How to change Facebook page name

How to change Facebook page name

Do you want to change your Facebook page name? We understand it happens. Updating information and posts on your Facebook page is pretty easy. Although, there are a few elements that need Facebook approval such as renaming the page. Your request can be denied due to some reasons. The main reasons include having few likes, if the page is inactive, and if your proposed username does not match with the content or if it violates Facebook guidelines. For the active pages with lots of engagement and likes, a few things are recommended.

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changing facebook page name
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Keep scrolling to learn how to change Facebook page name. Yes, it used to be a challenge back then, but the current Facebook changes will take you few minutes to change the Facebook URL and the username.

What to consider when changing Facebook name

1. Have in mind that not all Facebook pages are eligible to rename or even create a username. This mostly happens to new pages with no or little activities.

2. Once Facebook allows you to rename Facebook page, they might not give you another chance.

3. Once you rename your Facebook page, the old URL won’t redirect to the new Facebook URL. This tells you that where the old URL is linked, wont work anymore.

4. Any other individual cannot use your Facebook page name. This means that you will not be able to use whatever username you desire.

Steps on how to change business name on Facebook

change page name facebook
changing facebook page name
how to change business name on facebook
rename facebook page
edit facebook page name

Changing Facebook page name has now become so easy. If you follow the below step, You will be able to do it at the comfort of your home or office.

Step 1 - Click ‘Edit’

As an admin, you should first click on ‘about’ tab, which is at the ‘top left corner’ of your page. Once you are there, click ‘Edit’ tab that is on the right side of your current username.

Step 2 - Type your proposed username

First, click on that ‘Account Name’ box, and then type your edit Facebook page name. Note that your new name should not break Facebook naming dos and the don’ts. Some of the naming dos and the don’ts include avoid any misleading words or terms, avoid choosing abusive, discriminatory, or violating words, be specific with the username, avoid using Facebook variations in your username, avoid using a slogan for the company as the username, and avoid using random capitalization.

Step 3 - Submit it

We believe that you have already typed the new username; now click ‘Continue.’ In case you do not see the ‘Continue’ option, double check so that you can ensure that you are listed as an admin. To make changes, you can click on ‘settings’ and ‘page roles’ that is on the left side.

If you are an admin, but you cannot see the ‘Continue’ option, then you should double check to ensure that no admin did the renaming within a few days ago. Note that there is no renaming limit as long as you space the renaming in about 7 days apart.

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Step 4 - Sit tight

Facebook does not take long to approve the renaming. In case there is a delay of maybe 1 to 2 days, reach out your issue to Facebook.

What to do if the steps on how to change page name Facebook does not work? In case the steps did not work here are the possible reasons.

  • You were not patient enough to wait for the Facebook approval. – Facebook can even take 1 to 2 business days to apply and review page renaming.
  • You are not an admin of the page. A Facebook page with over 200 likes can only be renamed by an admin. Note that those pages with fewer likes can be renamed even with no admin’s privileges.
  • You have not followed the Facebook policies resulting in it being flagged. If you use 'spam-my tactics' maybe to get many likes and followers or Facebook is very suspicious, then they might suspend the page making you unable to rename it.
  • There are some limits on the page. This happens mostly when Facebook is very suspicious on your page’s activity.


How to change Facebook page name is pretty easy. You do not have to go through so much stress to change your Facebook page name. Many people have done it before and many others are still doing it, and so you can also do it with the simple instructions given in this article.

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