whitening injections and pills that have given him a lighter skin tone.

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“Sam Korankye Ankrah injects himself with skin whitening products in order to be fair. At the time I knew him he was a much darker person but now he is very fair. Ladies have a particular injection meant for bleaching and that is exactly what he is using now. When I first came to Accra and saw him I was shocked because I’ve known him for so many years,” he said

The outspoken Owusu Bempah has, therefore, challenged the head of Royal House Chapel to present all pictures of his that were taken ten years ago.

“Sam Korankye Ankrah should bring out pictures he took 10 years ago for us to make comparisons. You call yourself a man of God and yet you inject your body and pop whitening pills all the time. You are doing all these, and you still want to condemn a preacher. If I really bleach, I’ll talk about it and nothing can be done to me,” he added.

Below is the transcript of Sam Korankye Ankrah's earlier submission:

"I've never been to their churches before but I've been hearing them on the radio, and, so, I can tell a few characteristics that you must know and watch out [for]. Number one, some of these prophets, I've noticed one major characteristic – they all have bleached faces.
Their prophecies and miracles are mere "projections" rather than divine revelations given to them by God.
I'll be showing you the advantage that they have over the people that are following them; remember that prophecy is to declare and to speak, and, so, he [doomsday prophet] is in a position to declare and to speak; and whatever he speaks and he declares, always … cows and controls the people so that the people will always follow until something happens".

What scientists say about skin bleaching products

For you to understand what scientists say about skin bleaching products, you have to know first what they do exactly to make your skin look brighter.

Skin lightening products mainly work by reducing the melanin compound in your skin, which is a dark pigment and biological compound that is disrupted after using a bleaching cream on a certain spot of the body, which makes the skin brighter and more uniform.

Hydroquinone is the main ingredient in skin bleaching products, as it is one of the main compounds that is known for decreasing the melanin pigment in the skin, and because of its harmful side effects, it has already been banned in many countries in Arica, including Ghana and South Africa.

Which is a good thing, as people who do not know about its side effects may not have any chance to abuse its consumption and harm themselves?

It is also very important not to buy cheap illegal street products due to their possible harm to the human skin. According to the law in many countries, only products containing a 2% of Hydroquinone or less are allowed to be sold in the market so that it can be safer for people to use such products without having to worry about their dangerous side effects.

Unfortunately, many people do not know that the melanin is very important for our bodies because of its ability to absorb harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun and transform it into harmless heat that is not dangerous to the skin, which prevents the formation of skin cancer.

That is one of the main reasons why many doctors and dermatologists prefer to prescribe skin-bleaching products to people who have suffered from injuries, as they will only use it on a certain spot on their bodies and not everywhere just to get a brighter skin color.

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In general, scientists and dermatologists recommend people not to use skin-bleaching products for more than a period of three months.

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