How to overcome lust

How to overcome lust

Lust is a strong sexual desire towards someone. According to the Christian book, (Matthew 5:28), anyone who even looks at a woman with lustful eyes, commits adultery in his heart. Some people who have been in this situation tend to wonder what they can do to overcome it. Here are some tips on how to overcome lust.

what to do to overcome lust
overcome lust for someone
overcoming lust

Read through this article and get some solutions to this habit of lust. You might also be of help to a friend or relative who is trying so hard to free them-self from lust

How to overcome the spirit of lust

Remember, lust is a habit and it has consequences. If you find yourself sexually attracted to any random person on your way, you need to apply the below ways to overcome the lustful behavior.

1. Deal with what causes lust in you

After accepting that you cannot control being lustful, it is very important to dig deep into what causes it. Failure to this, the habit will continue to ruin you. The Bible says about how to overcome the spirit of lust, in the book of Job 31:11-12,

"For lust is a shameful sin, a crime that should be punished. It is a devastating fire that destroys to hell. It would wipe out everything I own."

2. Invest in extra curricula activities

If you are wondering about what to do to overcome lust, it would be easier to find fun in other areas and avoid places, acts, or things reviving it. Some of the things you can engage in to overcome lust are; watching educational documentaries, embracing motivational books; focusing on your career, being religious among others. The truth is that all religions and sects are against the habit. Remember, this behavior may land you in jail.

3. Avoiding lustful friends

The truth is that, even if you succeed in avoiding the causes of lust and still keep your lustful friends, the habit will remain. That person will keep on narrating their sexual stories, they will also continue pointing out how so and so is ’hot’, they will also share pornography clips among others, which will revive the habit. This can be possible if you share your urge for transformation with them and warn them against lustful activities. This is a very tough step, if you cannot afford to lose some friends then, you will not succeed.

4. Avoiding drugs

Drugs especially, alcohol affects the functions of the brain .This implies they can stand on your way to overcome lust for someone. However, instead of taking alcohol you can visit your favorite bar or club and ask for a soft drink. You need to live sober if taking drugs is the core cause of your lustful habit.

5. Distracting yourself any time you feel lustful

what to do to overcome lust
overcome lust for someone
overcoming lust

Do not allow yourself to be taken away anytime you see someone and start being lustful. There are things that you can do that will help you distract yourself from that feeling. Think about other things or even move away from situations that make you lustful.

6. Plan on other healthier ways to interact

Always maintain eye contact while talking to people who make you lustful in order to focus on your discussions and avoid looking at what sexually attracts you to them. For instance; if her hips arouses you, always avoid looking at them while together.

  • Remember to always keep a healthy distance while with them and avoid being touchy.
  • Avoid meeting them in private places. If possible, hang out in groups to avoid interacting closely with them. On the same note, always avoid partaking in activities that may demand spending more time with them.
  • If you are not married and find yourself sexually attracted to a person, then, it is an appropriate time for you to approach your partner for marriage. If you are not in any relationship and it happens the person arousing you sexually is also single, you may ask them for a relationship. If they resist, do not worry. Get positive and find the right person to settle down with. Consequently, if the person making you to lust after them is married, do not insist on them, make an effort to meet their partner and interact with them. This will make you accept and move on.

7. Intervention

Have you tried all the above tips and still find yourself lustful? Are you still in a fight about overcoming lustful thoughts, Do not worry; you can still overcome this by;

  • Focusing on religious issues; reading your religious books, praying to God for intervention or even sharing your experiences to your spiritual adviser for help.
  • The end result of lust is sexual intercourse. Whenever you lust for a random person, imagine contracting sexual diseases and infections like HIV/AIDS, Gonorrhea, and syphilis, among others from them. Besides that, a young girl should visualizegetting an unwanted pregnancy. If you are married, think of having a child out of wedlock. Go deeper on how it would affect your family. After that, will you still persist?

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In conclusion, people struggling with overcoming lust should first accept their lustful status in order to succeed. It’s obvious, before the habit is extreme; you will have heard a statement from a friend, family member or a person you are attracted to, concerning your promiscuous behavior. Nobody would be content when they are associated with such habits. So, do not ignore the statement, apply the above guidelines on how to overcome lust and sooner or later, you will be fine.


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