How to convert mkv to mp4

How to convert mkv to mp4

Whenever you are handling media contents, you may need to move them between different devices for various reasons. Moving a file from your computer to an iPhone may require you to convert it to a different format, most commonly to mp4. MKV and MP4 are both free container formats that can hold multimedia, that is, they can hold video, audio, pictures and even subtitles, all on one file. At some point, you may be required to convert from one format to another. Probably because the device you may be using does not support a particular format or because you prefer one format over the other due to clarity and detail.

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In this article, we will take a look at a few of the most common applications you can use to convert MKV to MP4 format.

Convert mkv to mp4 online

Using the internet means the only items you will need to convert a file is the file itself and a good internet connection. There is a very wide array of options online for an mkv converter to mp4. A simple search will unearth different choices that will all provide step-by-step guides. In this article, we will look at how it is done using Cloud Convert. Why? It offers the most diverse assortment of file formats in case you need to convert something else. Here is the process in three simple steps.

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convert mkv to mp4 online
mkv converter to mp4
best mkv to mp4 converter

1. Go to the Cloud Convert website. Select the two file formats to convert from and to, then use the 'Select Files' button to upload your file (you have to upload the file to their server first). Simply, you may just drag and drop it on the browser.

2. Next, click on the 'Select Format' option that appears on the file you have uploaded and select MP4. You have a variety of options to play around with to get the quality of output you want. When you are done setting all your preferences, simply click the red 'Start Conversion' button located at the bottom of the web page.

3. The next step is to get back your MP4 file by clicking on the green Download icon that comes up when the conversion is complete. Easy!

Using VLC as an mkv to mp4 converter

VLC is a widely used media player. Adding to its utility as an easy-to-use player is its ability to convert various media file formats to other formats. Using VLC convert mkv to mp4 in four simple steps.

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mkv converter to mp4
best mkv to mp4 converter
vlc convert mkv to mp4

1. Open VLC and click on the 'Media' tab on the upper left corner of the VLC window. Click on 'Convert/Save' on the dropdown menu.

2. A pop-up Window appears on which you click 'Add'. Select the mkv file you want to convert and the click 'Convert/Save' button at the bottom of the pop-up Window.

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3. The second pop-up appears. On the dropdown menu to the right of 'profile', select the file format you want the file to be converted to. In the case of MP4, select “H.264 + Mp3(MP4)”. You can make more changes to the output preferences on the tools option next to the dropdown.

4. The final step is to specify the destination folder that your new file will be saved to and click 'Start'. The time bar at the bottom is the progress bar. Once finished, you can find your Mp4 file in your destination folder.

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HandBrake is among the best mkv to mp4 converter software you can find. It is free to download and easy to use. HandBrake offers the most sophisticated array of options for fine-tuning your output file and can convert any media file format to another. Here is how to use HandBrake to convert mkv to mp4.

convert mkv to mp4 online
mkv converter to mp4
best mkv to mp4 converter

1. Download, install and open HandBrake. Click on the 'Source' button then Open File. Select the mkv file to be converted to mp4.

2. The next step is to select the destination folder for the converted file. Click 'Browse' and select the desired output location.

3. Next is to select the output setting you want. It is MP4 on default. You can make your preference changes as required and then click 'Start'. Your MP4 file will be saved in the destination folder.

This article outlines the fastest way to convert mkv to mp4. You can find a number of other applications that may be better suited for you to convert mkv to mp4. There are also plenty of websites that you can use to convert media formats on the go without having to download any new software to your device. It is important to read through the different privacy policies to ensure that sensitive media is kept secure at all times.

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