Powerful Joel Osteen messages and sermons

Powerful Joel Osteen messages and sermons

Joel Osteen is a renowned American televangelist situated in Texas. His sermons inspire and bless millions of people across the world basing our judgment from YouTube viewers. Joel Osteen messages are always positive and motivating. He really knows how to uplift the spirits of those who feel like the world is crushing on them.

joel osteen preaching and messages
joel osteen daily inspirational messages
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joel osteen messages on blessings

In this article, we have shared with you Joel Osteen messages on blessings, spiritual growth, loving unconditionally, and inspirational messages as well. Scroll down.

Joel Osteen messages for spiritual growth

There is nothing hard like personal spiritual growth. It becomes harder to grow spiritually when you are undergoing difficult situations because the sad moments hinder your personal growth. However, Joel Osteen shares prophetic words for self-growth that will change your life. Read on his powerful messages that will definitely help you when it comes to spiritual growth.

“Praise God despite of what is not working.”

You should praise God in every situation; good or bad. God has good thoughts for you and he cannot challenge or tempt you with something that he is sure you cannot handle. Worship and glorify his names, ask for his forgiveness, and put trust in him alone.

“Never welcome a new year while you holding last year’s grudge. You should leave the disappointments as well as the hurts behind.”

Whether you are starting a new day or year, you cannot move steps forward while stuck in your bitter past. This is because you cannot stand still and move forward at the same time; you will be forced to choose. What you should ask your inner self is, ‘What does carrying this heavy burden benefit me?” Let the heavy burden go so that you can be able move forward.

“This is your bible; you are what the bible says you are; you have what the bible says you have; you can do what the bible says you can do.”

This self-growth message by Joel Osteen is so powerful. It encourages believers to make the bible their favorite book because it contains God’s own words that guides Christians. If you want to walk in God’s path, then read the bible, understand its teaches, and do what it says you do.

“Never be a person that accept all that comes their way. Remember that God created you to be a champion, a winner, and great in life.”

Joel Osteen wants to remind believers that they should know who they are by being selective. All believers should have their own standards in life because they were born to achieve the best. If you see something that is right, it does not necessarily mean that it is meant for you. You have to develop qualities of a champion because you are truly a champion and not an average. God created you with a purpose and you should keep in mind that you are not a mistake.

“Do not take for granted all the good things that are in your life. Do not focus much on things that you miss in life.”

There are so many good things in your life that most people lack. This means that you should appreciate God for what you have and struggle less with what you miss. Saying ‘thank you’ to God is a way of appreciating God’s endless love towards you.

Best Joel Osteen messages loving unconditionally

joel osteen preaching and messages
joel osteen daily inspirational messages
joel osteen weekly messages
joel osteen messages on blessings

Loving others unconditionally will make you care as well as value everyone. Hatred is a bad feeling that is like a burden to the heart, it makes you to wish bad things to happen to your enemies. If you are a believer, learn to love others; in fact, love is God’s greatest commandment. Joel Osteen is popular for his love teachings. Read on Joel Osteen weekly messages about loving others.

“True love has the power to turn feelings as well as words into action”

Love conquers all; it can drive out hatred if you just allow it. Love makes you care for a person and value them. With love you get to wish the best for everyone.

"The greatest reward/gift to give a person is your concern, attention, and love.”

There is nothing that can beat the gift of love, attention, and concern. You do not have to be financially stable to buy a person a gift, the greatest gift is affordable to everyone, Love. Let your genuine feelings out.

“When you have God’s compassion as well as love in your heart, remember that he offered you for you to make a difference in someone’s life. This is because there is someone out there that needs what you have.”

We can all love because God gave us the love feeling in our hearts. Never let your love feeling be eradicated by hatred because you will be letting the devil into your life. Keep on caring for others because there is a person somewhere who needs what you have.

“Love feeling always overlooks other people’s faults. This is because love only sees the best part of a person. Yes, you are able to return evil by giving evil as well, but our almighty God wants his children to help one another to heal wounds in the heart.”

Love can never be described using words. The heart feels the love and makes one to wish the best for everyone. It makes you not to see faults because it is a feeling that God granted his children.

Joel Osteen preaching and messages about life

joel osteen preaching and messages
joel osteen daily inspirational messages
joel osteen weekly messages
joel osteen messages on blessings

There is nothing that can beat living an inspired life. This is because inspirations makes one to feel that he/she has the ability to achieve anything. It makes one to feel invincible. Here we have Joel Osteen messages about life that will motivate and inspire you to the best out of yourself.

“Encouraging one another can be done by everyone. This is because you can give encouragement to someone by listening to them, with your precious time, with an uplifting smile, with your arms or even give out money. Who knows?”

Have you ever been encouraged? Most if not all of us have been encouraged because we all face challenges at one point of our lives. Encouragements helps one to see the gravest situations in a good and new light. In simple words, you see things in a very new perspective. Words are so powerful when it comes to encouragement meaning that you do not have to financially well off to encourage someone. You should always desire to touch a person’s life by uplifting as well as listening to them.

“The amount of energy that you take to worry is the same to that amount that you take to believe.”

This message is meant to encourage believers to trust in God in all their situations instead of worrying. Honestly, worrying cannot solve any of your troubles. When you trust in God and believe that he can turn a new leaf for you, your situation changes.

“New doors will open up for those people who keep their faith, right attitude, trust, and those who are grateful.”

If you do not appreciate what God has given you, then you will never recognize any of your opportunities. You should pray to God not only when things are tough, but in every circumstance you are in. Take time to meditate or reflect on things working in precious life and remember to do it on daily basis.

“What is in front is more vital than that life behind.”

What is behind is now your past and you should focus on making what is in front better. Your cannot erase the past, but you can make your in front life much more better without repeating your past mistakes.

“If God never gave you what you need to fulfill your dream, then he could have not put a beautiful dream in that heart of yours.”

All your dreams as well as objectives in Life were given to you by the creator for you to accomplish them. Dreams are not there for you to fleet the inspirational moments. If you act upon your dreams, you create life moments that are not only fulfilling, but also exciting.

“Some things in life can only be learnt via a storm.”

This message explains to believers why God tempts his children. Osteen believes that some things cannot be learn without facing a storm or challenges. This is the reason why you should never give up because challenges are there for a season. We should pray to God in all circumstances.

“God brings into your life the right people when you are ready to let go of the wrong people.”

We meet people everywhere we go from school to work. In clear words, there will never be shortage of people. You should ensure that you let in those people who will help you to keep moving forward and not those who will pull your life behind.

“God’s will into your life is for you to live a life that is filled with fulfillment, love, peace, and joy. However, all that does not necessarily mean that your life will always be good.”

Did you know that most if not all people do not even recognize when they are living a good life? Having a good life does not necessarily mean that you will not face any problems,setbacks or conflict. It does not also mean that you will live a perfect life each day. Good life is when you can recognize the good things that are in your life. Note that good life is supposed to grow.

Joel Osteen daily inspirational message

joel osteen preaching and messages
joel osteen daily inspirational messages
joel osteen weekly messages
joel osteen messages on blessings

Inspirational and motivational messages gives us a reason to continue living. The messages help you to grow and believe that there is nothing you cannot do. The best part of inspirational messages is that it opens our mind and makes us see the hidden messages. Below is a collection of Joel Osteen inspirational preaching as well as sermons that will change your life. Scroll down.

“Each day you have an opportunity to get offended, angry, and stressed. When you let in the negative emotions into you, then you drive away positive emotions such as happiness. This tells you that you have the power to choose either to let in things that will upset you or to let in positive emotions.”

You have plenty of reasons to get upset and reasons to get overwhelmed. When you get upset you tend to see as if everyone is taking advantage of you and wants to hurt you. Worry less; it is a part and parcel of every human experience. Always desire to choose the overwhelming emotions because you have the power to choose.

“When you change your words, you will be able to change your world as well. Keep in mind that life and death are all in your tongue power.”

God granted human freedom of choice. This is because you have the freedom to do plenty of things in your life. You can either destroy your life or allow God to control your life. We have the power to change ours words as well as world.

“Are you facing diversity? Worry less and remind your inner you that what is trying to conquer you can be what God will use to uplift and promote you.”

Honor, glorify God, and appreciate him everyday no matter the circumstances that you are facing. This is because God wants to take advantage of your sorrowful life to promote and uplift you.

“When you hang out with negative people, you do not expect to live a life of positivity.”

What kind of friends do you have? Do you help each other to grow or keep moving forward? Keep friends that have a positive impact into your life, let go of your negative friends.

“It is either you expect victory or you plan for a defeat.”

Victory and defeat are two different things. You have the power to go for victory or go for defeat, but you cannot have them at the same time.

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Joel Osteen Messages on blessings and success

joel osteen preaching and messages
joel osteen daily inspirational messages
joel osteen weekly messages
joel osteen messages on blessings

Joel Osteen messages on blessings, success, and faith will encourage and motivate you to keep moving forward. We were all born to be successful and not to be defeated. Here are some of his sermons that will give you hope to keep on putting your trust in the Lord.

“Whenever you believe that you are a blessing, then God blesses you in abundance.”

You are not in this world by mistake but rather you are a blessing. Believe that you are a blessing and blessings will follow you.

“For you to reap financially, you have to have sow financial blessings.”

This Joel Osteen message is on giving.This means that you should give what you want to receive in plenty.

“There is no way for you to change that thing that you usually tolerate.”

If you do not like something, then do not tolerate it. This is because tolerating makes it difficult for you to get rid of it.

"Never allow what seems to be difficult to challenge or defeat you. Keep telling your inner you that you can do all things and nothing is too difficult for you"

Speak words of prosperity into your life because God created you to prosper. You have the ability to command in what is good into your life and command out what is bad into your life. Never give up, pray to God always.

Joel Osteen sermons

1. The smile of God

This is one of Joel Osteen’s sermon. We decided to share it with you so that you can feel inspired and blessed. In this life, there are times that some people wrong us and we feel that it is our right to revenge and make them feel the pain they made us feel but according to the sermon by Joel Osteen, we should not desire to pay back with the wrongs; forgive those who wrong you and do what is right to them. If you do that, then you are the smile of the almighty God.

This is because you prove that you have allowed the almighty God to fight all the battles for you and to be your vindicator. God is full of justice, mercy, and love. The almighty sees every hurt, wrong, and tear. God has the ability to make your wrongs to be right if only you put your trust unto him. Always sow forgiveness as well as kindness seeds. Doing that will make God to shower you with favor, blessings, happiness, peace, and joy into your life.

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Joel Osteen message are so powerful and we hope that this article was helpful to you. Keep on trusting in God because he is the Alpha and Omega. You can share with us using our comment section the message by Joel Osteen that inspired and motivated you to keep moving forward.

2. The odds are for you

When a person is facing difficult situations, he or she tends to feel as if the odds are always against them. They feel as if their life will never be better. Maybe you have been praying to God to fulfill a personal desire and nothing happens. According to Joel Osteen sermon, God heard you; something will happen. The almighty is always at work and he has a great plan for your life. He has a divine plan that will definitely reveal his goodness as well as favor into your life. What you need to do is to fulfill your part by trusting in the Almighty’s timing as well as plan. Believe in God, release your trust and faith, raise the expectation, and see God’s miraculous deeds. He will turn all the darkest hours into incredible hours because the odds will automatically shift for your favor.

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3. Favor in the storm

The trials as well as the troubles should no longer intimidate you. This is because God is always with you even when you are facing challenges; he is always right. His mercies and favor makes greater things to happen in your life. We easily believe in God’s favor whenever things are right though Joel Osteen wants to tell people that God’s favor is always with us even when we are facing hardships. We should all trust in God because he will bless us in the middle of the hardships and troubles. Our conditions will never at one time limit God. Just believe in God and everything will work out. Pray to God endlessly and put your trust in him.

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Joel Osteen message are so powerful and we hope that this article was helpful to you. Keep on trusting in God because he is the Alpha and Omega. You can share with us using our comment section the message by Joel Osteen that inspired and motivated you to keep moving forward.

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