How to host a website for free

How to host a website for free

Web hosting can be defined as the service offered by a company, Web host, that helps your website to be viewed by others on the internet. A web host is someone or a company that rents space on their servers for your website at a fee. Leaning how to host a website for free would be a dream come true for many people.

how to host a website from home
how to host your own website on your local machine
hosting a website from home

Starting a website is sometimes the first step to get a profitable online business. However, as a small business, you should not rush to pay for hosting a website. You can do it for free. In this article we are going to discuss the various ways on how how to host a website for free.

How to host website for free

There are two ways of hosting a website for free;

1. The DIY method

2. Using third part web hosting providers.

The DIY method (using MAMP servers)

how to host a website from home
how to host your own website on your local machine
hosting a website from home

This DIY method is a simple method that teaches you on how to host a website from home on your own computer. Scroll down and learn different free host web site techniques you can do yourself.


Before trying to host a website on your own, there are things you should put into considering now that you are using your own computer at home. The first thing is to ensure that your ISP allows web hosting which sometimes it many don’t. If your company does not allow, you can upgrade your subscription to see if you can be allowed. You can also contact the ISP to know what can be done if they do not allow web hosting.

You should have a working internet 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You should also update the computer to the latest operating system. You will also need to move your website’s source code to your computer.

Lastly you need to download the database management software, MAMP, that will help you host your website on your own computer at home.

1. Hosting on Windows

  • Once you download the MAMP on your computer, double click on it’s set up icon. It resembles a white elephant on a grey background.
  • Click on yes and a MAMP installer will open.
  • Now you will need to complete the MAMP set up process and to do so, you need to click language and select on of your choice then click next. Uncheck the MAMP probox and then click next, check again and click I accept].. To finish up click the next button three times.
  • The next thing is to is to copy your website’s source code. To do so click on start, file explorer, docs folder and then select the doc you want to copy. Copy the source code (ctrl+c).
  • Double click the MAMP icon and not the set up icon here.
  • When you are prompted click OK, if a warning, error 80, click OK it will be dismissed.
  • On the left top side of the MAMP window, there is an icon that resembles a gear, it is a preferences button, click on it.
  • Click ports which will be at the top of the preferences window.
  • Here, you will click on set MAMP ports to default. It is on the middle of the page. This will reset the ports that MAMP uses and therefore, port error 80 will be solved.
  • Click on the web server tab that is just on top of the preferences window and click open. The open button is near the bottom of the window.
  • Paste your source code document in this folder by pressing CTRL and V at the same time. The source code will now appear in the MAMP root folder. Click OK to save the settings.
  • Now close the MAMP and reopen it again. To do this, click on quit which is at the bottom left side of the MAMP window. Then click on the MAMP icon again to reopen it.
  • Click start servers which will be on the right side. The MAMP server will start with your website’s source code and your port preferences. Your website should now be live and anyone can access it by using your website’s URL. Remember that the website’s addresses will keep changing until you purchase a dynamic IP service.

If you have been researching on how to host your own website on your machine, then the above procedure will work perfectly with your Windows computer. You will host your website for free right at the comfort of your home or even office.

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2. Hosting on Mac

The requirements for hosting on Mac and windows are the same, you will still have to contact your ISP to inquire if they allow web hosting. The procedure below will help you in your journey of hosting a website from home for free using a mac computer.

  • Double click on the MAMP set up file if have already downloaded it. Complete the installation.
  • Click on continue on three pages then click agree.
  • Then click install for all users on this computer and click continue.
  • Put in your mac’s user name and password and then install software.
  • Wait for MAMP to be installed which will take approximately five minutes to complete installation.
  • Open finder by clicking the face shaped icon on your mac’s dock.
  • Go to your website’s source code that you had created earlier the copy the document by clicking edit and copy on the document.
  • Click on applications, which is in the far left side of that finder window. Click on the MAMP folder which is in the middle of the applications folder.
  • Double click the ht-docs folder which will be in the middle of the MAMP folder. Here is where your website’s source code folder will go.
  • Paste your source code on the folder by clicking on edit then paste.
  • Open the MAMP software by clicking on the MAMP folder sometimes you will need to type the word MAMP on the spotlight.
  • Click on the preferences tab which is on the far left side and click on the ports tab which is in the preferences window
  • Click on the set to default tab that can be found in the middle of the ports tab. Setting to default will save your website from being blocked away by your own router’s default firewall.
  • Click OK to save your settings, then close and reopen MAMP by clicking quit and then clicking on the MAMP icon again.
  • Click start servers and your website will be live now. Now anyone can access your website by entering your website’s URL.

Third party hosting

how to host a website from home
how to host your own website on your local machine
hosting a website from home

If you have been looking for ways on how to host a website using a third party for free then you are in the right place. Third party hosting is for those who do not anything on hosting a website. Free host website companies have recently been coming up in order to meet the demand of the large numbers of people who want to set up websites.

If you have been asking this question, ‘can i host my own website for free if I do not have any technical know how? Then this is for you. These companies that offer web hosting also offer free web hosting for small or medium sites. It is easy and you don’t have to do the work all by yourself.

These are the companies that can help you do the work:

1. WordPress

2. Wix

3. Weebley

4. Googlesites


There are so many companies you can contact to get free web hosting.

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