Best exercise for pregnant women

Best exercise for pregnant women

A cute baby bump with no complications and the first little fluttering baby kicks are all a woman would want for their pregnancy journey. Unfortunately, there are many pregnancy hiccups like back aches, mood swings, ankle swellings, morning sickness and a lot more complications that comes with pregnancy. These are things that all pregnant women do not really expect. You wonder, is there any way that they can be regulated? Fortunately, yes. Exercises for pregnant women can reduce these hiccups with time.

workouts for pregnant women
pregnant workout
safe exercises while pregnant
workouts for pregnant women

Exercising while pregnant has so many benefits to the mother and her unborn baby. Exercises will help minimize back aches, elevate your moods, relieve you from ankle swellings and so much more. So get your sneakers and let’s get down to the best exercises you can take part in as a pregnant woman.

Best exercises for pregnancy

1. Swimming

This happens to be the most favorite exercise for any pregnant woman. This is because swimming is also a favorite sport to most people even before pregnancy. This is a great pregnant workout because you actually weigh less in water so you can move swiftly with lower risks of being hurt.

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When you are in the water you will feel lighter and so does your baby bump. When the baby bump is lighter on you, that means that it is also gentle on the lower joints. However there are some cautions that you have to take before going down to the pool. Putting in mind that you have to pay close attention to slippery floors you should also avoid jumping and diving. In fact, jumping and diving are a big no to any pregnant woman.

The growing baby in you is not able to deal with bubbles that might form when you make sudden moves so you will need to take it slow in the pool. It is recommended that you step into the water but do not jump.

2. Walking

workouts for pregnant women
pregnant workout
safe exercises while pregnant
workouts for pregnant women

This is a great exercise and you can do it all through your pregnancy up to the d-day. It does not need any gym or any special equipment for your exercise session. You just need some good sneakers for you to be comfortable during the walking exercise.

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Walking is one of the safe exercises while pregnant that you can consider even when in labour to help with the contractions. Walking helps in toning the lower muscles and also improves your moods. walking also can fit perfectly in your schedule without much adjustments.

3. Yoga

workouts for pregnant women
pregnant workout
safe exercises while pregnant
workouts for pregnant women

Prenatal yoga is also one of the safest exercises when you are pregnant. You however need to inform your yoga instructors of your pregnancy so they can give you a prenatal yoga workout. This exercise helps you focus on relaxation and in addition, it is also gentle to you.

Yoga helps ease back pain and it also helps you relax, it also helps strengthen your core muscles. These muscles are very active during the delivery of your baby so it is wiser to try and make them stronger for that day.

4. Running

If you are an athlete, you do not have to stop running because you are pregnant, you can still run but you also have to be cautious, you should avoid steep terrains, it is advisable to run on level terrains to minimize the chances of accidents.

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A comfortable pair of sneakers is all you would want at this time. Running will help in getting your heart in perfect health. It will also help you recover fast after your deliver days.

5. Dance and aerobics classes

Low impact aerobics are a good exercise for any pregnant woman. You will be able to ease the back pain and even reduce your ankle swellings. Dance groups like Zumba are a good way of getting your happy moods back. They also improve a good heart rate. Aerobics are great for making the endorphins flow throughout your unborn baby. You should however, at all times listen to your body and avoid high impact aerobics and also avoid straining too much.

6. Indoor cycling

If you have been constantly cycling for the last six months, you can continue cycling indoors. Indoor cycling allows you to pedal on your own and avoid the risks of falling. With indoor cycling, you avoid putting extra pressure on your ankles and therefore, you are able to avoid swollen ankles which is so uncomfortable for most pregnant women

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7. Kick-boxing

Many kick-boxers find that they are not graceful and fast anymore as they were during pre-pregnancy. To aid your belly from receiving jabs, it is safe to keep a two length distance between the other kick- boxers. You should always inform those who are around you of your pregnancy so that they will take caution too.

8. Kegels

Kegels strengthen the lower muscles that hold up your uterus bladder and bowels. Kegels can be done anywhere and at any time without anyone noticing. They help you get ready for your delivery and your lower muscles are strengthened for the work ahead.

To do kegels, just do it by squeezing the pelvic muscles like you are trying to stop urinating or passing gas then hold it for like five minutes then release. Repeat the process ten fifteen times a day and you are good to go.

9. Weight lifting

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You might not think that this is an appropriate exercise for pregnant women but it is as important as the rest of the other exercises. Weight lifting increases your muscle tone which subsequently helps you to recover quickly after childbirth. You will however need to use lower weights to avoid straining yourself too much. You will also need to skip isometric movements (movements that you hold still in specific position) to avoid being lightheaded. Remember to stretch yourself after you are done with lifting weights.

10. Barre classes

workouts for pregnant women
pregnant workout
safe exercises while pregnant
workouts for pregnant women

Barre classes are a combination of pilates, yoga and some ballet movements. Barre exercises are directed to strengthen the lower core of your body. It is also very advisable to inform of your barre classes instructor of your pregnancy.

11. Tai chi

Tai chi is an ancient form of meditation that uses slow movements to focus on relaxation. This is one of the best exercises for pregnancy in this age too since it still does the good job of relaxing someone. Apart from relaxation, Tai chi also strengthens the body and and reduces pregnancy mood swings. However, you have to be extra cautious when doing the balances, you do not have to strain to do the balancing moves.

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12. Pelvic rocks

This exercise keeps the pelvic bones loose in preparation for the big day. Doing this exercise at least 10 minutes a day can help you with the labour contractions on the delivery date. It also ensures that you have less back aches. It is a good exercise when you are in the third trimester. This exercise is simple and you don’t need any equipment to work on it.

13. Planks

This is one of the best workouts for pregnant women, it only needs a comfortable mat because you will need to put your hands and knees down. In this exercise, you need to be on all fours, the wrists should be directly under the shoulders. lift your knees and straighten both of your legs. Hold this position for about 1-2 breaths. This exercise strengthens the core, the arms and the back. If you do this two to three times a day you can kiss back aches goodbye throughout your pregnancy.

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14. Plies

This exercise is good for strengthening the quadriceps, hamstrings and your butt too. They are simple and can be done indoors hence there are no equipment needed for this pregnant workout

15. Hiking

This one should be done in the second or first trimester. You should avoid hiking during the third trimester. When hiking, avoid an uneven terrain and high altitudes and also slippery grounds. However, hiking is great for elevation your moods and for toning your muscles.

16. Abdominal exercises

workouts for pregnant women
pregnant workout
safe exercises while pregnant
workouts for pregnant women

These are exercises you do for your abs that will help in relieving back aches. You can do them in two ways. The first one is when you are on all fours, arch your back upwards so your belly will not be sagging.

The other one can be done when standing and your back is against the wall. Put your feet three inches away from the wall. Tighten your stomach and your butt too and press your lower back to the wall.

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17. Forward pull ups

Stand with your left leg on the front with both of your knees slightly bent. Now you can lower down the upper body to the left knee and then place your left hand on the left knee for support. Now you can start with the right hand downwards then the next one. Do this for about 10 times or until you get too exhausted for more. This exercise is great for strengthening your back and your lower core too.

18. Forward lunges

Do this with your hands on your hips and your right leg in front of you and then bend the left knee towards the floor until the right knee is arched to about 90 degrees or right angle. Keep alternating this on each leg. This is a good exercise especially if you are in the second trimester but if you are in the third one then you will need a chair for support.

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It’s good exercise and it can be done indoors especially if you cannot go for longer distances. You will only need a mat or even you own living room carpet can be used. This exercise strengthens the back and loosens the pelvic bones to make them ready for fast and easier delivery.

19. Child pose

You can put down a mat or even do it on your bed. That is how flexible this exercise is. It is very safe and does not need too much straining. On all fours, you can place a pillow behind your knees and stretch out your arms to the front and place you forehead on a pillow.

Ensure that your spine is stretched out and your neck is relaxed, hold for sometime or for as long as you feel comfortable. This is one of the easiest prenatal exercises that can be done to even relax yourself and ease your back pain. It is best done in the second and third trimester mornings to ensure that you are relaxed during the day.

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Exercising during pregnancy is very important and it can also be fun but be sure to contact your doctor before deciding on any of the workouts. This is because there are risky workouts for pregnant women which should never be carried out. The doctor will be able to tell which ones are good for you. Exercising ensures that you not only stay fit during your pregnancy but also after the pregnancy you will be able to shed the baby weight a little quicker. Exercising will also help you to be ready for the delivery of your baby and get your muscles ready for the work ahead.


This article does not provide any professional medical advice but it is meant to give general information only. It does not in any way address any individual circumstances and it is not a substitute of any professional medical advice treatment or even diagnosis. Therefore, it should never be relied on to make health decisions. You should never ignore any professional advice because of any information you get here. If you feel something is not right, visit your doctor.

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