Premium Bank Ghana branches, contacts and services

Premium Bank Ghana branches, contacts and services

Ghana's commercial industry is going through a revolution. Several banks coming up is evidence of this revolution. Right now, owning a bank account is almost mandatory The country has several banks aimed at meeting the people's financial needs. Premium Bank Ghana is also part of the revolution and is on the move to earn more clients. If you wish to be part of the Premium Bank Ghana team, this article is dedicated for you. By the time we get to the end, you will have closure on Premium Bank Ghana branches, contacts and services.

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premium bank ghana head office address
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Choosing the right bank for all your financial needs is a crucial decision. Premium bank offers you just that. For all your needs in the financial sector consider getting in touch with the bank for further inquiries. The following are contact details that you will need to do this.

About Premium Bank Ghana

Premium Bank Ghana is one of the youngest and most ambitious banks in Ghana. The bank has the interests of its clients at heart. It purposes to beat the other banks and be the best in the industry. The bank has set out strategies to ensure that it meets all the financial needs of its clients. The bank also aims at becoming the leading SME bank in the country.

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Premium Bank Ghana services

Premium Bank Ghana offers several services, all geared toward meeting the customers' never-ending needs. These services include;

Personal banking

The personal banking service has three major account types; current account, savings account and business account. These account types have their features that differentiate them from one another. One common feature of these accounts is that they also allow for foreigners to the bank at Premium Bank Ghana.

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Business banking

Another service that Premium Bank Ghana offers is business banking. Ghana is a country that is gradually experiencing economic growth. Premium Bank Ghana has chosen to be part of the revolution by providing adequate business banking opportunities. These are some of the business banking services that it offers and their features;

SME loans

Premium Bank Ghana supports small to medium enterprises through its SME loan services. It gives the support through the provision of loans to help the enterprises grow. The interest rates imposed on the loans are affordable making it convenient for the enterprises to develop.

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The owners of the small and medium enterprises can also create SME savings account. These are special account. The one thing that differentiates them from the current savings account is that they have a higher rate of interest. Here are some of the features of the SME savings account;

  • Initial account opening balance of GHS 200.00
  • Minimum account operating balance of GHS 200.00
  • Tiered interest rate
  • Maximum of 4 withdrawals a month
  • E-Alert
  • ATM Card (upon request)
  • Receive 3rd party cheque deposit
  • Withdrawal book will be provided (upon request)
  • Mobile and online banking services will not be provided

There is also the SME current account. Unlike the savings account, this account allows for all kinds of transactions; be it depositing or withdrawing.

Premium Bank Ghana also offers a trade products account under the business banking category. The trade products account takes care of international trade transactions. It does so by providing letters of credit, guarantees, import loans, and pre-shipment finance.

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Corporate banking

Premium Bank Ghana also allows for corporate and institutions to bank with them. The features of the corporate and institutions account differ from the other types of accounts. Unlike the other account types, the minimum account opening balance is higher. This account type also charges a monthly maintenance fee. There are three categories of the corporate and institutions account; the Premium Corporate Business account, the Premium Corporate Foreign Exchange Current Account and the Corporate Call Account.

Premium Bank Ghana also offers corporate loans. The features of corporate loans differ from the other types of loans. There are three types of corporate loans that Premium Bank Ghana offers; the Premium Corporate Overdraft, the Premium Corporate Working Capital Loan, and the Premium Corporate Business Account. One common feature about these account types is that each one of them requires a collateral.

The other service offered by Premium Bank Ghana is the Jara account. Jara account is an interest-earning account that earns an interest of 12% per year. It also allows for savings, money transfers using your mobile phone. Jara account is one of the most convenient account types that Premium Bank Ghana has developed. The features of Jara account include;

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  • USSD Code *446#
  • SMS Alerts
  • E-statements readily available
  • 12% p.a interest
  • Low initial deposit
  • 24 hour banking service

The only requirement for this account is the Mobile Money Wallet on any network.

Premium Bank Ghana branches

premium bank branches in ghana
premium bank ghana head office address
premium bank ghana website

Premium Bank Ghana looks forward to being available for its customers. That is the whole reason behind Premium Bank Ghana branches. So far, Premium Bank Ghana branches in Ghana are five. Here are the Premium Bank Ghana branches. These are the Premium Bank Branches in Ghana you should follow.

Head office

The head office is the third Premium Bank Ghana branch in Accra. The head office is on No.5 2nd Ringway Estates in Osu, Accra. To contact the head office for any inquiries, you can make a call to this number; 0302662932.

Accra Main branch

Premium Bank Ghana Accra main branch serves the people living in Accra. It is among the three Premium Bank Ghana branches in Accra. Its physical location is on the ground floor of Ghana Shippers House, on Ambassadorial Enclave in Ridge, Accra. The contacts of Premium Bank Ghana Accra Main Branch is; 0302634242.

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Makola branch

The second branch of the Premium Bank Ghana branches is Makola Branch. Makola Brach is also in Accra. The physical location of Makola branch is in Makola in Accra, adjacent to the Methodist Book Depot. For inquiries about Premium Bank Ghana Makola branch, you can call this contact; 0302631725.

Takoradi branch

The forth Premium Bank Ghana branch is Takoradi branch. Takoradi branch serves the people living within Takoradi area. The physical address of Takoradi branch is Windy Ridge in Takoradi. For any inquiries about Premium Bank Ghana Takoradi branch, you can make a call to this number; 0312002312.

Tarkwa branch

Premium bank Ghana Tarkwa branch is the last bone among the Premium Bank Ghana branches in Ghana. Premium bank Ghana Tarkwa branch serves the people of Ghana. The Premium Bank Ghana address for Tarkwa branch is St. Matthew Catholic Church Stores No. 26-28 along TnA (Stadium) Road, in Tarkwa. To contact Tarkwa branch for any inquiries, you can call this number; 0302323007.

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Premium Bank Ghana head office address

The main branch of Premium Bank Ghana serves as the head office. In case you have issues that require you visit the head office, Premium Bank Ghana head office address is No.5 2nd Ringway Estates, Osu, Accra. To contact anyone for the Premium Bank Ghana head office address, you can contact; 0302662932.

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Premium Bank Ghana contact

In case you have any inquiries on any of the services that Premium Bank Ghana offers, you can reach the bank through its contacts. The Premium Bank Ghana contact is also available on Premium Bank Ghana website. Anyone can reach Premium Bank Ghana through any of these platforms;


Telephone number: +233 (0)30 2428999

Premium Bank Ghana website

More details on Premium Bank Ghana are available on Premium bank Ghana website. Premium Bank Ghana website offers services such as ATM card requisition. The procedure for requesting for an ATM card is online. Premium Bank Ghana website has brought banking services to the comfort of your home.

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We are in the 21st century, and it is high time we got the quality of service that we request. Remember every single cent counts. Going for quality services is key. Premium Bank Ghana understands the needs of the customer and is selflessly willing to offer the best service. One more thing that makes Premium Bank Ghana a better option is the fact that it values its customers. Give Premium Bank Ghana a chance, and you will not regret that choice.

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