How to delete Gmail account

How to delete Gmail account

If you are on this page, you have probably had to searched for this - how to delete Gmail account. To get rid of one account that you hardly use, it is necessary that you do it properly. It makes little sense to keep an account that you rarely use when you already have one that serves you well. Just as it is easy to open one, deleting a Gmail account is no hard work. This article will guide you on exactly how to get this done.

how to remove a gmail account
delete a gmail address
how to deactivate a gmail account

To delete a Gmail account, make sure that you follow the right steps. The last you want is to find out that you are still keeping the account that you intended to delete. Follow the procedure below to delete the account you do not need permanently.

Gmail account

Are you tired of using Gmail account in your PC or Android? Then you do not have to worry. Google also developed ways to delete Gmail information from Google account. It is simple; you may even decide to remove the entire Google account. However, deleting the Gmail account is may result in several consequences. These include losing all emails and email settings, you will no longer be able to use your Gmail account to receive and send messages, and finally, nobody will be able to use your email address in future. If you are still convinced that you want to delete your Gmail account, then read on to find out how to delete a Gmail address.

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How to remove a Gmail account

how to remove a gmail account
delete a gmail address
how to deactivate a gmail account

Deleting a Gmail account is a simple activity that should not be stressful. Here is a systematic procedure on how you can successfully delete a Gmail address. The steps are as follows:

1. Before you delete your Gmail account, and in case you use that account for your work activities, school or other groups, download your data and save it as a file in your Android or PC. To download your data, you will be required to follow simple steps as follows:

  • Sign in to your Google account
  • Create an archive of your data
  • Visit the ‘’download your data’’ page. Choose which products to include in the download data. Products that can be included in the download data include emails, photos, calendars among other products. To view more products, choose the down arrow.
  • Select ‘’next’’ to be able to access the next procedure.
  • Choose the type of your file archives
  • When the archives are successfully created, Google will send you an email on the location of the archive files. The process may take longer (30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours) depending on the size of the archive files.

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2. When you have successfully downloaded your data, go to Google account setting on your account.

3. Select account preferences from the Google account settings and choose ‘delete Google services’. This will erase all the information, which is available in the email account. It is essential to ensure that you are logged into your account for this service to be successful.

Note: It is important to note that when you select delete Google account, you will remove all Google history, Google documents, AdWords, AdSense among other services.

4. Select the account that you want to delete (delete Gmail account). The screen will display the option enter your password. Here, you will be required to type the password associated with the email address. Then click next to continue

5. Click the trashcan icon, which is located next to the Gmail icon.

6. You will then be asked to specify how you will sign into Google dialogue box. Here, enter a different email address from the one you want to delete. Sometimes, Gmail may automatically enter the secondary address that you used when creating the email address. In that case, your secondary email address will be your new username to sign into Google account. Ensure that you write an email address that you can access.

7. Then click send a verification email.

8. Open the email in Google account with the option Gmail deletion confirmation.

9. You will then be required to follow the deletion link in the message and then log in to the Gmail account you are about to delete.

10. Select yes to the option ‘I want to delete permanently from my Google account.

11. Click delete the email and finally click ‘done.’

This process will successfully delete the Gmail account and all the associated contents in it. In case you are using Gmail offline application, you will still need to clear your caches and cookies in your browser.

Delete Google account

In case you want to delete your entire Google account, you can also archive it. Deleting Google, account involves removing the whole account from Google. Steps followed in removing a Google account are as follows:

Step 1. Understand the risks of deleting an account

how to remove a gmail account
delete a gmail address
how to deactivate a gmail account

The initial step is to be familiar with all the risks involved in deleting an account. Fundamental consequences of removing accounts include the following:

  • Loss of all data and content found in the account
  • The user will not be able to use or access any Google service. Any other internet service that you signed in through that account will also be deactivated.
  • The user will lose all subscriptions and contents purchased via that account. Content bought on YouTube and Google play like movies, games, applications, and music are some of the items, which will be affected.
  • All information used in chrome will also be permanently deleted.
  • Your addresses will not be usable again.

Step 2. Review and download your data

If you have a solid reason to delete your account, then the next step would be to review all critical information in your account. In case, you will need the data in future then, consider downloading the data. The procedure used to download data is the same as that of downloading data from the Gmail account.

In case you are using Gmail address in services like online banking and social media, ensure you add another email address before you delete your Google account. Sometimes, you may want to delete the Google account for sometime and retrieve it later. It is essential to remember updating your account recovery information in case you will recover your account later.

Step 3. Delete account

Before deleting the account, the user must have considered both steps one and two. Relevant data in the account must be saved before performing the deleting process. If all protocols are observed, then go to delete the account and follow the procedure. The procedure of deleting Google account resemble steps followed when removing the Gmail account. Note that you must be logged in to your account to be able to perform this activity.

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How to recover Gmail account

how to remove a gmail account
delete a gmail address
how to deactivate a gmail account

Having learned how to deactivate a Gmail account and Google account, let us now see what happens when you want your account back. This happens mostly when you deleted your account temporarily for a short period. It can be so unfortunate if you cannot retrieve your account. Here is a short and precise guide on how one can recover a recently deleted Google account.

  • From your PC or Android phone, while your internet is on go to Gmail. You will be asked to either login or create an account or forget a password. Specify that you want to recover your account.
  • Follow the steps to be able to recover your account. It is important to note that you will be asked several questions to confirm if the account belongs to you. Try as much as possible to answer all questions correctly. In case you face difficulties, try to use the following tips.
  1. Go to the account help page and follow the steps given
  2. Try as much as possible to answer all questions. In case you do not know, try a smart guess
  3. Use the phones, tablets or computer that you occasionally login with the same web browsers.
  4. Try to figure out all passwords and security answers that you may be asked. Be careful when answering to avoid mixing lowercase and uppercase letters where they are not needed. In case you do not remember the password, used a recent password that you remember. Sometimes things happen and find that you do not even remember the original password. Here make an intelligent guessing.
  5. Find appropriate answers to security questions that you will be asked. Whenever you do not remember, or recovery fails, try another version of questions.
  6. Other helpful details that can assist to recover the account include an email address that is connected to the account and find out when you created your account.

Note: When the account is recovered successfully, you will create a new password. It should not be the same as the previous password of that account.

When your account is unmanageable or is accessed by people that you don't trust, you can decide to delete it entirely. This is why it is important to learn How to delete Gmail account. However, before deleting a Gmail account, it is essential to download and save all the critical information, which you cannot afford to lose. In case you want to recover your account in future, ensure that you update recovery information of your account. This will ensure your data is safe whether you delete your account or not.

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