Health benefits of groundnut

Health benefits of groundnut

Taken as a snack in many African countries, Groundnuts are popularly known as peanuts. Those who live in groundnut growing areas have many more uses for groundnuts such as making soup and mixing with cereals to create balanced diets for their families. Groundnuts never seem to go out of season because they can be dried and used when the need arises. They are used in both traditional and modern cookery and are therefore suitable for everyone’s meal in the family. By preparing them through grinding, boiling, frying, roasting or mixing with other foods, new recipes can be formulated every time as the benefits of groundnuts are way too many.

peanut benefits to the human body
eating peanuts everyday good or bad
peanuts benefits for men

In this article we have highlighted the health benefits of groundnuts. Read through and be on the know.

Benefits of groundnuts

Although the groundnut is very small in size, the benefits of groundnuts are many and include;

1. Fertility booster

It is very important for any man who desires to sire a child to be healthy and have enough sperm count. Groundnuts tend to help men in increasing the sperms and also gives them stamina to perform well in bed. Groundnuts really help in boosting fertility in men with low sperm count.

2. Depression fighter

The next time you are in a bad mood, try eating a handful of peanuts and you may just notice a transition as it puts a smile on your face. This effect is due to tryptophan, an amino acid that produces serotonin that regulates mood in human beings. Depression mainly occurs because the levels of serotonin produced from the brain cells into the blood are just not enough.

3. Memory booster

In many areas of Ghana, most parents will give peanuts to their babies in a bid to improve their performance at school. They may not know how peanuts enhance brain power but they do in fact contain vitamin B3 (niacin) which has many functions in the body including maintaining normal brain function and promoting memory. This is a great benefit to tap for students that want to do well in their exams.

4. Blood sugar regulation

There is no doubt that diabetes is becoming a common disease judging by the many people who are on daily insulin supplements. While it may not help much to eat peanuts when you are already diabetic, but eating a quarter cup of peanuts daily could be the vaccine you need to stay away from diabetes. Peanuts are a source of manganese, a mineral that the body needs to break down carbohydrates, process fats, enhance calcium absorption and control the amount of sugar in the blood.

5. Cancer control

Cancer is no longer a lifestyle disease because even the poor who do not partake of high cholesterol diets are falling victim. Well, with groundnuts, one can prevent themselves from having this killer disease. Make it a habit of eating the nuts daily.

6. Gallstones prevention

Eating groundnuts will help you from getting the gallstones. It does not matter whether you take the groundnuts in peanut butter form or nut form, the results are similar.

7. Cholesterol regulator

Is it hard to believe that a food item that contains such amounts of oils as peanuts can help regulate your cholesterol levels? Peanuts contain copper which is an essential mineral when it comes to keeping body cholesterol under check. A diet rich in peanuts will reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol in the body.

8. Heart disease control

Although the amount of oil you would get from cold pressing a single peanut would be more than enough to cook an entire meal, this same oil is rich in Oleic acid which is an antioxidant. Oleic acid has been linked to reduced risk of heart disease and studies have linked those people who eat at least a handful of groundnuts four times a week to be investing in a future that is free of coronary and cardiovascular disease.

9. Weight control

Due to the sedentary lifestyles that most people have in modern times plus poor eating habits, obesity is on the rise in both adults and children. Although uncontrolled weight gain seems to be a common lifestyle condition, you don't have to sit back and count in the statistics. Include peanuts in your weekly meal plan and you will be able to control your weight.

10. Bone health

You never know how important your bones are until you suffer a fracture or osteoporosis kicks in. Magnesium is as important as calcium to the health of the bones which maintains acceptable bone mass and ensures bone health. Eating peanuts is a cheap yet effective way of providing this much needed mineral to your bones. You will not only enjoy the fruits of your commitment in the present but future too.

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Health benefit of groundnuts to women

peanut benefits to the human body
eating peanuts everyday good or bad
peanuts benefits for men

Did you know that groundnuts are actually legumes and not nuts as most people assume? Well, that would be an excuse to eat as much of them as we eat beans but that does not happen. For most people, and especially women, carrying packed lunch to work or school means preparing a quick fix that will save you lunch money. Being seen with a peanut butter sandwich could have people waiting for you to plump. Is groundnut good for the health of women? Groundnuts have the nutritional value that is very healthy for any woman to always eat it. Below are the benefits of groundnuts to women.

1. High in fiber and protein

When you feed on peanuts, the high fiber contents fills up the stomach space and you will automatically feel full. This is the secret to weight loss because the stomach is then able to go for extended periods of time without demanding food. At the same time, since they are an essential protein source, peanuts will repair body tissue helping you to maintain lean body weight throughout.

2. High in nutrients

Are you travelling and have no idea what to eat for fear of food poisoning or motion sickness? Consider a handful of peanuts because they are a ready source of important nutrients required by the body on a daily basis. Thiamine, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Foliate,Vitamin B6, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, iron, manganese, copper, and selenium. Magnesium and Vitamin E are elements that keep the body functioning properly for perfect health.

3. Blood pressure control

Women are at a high risk than their male counterparts of developing high blood pressure because of pregnancy and fluctuating hormones. If you develop a habit of feeding on peanuts on a daily basis, you will constantly enjoy normal blood pressure because the heart rhythm will be regulated at all times.

4. Anti-aging

Judging from the vibrant demand for anti-aging products in Ghana, it would be good news to women to discover that the secret to youthful skin is within reach. Aerson who eats them regularly is able to prevent proliferation of fat cells on the skin. There is no longer need to go around looking for costly grapefruits and red wine which have the same effect because eating peanuts with their skin intact will do as much.

5. Smooth menopause

When most women reach menopause, their bodies begin to retain cholesterol which could be the cause of other diseases and health complications. Observing a diet that is rich in peanuts improves cholesterol levels and hence maintains a woman’s energy levels as she ages. With a bowl of peanuts as you walk into menopause, there is no reason why you should not be able to live a fulfilled and active life.

Peanuts benefits for men

Why do we speak about male fertility all the time? Well, in the African set up, a man is considered rich by the number of children he has. That is why it is important for a man to be healthy and have enough sperm count. With groundnuts, men can never go wrong as it really helps in increasing the sperms and also gives you the stamina to perform better in bed.

Precaution before you eat groundnuts

peanut benefits to the human body
eating peanuts everyday good or bad
peanuts benefits for men

1. Aflatoxin poisoning

When mold grows on stored peanut grains, the result could be a deadly form of grain aflatoxin poisoning. Eating raw peanuts health benefits are numerous but it must be established that the peanuts are fit for human consumption. When someone has been exposed to this mold, they will exhibit loss of appetite, jaundice and symptoms that indicate a problematic liver function. Occurring mostly in areas where the climate is humid most of the year, you can prevent aflatoxin poisoning by completely frying grains before storage and using a well-ventilated storage area.

2. Anti-nutrients

It is advisable to eat peanuts in moderation not just to adhere to potions but also to avoid the action of anti-nutrients. In peanuts and other legumes exists a substance known as Phytic acid (phytate) which inhibits absorption of zinc and iron from the digestive system. If you eat a balanced meal all the time and have regular servings of meat, then you do not need to worry about the effects of phytate. Those who live in areas of Ghana where legumes and grains are a staple food should be on the lookout for signs of anti-nutrient action.

3. Peanut allergy

A lot of food allergies are triggered when a high amount of protein finds its way into the bloodstream. Its however unfortunate that most allergies are discovered after they have been triggered and most people even those who have never had previous attacks, must get a flair to become aware. If you are expectant, you must be wondering whether to continue eating your daily potion of peanuts and this is a valid concern.

If you are allergic to peanuts, stay away from them when you are pregnant as you might harm yourself and the baby. Remember that some products such as candy, chocolate bars, cereals and other processed foods might contain traces of peanuts. It is however safe to consume them in pregnancy if you are not allergic.

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Peanuts are a popular food in Ghana and many households have adopted them into their regular diet. Since they contain many essential nutrients, they can be used to balance meals without spending a fortune. Apart from providing nutrients that the body operates on, groundnuts prevent a lot of body conditions from infesting out bodies. Moderation is the key is consuming peanuts and reaping the benefits of groundnuts because the excesses in food components contained in them can cause harm to body systems. Peanut benefits to the human body far out way the negatives so if it were a debate, the benefits would carry the day.


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