How to delete Twitter account

How to delete Twitter account

Social media has become part of our everyday lives. It is through social media platforms that people get to connect worldwide, know of current news, and discover many things about ourselves and other people. Twitter is one of the social media sites and operating an account is very easy. To keep up with trends, share ideas and connect on Twitter, all you have to do is sign up and get started. Twitter is quite interesting because people have to "follow" each other so that they get to share and connect. A comment that you post can get likes and several comments based on the number of followers you have, and the context of your information. At some point though, you may feel like you have had enough of the social media app and start figuring out ways to delete your Twitter account.

how to delete twitter account
deactivate twitter
how do i delete my twitter account

The process of clearing your account is pretty straightforward. You first need to deactivate your account. After 30 days, the account information will be cleared from the servers. This article demonstrates the step-by-step procedure for the process.

How to deactivate Twitter account

Many people still ask themselves; 'How do I delete my Twitter account?' It is quite simple to delete your account by following steps below.

To deactivate your account, all you need to do is

1. Click on the navigation tab. The navigation tab is normally on the top right or top left corner and it is mainly an icon with three hyphens.


3. Choose ACCOUNT and then deactivate the account.

4. Proceed by entering your password and then click 'Deactivate'. A confirmation message will pop up. An inactive account is simply quiet because you will not get notifications and neither will you be able to tweet. You can also temporarily disable Twitter using this process.

Points to note before deactivating your Twitter account

Here are some key notes to pay attention to as you consider deactivating your account.

1. You don’t have to deactivate your account to change your password, email or username. You can change this information in your account settings instead of deactivating it.

2. Once you deactivate your account, it will no longer be available on Twitter after 30 days. If you want your account back, all you need to do is sign in and reactivate it and you will be back on track!

close twitter account
how to close a twitter account
temporarily disable twitter

All in all, Twitter is the house of hot memes, new stories and a lot of interesting things that most individuals would like to take part in. It also allows people to follow their role models, celebrities, and people with outstanding personalities. However, if you desire to delete your Twitter account, simply follow these instructions. We do hope you have gained insight on how to close a Twitter account.

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