Good luck messages, wishes and quotes

Good luck messages, wishes and quotes

When you send good luck messages to the people within your circle, you tend to motivate, encourage and inspire them. They get the energy and the zeal to work towards their goals. Good luck messages are awesome and very flexible. They are suitable for any form of relationship, be it friendship, parenthood, marriage and many more. We have shortlisted a couple of good luck wishes, quotes, and messages for you to shower your friend with as he/she is about to step out into the world or risk-taking. These warmest good luck messages are meant to inspire and encourage that friend, relative, colleague, spouse or any other person to continue with the life journey against all the odds.

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Sending someone a good luck message will remind the person that he or she needs to be strong; a great way to boost his or her confidence. Your good luck message may not ease the person’s nervousness, but plays a big role in trimming it down.

Encouraging best of luck messages

Find the best message and boost someone's morale. Read on these good luck messages to encourage your desired recipient.

“Even when all things seems bad, put a smile on your face because you will still find your way to the top again.”

Send such a quote to that person who is about to give up in order to encourage him or her to keep the fighting spirit. It will make the person gather himself or herself up and work towards getting to the top.

“Try, if you succeed, all is well, but if you fail it is even better. This is because everything happens in your life for a reason. If you do not succeed then there is something better for you in store. I wish you good luck.”

You can send such a message to that person who is about to try something new. This message will encourage the person to keep on trying expecting any outcome. If he or she succeeds, that is great and if the person fails, then that is the turning point for him or her.

“Let luck follow you forever.”

You can send such a message to encourage that person who is about to venture into something new. It will make the person feel encouraged and loved. A good luck message from the heart sends a message of love and affection to the recipient.

“I admit that the road is very tough, but one thing for sure is that the driver is tougher. I wish you best of luck.”

This driver refers to the person you are wishing good luck to and the road refers to the new step that he or she will be taking. It is such a good message that will make him or her believe in himself or herself.

“Do you have faith? You need faith because it will lead you to success.”

If you lack faith within, then you can never make it. You need faith because it is your first step towards your success. If you do not believe in yourself, then nobody will. Send this quote to that person who is need of success in whatever new thing he or she is doing.

I hope that you can remember the uncountable times you have failed. You have always conquered without giving up. You will also stand still on this challenge. Good luck.

Send this message to that person whom you have always known to be a conqueror. Falling is usually a stepping-stone to good things. Failure strengthens you. If the person conquered other challenges, then encourage the person to make him/her more confident and focused to achieve success.

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I do not think that this is the right time to keep on entertaining butterflies, just know that you can make it. Wishing you good luck to friend.”

Send such a good luck message to a friend who is worried about starting up something new into his or her life. Make the person relax so that he or she can think flawlessly how to strategise.

“If it is for you, then it will be. If it is not, then there is always a plan A…B…C.. reserved.”

This good luck message will make the person accept any result. It will encourage the person not to be dependent on one plan. This is because not everything works out the way we want them to.

“You should not mind those people who always discourage you. This is because they are there to test how bad you are willing to make your dreams come true. So, be thankful for them because they help you go on.”

If a person discourages you and you believe in yourself, you tend to work extra harder to prove your enemies wrong. When you work extra harder, you end up attaining your objective.

Wishing you luck for job interview messages

Is your friend or relative going for an interview? You must be looking for the best quotes to wish him or her success. This is the right place for you because we will offer you a collection of great success quotes to wish him or her.

“No matter the outcome, I'm hopeful that you will accept it and move on with your life. As of now, I'm wishing good luck.”

Such a message will prepare the person for any outcome. This is because it is not everything that we wish for comes to pass. The quote also encourages the person to give the interview his/her all and have confidence that he/she will get the job.

“To find a job nowadays is a battle. This means that you should be more than prepared to choose that right weapon for that particular use. May God be with you and shower you with his blessings at the interview so that you can find favor.”

This message will make the person ready to fight for the job. You should also ask God’s will to happen to the person because the almighty has good plans for him or her.

The only secret behind your success is being confident and believing in God and yourself . I wish all your expectations to come true.

Such a message will boost the person’s confidence. It also reminds the person that he/she should believe in God because he has the last word in our lives.

best wishes quotes
wishing success quotes
wishing you luck
“I wish you luck. Give that interview your best shot as if you are playing basketball.”

When one is playing basketball, you have to be focused and believe that you can make a good shot. That is the same way the person should take his interview; carry all the documents required, be well groomed, have courtesy, be confident, answer all the questions with honesty, and wait for the results.

I know you need encouragement as well as confidence. For me, I can only offer you encouragement. Confidence should come from you. I wish you good luck; may you get the new job.”

Such a message reminds the person that he needs confidence as he approaches the interview.

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The interview is your entrance to success; give it a bang. May you have confidence as well as luck.

Being among the selected people at an interview feels good. Encourage the person to treat the interview seriously.

Funny good luck wishes messages for exams

These messages are meant for that special person preparing for an exam. They tend to encourage one to believe that he/she can pass with flying colors. Here are some of the comprehensive messages to send him/her.

“Did you know that exams are just like your new girlfriend/boyfriend? Well, exams harass one’s mind and they turn one’s life upside down until you finish. This means that you need to go through the exam as soon as you can. I wish you the best of luck.”

This message is so hilarious; comparing exams with the person's boo. Honestly, the message makes sense because being in a relationship demands almost all of your attention, just like the exams.

“What is funny is that no parent will disturb a kid when he or she is preparing for an exam in his or her own room. However, you cannot do whatever you want because you have to study hard to make yourself and those who believe in you proud. Wishing you good luck as you tackle that exams.”

Exams leaves one with no choice; you have to prepare yourself. Failing an exam is the worst feeling ever and it can make you feel discouraged. You do not prepare for an exam forever. Sacrifice your time for a short while.

“The only easy way to pass your exams is making it look like a big giant that punches your small head. In that way, you will be able to assemble strength to get rid of the big giant. Good luck!”

Exams are hectic, but if you prepare well, you will definitely pass. Be determined and willing to achieve success no matter the sacrifice.

wishes messages
best wishes quotes
wishing success quotes

Inspirational best wishes quotes

The quotes that are dabbed as the wishing success quotes are the best when it comes to inspiring and cheering a person. It shows that you believe in that person. Here are some inspirational good luck quotes to motivate the person.

The word giving up should be erased from your dictionary. If possible, remove it from your vocabularies. This will make you have no choice but to move on.

You should never at one point give up because you will end up being a failure. Use your failures as your stepping-stones to success.

Always be positive so that everything else can flow.

Being positive makes you work extra hard to achieve your goals. There some people who are always negative and that is what makes them fail. Send this good luck quote to that person who has negative attitude to help them change.

We believe that our collection of good luck messages, wishes, and quotes were helpful. Sharing them to that desired person will drive her/his fears away and help the person be at peace. You may boost his/her spirits as well!

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