Rain maker stuns social media as he causes rain to fall upon request

Rain maker stuns social media as he causes rain to fall upon request

Many people have had their own doubts about weather forecasts around the world since they turn out to be inaccurate at times.

Sometimes, weather forecasters put people on high alert only for to them experience a ‘no-show’ as was predicted.

Among many of the things in life that can be predicted or regulated, the weather does not make the cut since it has its own way of manifesting itself mostly without the intervention of man or science.

However, it has been said that many people especially on the African continent, believe in the efficacy of some self-acclaimed people who call themselves ‘Rain Pushers’ or ‘Rainmakers’.

Rain maker stuns social media as he causes rain to fall upon request

Heavy Rain
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These people, mostly men, believe to have the skill to stop the rain from falling and sometimes, cause it to rain depending on who is paying.

These rainmakers have had their services come into play during ceremonies to help avert rain from marring the events.

Many people, have come to believe in the efficacy of these rain makers and they have gained prominence in a number of African countries.

YEN.com.gh has sighted a video of one such rain pusher who used his expertise to make it rain upon request.

According to the popular rain pusher known as Godwin Onasedu, who hailed from Ifitedunu town in Nigeria, he had the power to make it rain or stop raining if he so desired.

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However, patrons of the rain maker had to pay a price. In the video shot by the BBC and sighted by YEN.com.gh, the rain pusher, Godwin Onasedu, requested for 2 crates of beer, some kola nut and a specific kind of gin.

On receiving the requested items, the rainmaker set off to get it to rain for some reporters from the BBc, who had called on him.

Godwin Onasedu, started his ‘magic’ some 30 minutes past midday and was seen lighting candles with the help of one man.

Within two hours, it started raining even though it did not rain for long and it was only showers, Godwin Onasedu had delivered on his promise.

Rainmakers are often called upon to ‘take care’ of rain during special events like weddings, funerals, festivals and the like.

Their services are however not free and it cannot be ascertained if their craft is backed by science or just the forces of nature.

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Source: Yen.com.gh

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