Powerful Martin Luther King quotes

Powerful Martin Luther King quotes

Martin Luther King Jr was a legend born on January 15 1929 in Atlanta. He was a Civil rights movement leader and an American Baptist minister. Since 1954 to 1968 Martin Luther King Jr was an activist among the most prominent and visible spokesperson in the world. Martin Luther experienced racism and unfair treatment from childhood, which inspired him into his activist life. Here are some of the most powerful Martin Luther King quotes.

Martin Luther King quotes
Martin Luther king JR quotes
Quotes by Martin Luther King

About Martin Luther King

Martin Luther pursed a doctorate degree in theology. After graduating, he become a man of God (pastor) in Alabama. King commenced to do peaceful protests mostly in the south resulting to change of many laws that dealt with African American equality treatment. He gave powerful and moving speeches that inspired people across the world to an extent of winning the Noble Peace Prize.

Sadly, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 04 1968 in Memphis. Yes, he was shot and his life on earth ended, but his accomplished work changed the world. He is remembered for his commitment to bring African American equality and his moving profound speeches. He always had hopes that African American future will be bright and one day they will be given the fair equality treatment they all deserve. Scroll down the most powerful Martin Luther king quotes to motivate, inspire, and encourage you.

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Martin Luther King Jr quotes on life

Martin Luther King Jr quotes
Quotes by Martin Luther King
Dr Martin Luther King Jr quotes
Best MLK quotes

Life is a gift from God and we all have the freedom to beautifully design it. Martin Luther King Jr was aware that each sun rise is an opportunity or a gap to fill your day with a meaning. Here we have powerful king quotes that will change your life forever if you put them into consideration.

“You are not a history maker; history made you.”

This great quote has multiple meanings. It can mean that the world around a person shapes him/her life. You are who you are majorly because of that history you have lived and we cannot change that. On the other hand, this quote means that most people are usually panicked about making efforts to fit as well as uphold quo status making them not to change history. In simple words, King was trying to tell people that they have to rise up from their comfort zone, make history, and not let the world decide how their life will be.

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“Lightning will never make a sound until it strikes.”

This life quote means that when a lighting is truck, it reveals a flash that has the power as well as an impact of fervor and sincerity displayed by the force that cause frightening intensity. If you live many years of abuse, humiliation, as well as deprivation, you will not find voice with just a whisper. This is the reason why the storm clouds is not expected to release gentle rain. Rain comes with a whirlwind that has not even fully attained momentum.

“We decide if we want to walk in creative altruism of light or in destructive selfishness of darkness.”

King wrote this quote on life creative altruism to oppose tendencies that require mindful action as well as awareness in different aspects of human nature. Whenever there is a conflict, the creative altruism becomes more than just an outcome that results to a win for everyone. Creative altruism is just like a required dialogue and it is you to decide if you want to live in the light or live in the darkness.

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“Science and religion are not rivals. Science will give you knowledge that is power while religion will give you wisdom that is control. Religion deals with values while science deals with facts.”

King wanted people to differentiate between science and religion. Science contains knowledge while religion contains control. Sciences deals with facts while region deals with control. Never at one time, say that science and religion are rivals.

“You need to learn how to utilize your precious time creatively because time is forever ripe for you to do what is right.”

Time is very precious and it does not wait for anyone. If you do not utilize your time creatively, then you do not want to succeed in life.

“Lies do not live.”

Such a quote discourages people who lie. Lies do not live and one day the truth will come out. It is better that you be honest because the truth sets one free.

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“The equality and not the longevity of a person’s life is most vital.”

King tried to tell people that they should desire you to be equally treated because it is very important. You can live long without being happy due to unequal treatment, but live short having enjoyed your life.

“It is rare to find a man engaging in solid and hard thinking. Most men want easy answers as well as half-baked solutions. It seems that thinking pains most people.”

Most people fear thinking hard, they do not want to think outside the box. Thinking does not hurt and we should think to make the right choices in life.

Martin Luther King Jr quotes on love

Martin Luther King quotes
Best MLK quotes
Quotes from Martin Luther King
MLK nonviolence quotes

King’s quotes on love have directly bring a positive impact into the wide world. He proved that words are powerful to spark change as well as create unity in a nation. One of his lessons that is worth repeating is that we have to use vocals to fight injustice. Here we have MLK quotes on love with meanings to help you to internalize the powerful messages easily. These powerful quotes pertinent the world today and everyday. Read on.

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“The only force that is capable of transforming that enemy into a best friend is love.”

Love can only be felt by heart the same as hatred. If you love someone, you tend to care as well as value the person. This means that love is the only feeling that can transform your hatred towards someone.

“Let me stick with great love because hate is a burden that I cannot bear.”

Hatred is like a burden and love is sweet. It is better to love someone to feel good rather than hating a person and live with a burden in you.

“Light can drive out darkness; do not expect darkness to be able to drive out darkness. Hate can be drive out with love; do not expect hate to drive out darkness.”

King wrote this quote to mean that love is the only feeling that can drive out hatred. He even gave a good example of how darkness cannot be driven out by darkness, but by light. Love a person and the hatred feeling will no longer be there.

Inspirational Nelson Mandela quotes
“At the very end, you will find yourself recalling the silence of your friends, but not the words of your enemies.

Words of an enemy makes one bitter and the silence of your friends will make you relaxed. Nobody wants to feel bitter. Right? This means you will find yourself remembering your friend’s silence wherever you want to be relaxed, peaceful, and happy. Love everybody and you will forever be peaceful.

“Forgiveness is a constant attitude not an accessional act.”

How many times have you wronged God and people around you? Uncountable times. This means that you should also be willing to forgive those who wrong you. Forgiveness is a constant attitude.

Martin Luther King quotes
Martin Luther King Jr quotes
Quotes by Martin Luther King
Dr Martin Luther King Jr quotes
“The most life’s persistent as well as urgent quiz is, ‘What do you do for others?”’

You should not always think about yourself, think about others as well. King tried to inform people that they cannot live all by themselves; you need your neighbor, you need your friend, you need your enemies, and you need a family. It should always be about you. Ask yourself what you are doing for others and make you give an answer to yourself.

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“I have a strong belief that unconditional love as well as unarmed truth have the final/ last word in reality. The major reason why temporarily defeated is more stronger than even evil triumphant.

Love and honestly makes a person to be peaceful and at peace with others. Love is a strong beautiful feeling that makes you to wish good things to all people. Love is the final reality word because it is sweet and amazing.

“The principle of love stands at the center of non-violence.”

When there is love in a society, community, country, or let us say the whole world, no violence will be there. This is because love makes one to care for fellow being meaning that it is at the center of non-violence. Even at home, when they is love there is peace, love, joy, and happiness. Right?

“Where there is deep love, you cannot find deep disappointments.”
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If your love for someone is genuine, then it is rare for you to disappoint him/her. This is because you will try your very best to make the person happy and peaceful.

“If you are devoid to the power to forgive, then you are devoid to the power of love.”

If you can forgive a person who wronged you, then it means you can love him/her unconditionally. Love and forgiveness are one and the same thing.

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Inspirational quotes by Martin Luther King

Dr Martin Luther King Jr quotes
Best MLK quotes
Quotes from Martin Luther King
MLK nonviolence quotes
Martin Luther King quotes

Martin Luther King Jr writings and words have remained inspiring and relevant to people across the world. Here we have best MLK quotes that are inspiring and motivating. Read on to honor MLK’s lasting legacy. Maybe you have heard other quotes and others you have not, but all in all these quotes are worth repeating as well as contemplating on equality, remembrance, and service.

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“If you feel that you are unable to fly, then run. If you feel that you are unable to walk, then crawl. Whatever you are able to do, just keep on moving and never give up.”

This inspirational quote inspires people across the world to never give up. When you give up you will definitely be unable to keep moving forward to achieve your goals. Do not giving up at doing anything because you will end up being a failure, which is the last thing a person, can think of.

“You can only see the stars in the darkness.”

Martin Luther was trying to inspire people who are going through a grave period. When you are facing challenges or when you fail, you get strength to prove to yourself that you will overcome because you are not a failure.

“If someone makes you to hate him or her, do not allow it. This is because he/she is pulling you too low.”
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Hatred is more like a burden to your heart. In order to be at peace, then never allow a person to make you hate him/her.

“Every person is great because we can all serve. You do not even require a degree from a college to serve. What you need is a heart that is full of abundant grace and a soul that is generated by genuine love.

We are all equal because nobody is perfect or greater. This means that we can all serve if only we are filled with grace and genuine love.

Martin Luther King Jr quotes
Martin Luther King quotes
Quotes by Martin Luther King
Dr Martin Luther King Jr quotes
“Why are you alive? You cannot answer that question until the day you will know what you will die for.”

What is your purpose in life? If you truly love, then you will do anything to ensure that it treated with respect and equality. When you will be able to know that something that you can die for, then you will be aware of the reason behind you being a live.

“If you cannot die for something, then you are not fit to be alive.”

Such a prophetic quote inspires you to find your purpose. This quote inspires you to think about others and fight for what is right. You need to have something that you love unconditionally to an extent of dying for it.

“If you want to hold back that flood of fear, then you have to be able to build a dike of courage.”

King inspired people to have courage and not fear to let their opinions be heard. When you stay silent, you will end up being treated unfairly and end up suffering for the rest of your life.

“We have to fully accept finite disappointments though never at one time lose infinite hope.”

We all undergo disappointments in some things we try in life, but we should never at one time lose hope. Try again and again to achieve your objective because once you lose hope you will end up being a failure.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr quotes on leadership

Quotes by Martin Luther King
Dr Martin Luther king Jr quotes
Best MLK quotes

Leadership quotes from martin Luther King show his wisdom, leadership, and vision. His opinion on leadership is needed across the world. We can all be great leaders if only we have infinite capacity of being transformational leaders. He we have MLK leadership quotes that will inspire you and give you the perseverance as well as courage to make either a big or maybe a small difference.

“Your life will commence to end that day you will be silent on things that greatly matter.”

A true transformational leader, is usually driven by values that fuel his/her courage to stand up to face adversity to make them right. Our commitment, convictions, as well as emotional should inspire others.

“An ultimate measure of a person is determined by where he stands during the challenging and the controversy times, but not where he stands during comfort as well as convenience moments.”

When you stand at the center of change as well as chaos, what do you stand up for? What inspires you? You should ask those questions to yourself as a leader.

“If you are a genuine leader, then you will mold consensus and not search consensus.”

The quote reminds every leader he/she should listen deeply as well as bring everyone together in a peaceful discourse.

“You fail to get along with a person majorly because you fear each other; you fear one another majorly because you do not know one another; you do not know one another mainly because you have never at any one time communicated with one other.”

Polarized makes have torn the world apart. We have to go beyond in order to find common aspirations as well as humanity each holds.

Best MLK nonviolence quotes

Martin Luther King Jr intent was to try to fight for the African American equality. His non-violence quotes will forever be relevant in decades and decades to come. This is because violence is like a cycle that is very hard to even break. Here we have powerful quotes that will strike great and real change across the world. Read on.

“What does nonviolence mean? It means avoiding the external violence and the internal spirit of violence. You do not only refuse to kill/shoot a person, but you also refuse to have hatred on him.”

King tried to inform all people that nonviolence does not only involve the external violence, but also involve the internal peace. He encouraged people to love one another because with love, killing and shooting one another cannot exist.

“Nonviolence is just like a weapon that does not cut wounds. It is basically a sword that is capable of healing.”

Violence hurts, but non-violence is a healing weapon. Let us all desire peace, healing, and happiness among all people.

“For an oppressed to get freedom, he/she must be ready to demand it from the oppressor’ it does not come voluntarily.”

If an oppressed person remains silent, then the oppressor will keep on oppressing him/her. Never be silent because it is your right not to be oppressed.

“An oppressed person can never remain oppressed for the rest of his/her life. The freedom yearning will manifest itself one day.”

You cannot oppress a person forever. This is because freedom will yearn for itself. Let us all like brothers and sisters. Furthermore, no one is perfect; we are all equal.

“What I want is to be a white person’s brother and not his brother-in-law.”

Martin Luther King wrote this quote to show the oppressors that we all need to be treated equally and fairly.

Martin Luther King quotes truly inspired all human races to forever strive for peace and harmony among people. If there is a death that awed all nations, was MLK tragic death. What remained is his wise words that he dedicated to equality that inspires young generations.

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