Top trending Article Wan songs

Top trending Article Wan songs

Bright Homenya, commonly known in the showbiz circles as Article Wan is a Ghanaian Afro-dancehall and reggae artist. He is a musician as well as a producer. The Ghanaian musician is popularly known for making hit songs with a message. Article Wan songs have been in the African airwaves and are highly appreciated. Article Wan has collaborated with various artists all over Africa such as Patapaa, Edem and many more artists. Wan's songs are recognised because of their lyrical prowess and subtle beats.

Top trending Article Wan songs

Article Wan released his first single in 2016. Since the release of his first song “Solo”, he continues to release more hit songs in the Ghanaian airwaves. Article Wan is appreciated for also making the hottest music videos that accompany his good music. Coming from a humble background, Article Wan has maintained his humility and hard work compared to other artists. Although he might be considered as a new artiste, article wan has made it clear that he has made his name in the music industry.

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Here are a few Article Wan songs that you might be interested in listening to;

1. That Thing - Article Wan ft. Patapaa

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That Thing is Article Wan’s top track. It has over 1.3 million views on YouTube and was on the Ghanaian top music tracks for some time. The song is appreciated all over Ghana for its uptown beats. Wan produced this song in 2018 and was a big tune in reggae music charts. The quality of the video is impressive especially in terms of creativity and content. Although Article Wan is famous for keeping things simple, he took things a notch higher with this video. Article wan's that thing song has been a favourite for many during his current live performances.

2. Faya Burn Dem - Article Wan

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Article Wan Faya Burn Dem anthem is a reggae beat song that talks about the vices in society. This Article Wan song is a favourite for many reggae fans across Ghana. The song became popular in Ghana and beyond. The Article Wan song Fire means that if people do not stand for what is right, or, if people do not change their evil ways then they will be punished by God. The youth are the fondest of this song because its message resonates with what they encounter in their daily lives. Faya Burn Dem has made a massive impression on the social scene, and people also embraced the phrase in their daily interactions.

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3. Solo - Article Wan

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The Article Wan Solo song is one of his sombre songs. In this song, he lets the audience in on his life. He not only speaks about his triumphs but also his failures. This song made many people acknowledge that indeed musicians do go through a lot and that they are human. The beat of the song stands out as more mellow and soothing. The song was such a hit that he managed to do a remix of it with Stonebwoy. The remix is even more eye-opening than the original song since it becomes a combination of the lives of two musicians. Literally, Solo is among Article Wan Solo songs. The song is an encouragement to many who want to make it in the music industry.

4. Elevanyo - Artice Wan

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Article Wan Elevanyo is an Article Wan peace song that was released in 2017. The song is also another production of Article wan. This song is loved for its lyrics that are well crafted. The societal issues brought about in this song have made it not only for entertainment but passing a message. The most appreciated thing about this song is the fact that it addresses the issues that most people encounter in life and tries to encourage. The beats to the song also stand out making it very enjoyable to listen to and help people of all ages to appreciate the message being passed. This song was popular in many Ghanaian music charts in 2017 and had numerous views on YouTube.

5. Tell Am Your Mind - Article Wan

Tell Am Your Mind by Article Wan is one of the songs that he has produced. The song talks about how people should be able to stand for what they believe. It encourages self-confidence and appreciating the beauty that we all have a place in society. It reiterates the fact that we are all special and no one has more right than the other. This message, put together with the fantastic beats make the song stand out as a top hit for many Ghanaians. This is one of the most inspirational songs done by Article Wan.

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6. Yen Papi - Article Wan

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Article Wan has made several productions of his own including the song Yen Papi. The song has an uptown reggae beat to it and passes across a message that most Ghanaians can relate to. Although the song did not become so popular, it still contributed to Article Wan’s record as a stunning music producer. Article Wan Yen Papi came at the time when Wan was still trying to make it in the music world hence the song didn’t become so popular. It was, however, a significant step that helped him improve in his production and singing career.

7. Kululu - Article Wan

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Article Wan Kululu is a song that talks about the highs and lows of life. It is a well-written song, and most Ghanaians appreciate the danceable beats and the message. Kululu is one of the songs that catapulted him into the mainstream Ghanaian music scene. He released the song in 2016, and the song has been on the Ghanaian reggae scene since then. The message of the song is all in Ghanaian, but the song was still appreciated all over West-Africa. This song is loved because it addresses societal issues.

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8. Toowa – Article Wan

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Article Wan Toowa is one of his first productions. This song is loved all over Ghana especially because of its beats and lyrics. This impressive song has been played on Ghana’s airwaves since it was produced and is a favourite reggae song for many. The most important thing that the song talks about is the society, and this makes it a favourite for many Ghanaians. Article Wan was recognised widely for the song.

9. Munbata Wurin- Article Wan ft. Rudebwoy

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Munbata Wurin is among Article Wan’s first songs to be released. The song has an outstanding reggae beat that incorporates Afro-fusion. Although the entire song is in the Ghanaian language, it has been done in a way that all people can appreciate it. The lyric of the song is what most Ghanaians noted that made Article Wan to progress further. The song is written, sung and produced by Article Wan. The best thing about the song is that it captured the hearts of many youths with the message.

Article Wan songs 2018

Article Wan has had a busy year in the studio in 2018. The year 2018 has seen him produce more songs than he had before. Article Wan latest songs indicate that he is dedicated to his musical career. Considering that he is both a musician and the producer for most of his work, he has a lot to show for 2018. Below are some of his 2018 releases.

1. Are You God - Article Wan

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This song is one of the Article Wan new songs that make one reflect deeply about life. The message is meant to encourage people to believe in themselves despite what other people think. This Article Wan political song aims to highlight the ills in the society. The beats of the song make one appreciate the music production skills of this dancehall artist. If you listen to songs by Article Wan, you will note that he makes sure that each song comes with its own unique and likeable musical qualities.

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2. Anamu - Article Wan

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This song has been played all over Ghanaian airwaves. The song was produced by Article Wan. The musical arrangement of this song is put in a way that makes it easy on the ears. The quality of Article Wan's songs makes it easy for people all over Africa to enjoy his music. The fact that he takes time to write about the ills that the society faces and the daily challenges in life make the song relatable for many. The song is a blend of Afro-pop with reggae making it very unique. The message of the song also stands out apart from the splendid beats, which are one of Article Wan’s biggest successes of 2018. The video for Anamu is also very intriguing hence making it loveable.

3. Chop Chop - Article Wan

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Article Wan Chop Chop song is one of the songs that one can dance along to. The song clearly brings out the theme of the flashy lifestyle that artists enjoy. He encourages us to seek contentment in life. This music production is one of the most enlightening approaches in music. The beats of the song were all Article Wan’s effort, and he came up with a song that has likeable beats. The thing that stands out the most about this song is the chorus as it has very catchy yet educative words of wisdom.

4. God is Watching - Article Wan

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This song, God is Watching Article Wan, is one of the most relaxing songs done by him. Not only does it have a soothing beat, but it also has a message that helps to remind us of what matters the most in life. The most captivating thing about this song is that it captures the spiritual aspect of life. It reminds us that no matter what happens, God is the one in control. The song was appreciated by many Ghanaians of all walks of life since the message resonates with most people. The song is also a production of Article Wan, and it is quite impressive how he managed to put together such an inspiring work of art.


Clearly, Article wan is an artist worth checking out. Article Wan Di Asa season 2 performance is one of his most celebrated performances in Ghana. You can always explore more about his music on platforms such as YouTube and iTunes. Article Wan songs continue to make his mark in Ghana’s music scene and are becoming popular in Africa. People of all ages in Ghana also appreciate other songs of Article Wan, especially the Article Wan Elavanyo song. Article Wan election song is also eye-opening towards issues affecting the ordinary people. Regarding production, Article's songs prove that he is multi-talented and motivated.

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