Sad messages for boyfriend

Sad messages for boyfriend

Nothing beats the sadness that comes with a broken relationship. Falling in love is so sweet, but sometimes our love life does not end smoothly as we expect. You end up being sad because it really hurts. We believe that love life is full of ups & downs. What lovers should do is to learn from their mistakes in order to have a long-term relationship. Just calm down, with these sad messages you are sure to sooth your inner self when you send them to him, your boyfriend.

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These messages will help you to heal your broken heart as well. If you want to express your true love to him, then share one of the sad love messages with him.

Touchy sad messages

Your life journey becomes a sweet story once you deeply fall in love. Getting into a relationship does not mean that your days will always be rosy, you will face rough patches at times, which some people tolerate, while others decide to quit on the love journey. This kind of moments makes you to be stressed. Here are text sadness messages that will bring out that agony. Keep reading.

“If you deeply love me just like you used to tell me, kindly be careful when handling my heart. Please do not break my heart because my world will also fall apart.”

Such a sad love text is so dis-hearting. This is because when you fall in love you expect someone to take care of you and your feelings.

“You took my heart and you broke it apart; right now my heart is in pieces just because of you.”

Such an SMS shows how badly your heartache is and you definitely know the cause. Just speak out how you feel louder to make him aware that your heart is delicate and he should not treat it like a toy.

“Am confused; should I wear a smile on my face because we are now friends or just cry out loud because we will never be more than friends.”

We can all admit that there are times/moments that we feel true love towards a guy, but he always takes your feelings for granted. This sad love message captures your emotions greatly, send it to him, and make him release how you feel.

“I prefer falling from a tree & my leg breaks rather than falling deeply in love only to be heart broken.”

A broken heart makes one to feel so much hatred and anger. This is because you gave him your all, but he took your love for granted. There are some boyfriends who hurt you every now and then, but you forgive them and move on with your love life. If he does not deserve you, then there is no need of giving him your heart once more.

“It really hurts when you love someone unconditionally and he fails to love you back in return. What hurts more is that you deeply love the person, but you lack the courage to tell them how you truly feel.”

Unknown true love can be compared to a lovely flower that grows all alone in deserted place. You lack words to express your interest as well as inner emotions towards your crush. Worry less and gather courage to send him such a message to express how you truly feel. This is because that feeling will continue hurting you.

“Nothing beats the feeling of watching a guy that you love, deeply in love with someone else.”
sad quotes about life
really sad quotes
sad quotes that make you cry
sorrowful quotes

Such a thing is heart breaking and it makes one to even lose confidence in themselves. We believe that there are times you just feel like taking out what you feel, this sad love text is a good one to express it to him. Just send it to communicate how you feel softly.

“I really want to know how many times you can heart break me because now there is nothing left to be broken.”

If you are in a stressful relationship, send this sad love SMS to him. Ask him why he is using you for his own selfish reasons. This is because if he is using you, he will not care about your heart, which is now left into pieces.

Sad quotes that make you cry

sad quotes about life
really sad quotes
sad quotes that make you cry
sorrowful quotes

Sometimes you feel so low and what you need is to cry out your sadness, embrace the hurting emotions, and carry it with you. Here we have really sad quotes that will make you cry. Scroll down.

“Our love began with just a hug, our kisses made it to grow, and now it is ending with tears.”

When a person you love tells you goodbye, you feel so much pain. Good moments that you both shared run into your head making you have sleepless nights. It does not necessarily matter on how your love started, what matters is the sad emotion that it ended with.

“I now think am good on my own; no fights or love, it is just me, myself, and I.”

A negative love experience might make you grow sick of what people call love life. The worst part of getting to this point is that, even when true love comes knocking at your door, you might not allow it in.

“Am not running away from you, am just walking away softly and slowly. What kills me inside is that you do not even deeply love me to an extent of stopping me.”

If your boyfriend does not value you at all, just walk away. Walking away will make you see his reactions. If he does not bother to stop you, then share with him this sad love text and make him aware that he is killing you inside.

“Am truly not scared/afraid of falling in love again, what I fear is falling deeply for the wrong man again.”

If a relationship that you gave too much fails, it gives you an experience that you will always be afraid to get into again. Men will approach you for true love, but it will take you a long time to trust them with your heart. Share what you feel deep inside with friends or update your status in your social media pages.

“The worst feeling is to be ignored by someone you love.”

Some partners are so selfish to an extent of not getting bothered when they hurt others, which is truly heart breaking

“What I hate most is missing a person I love so dearly and being unable to do totally nothing about it.”

A heartache as well as rejection really hurts. Send this to that guy that you truly love because holding the feelings will hurt you even more.

“When you are in love, tears do not measure the pain you feel in your heart, but it is that fake smile that you wear on your face.”

When you are heart broken, you find yourself wearing a fake smile to make people think that you are simply okay, which is not the case.

Broken heart ‘I am sad’ love messages

sad quotes about life
really sad quotes
sad quotes that make you cry
sorrowful quotes

Most if not every girl, have undergone the trauma that comes with losing a person that you loved. This is the major reason why plenty of saddest quotes, messages, and sayings are there to heal broken heart wounds. When you are heart broken, you tend to be very angry and most of the times you can't handle the heartbreak. Read on and we bet that you will calm your broken heart.

“I do not understand why I find the right person at the wrong period or time.”

There some girls who want to experience true and genuine love so badly. They want someone to connect with and love unconditionally. The worst part is that when they find such a dream guy, they later find out that they are deeply in love with someone else. It feels really bad and so heart breaking. It makes one to think that they are a mistake, which is not the case.

“Sometimes you just have to let go of some people you greatly love. This is because they are toxic to your life.”

You can send this to your boyfriend who manipulates you as well as trys to change you for his own benefit. Just let go, because no matter how hard you try to make things right, your efforts will never be appreciated. It will keep on paining you in the long run.

“I feel like you are not in love with me. It is like you always remember me once you need me.”

There are girls who are at peace because they feel that they already have their true love with them and their relationship is so smooth. They later realize that their boyfriends only need them when they want to fulfill their selfish desires. If you are one of them, share your thoughts to your boyfriend so that he can know that he is not being fair to you.

“I think I do not have a good understanding about love. The beauty of love is only at the very beginning.”

This message fits those girls who first considered true love and then later they realized nothing like that exists. The infatuation added a great fizz into your love journey at the very beginning. Once you get so fond into each other, sometimes love fades.

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Sad quotes about life and love

Do not expect your love life to be like a bed full of roses, sometimes you have to face sad and good moments. When you are sad, you heart is usually filled with plenty of grief making you feel as if your world is crumbling. It makes you feel as if nothing is clear and you really find it hard to overcome the feeling. When someone special betrays your love, you feel sad and unlucky. Here is a list of sorrowful quotes that will help you to deal with the sad situation.

“It is so painful to realize that the person that you have been longing to have in your life is literally avoiding you.”

This feeling hurts though the person you are in love with might not understand what you feel inside. Share this sad love quote with him and observe his reactions.

“Sometimes you just decide to stop loving a person not because he does not love you, but because you realized that he is more happier without you.”

You do not have to hold on to a relationship and you are not appreciated. Move on for your own happiness and good.

“There are times when you create your own heartbreaks via too much expectation”

Never expect too much from you partner because if they let you down, you will be broken.

“Letting go makes us more stronger than holding on.”

If you are in a relationship that gives you nothing but pain then you should let it go. Letting go will make you more stronger and bring happiness into your life.

You can share these sad messages for him on your social media pages as well as with your boyfriend who is taking your love for granted. Let them know where they went wrong and how badly that makes you feel.


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