How to download videos from Facebook

How to download videos from Facebook

With technology, Facebook advertising has arguably become one of the most utilized methods of advertising. Most businesses have incorporated videos as the best way to reach out to most of their audience. You may choose a website and click to help sell products to major masses all around the world. The impact of Facebook advertising is beneficial than most sources hence it is necessary to know how to download videos from Facebook.

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In this article we have discussed the different ways of downloading videos from Facebook. Read through and be on the know.

How to download videos from Facebook

There are different ways that you can follow when you want to download videos from Facebook. This process depends on whether the video you intend to download was posted by another person, or yourself. If it is a video you posted, follow the following tips:

  • Open the Facebook application and click on the link that will direct you to your profile page
  • Once you are on your profile page, check out on the top section where you have your timeline, about, friends, photos, and more. Click on more
  • On the top of the drop down menu, you will come across icons such as music, movies, sports, check-ins, and videos. Select videos
  • Move the mouse cursor, and select on the video you are interested in downloading. You can select either download SD or download HD. However, you need to note that the if the video was recorded or created in HD option, then the download HD option will be available. If not you will have to download the video using the SD option.
  • Move the mouse to the lower right-hand corner then proceed to download, after the video appears in the new tab.

In case you want to download a video that has been posted on your timeline by other people, you can follow the simple tips below:

  • Log into Facebook and browse until you get to the video you would like to download
  • Right click on the specific video and from the drop down menu, select show video URL, which appears.
  • Click on the URL then select using the mouse, or press CTRL + C to copy the entire video
  • Press CTRL + T to open a new tab, or you can open a new tab at the top of your screen next to the last link available
  • Press CTRL + V to paste the URL on the address bar, the click enter
  • Instead of the “www” or “web”, replace it with the “mbasic” in the URL and click enter
  • Proceed to click the video on the next page so as to open it on another separate window
  • Right click on the video and select “save video as” from the drop down menu that will appear
  • Choose a the file name and location where you would like the vide to be and press the save button, or CTRL + S. is one of the fastest Facebook video down-loader, which aids in downloading any video free of charge and quickly. You have to start by saving the application so that anytime you click on a video; you see the green arrow next to the video. Afterward, follow the following simple steps:

  • Click on the arrow and select the quality and video format you wish to download from Facebook
  • Move the cursor towards the bottom of the Facebook player until you come across download HD/SD, DIRECT download links.
  • Click on any of the format to start the video downloading process

How to download Facebook videos with website

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  • Select the Facebook video link by clicking CTRL + C the input into the field
  • Click the button on the right to start downloading
  • Once you click the button, you will be at liberty to choose on which format you would prefer your video to be.
  • Facebook will automatically enable you to see all the direct links to all the available videos on the Facebook page.
  • If you have not downloaded the app on your computer, downloading the video could be a little challenging. However, once you have the application download video by following all the above mentioned simple steps

How to save Facebook video to your computer

facebook video downloader
download facebook videos
save facebook video

With so many applications available for internet savvy individuals, saving videos from different social media platforms including Facebook is no longer a challenge. You can manage to save multiple videos on your tablet or computer provided you have enough space. The following step will help you save all the videos you like form Facebook:

  • Press your mouse by right clicking on your preferable video quality the press “save as.”
  • Before starting the downloading process, ensure you open a new window and click the video link onto it
  • If you have a slow internet connection then what a best way is using helper Fb video downloader, and following the aforementioned steps

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You can also download Facebook videos to computer using a video downloader for Facebook, which is safe and easy to use. With this application, you can comfortably browse through your news feeds and select the video that you would like to download. After getting the entire video, you can decide to watch it later and share with friends.

With so many videos popping on Facebook newsfeed, it is obvious that most people including businesses have opted for this platform, as the best way to reach out to more people across the world. We hope the Facebook team comes up with ways on how to download videos from Facebook without using second party and third party applications.


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