UHAS admission requirements and deadlines 2018-2019

UHAS admission requirements and deadlines 2018-2019

Since its establishment in 2011, the University of Health and Allied Sciences has continuously focused on becoming a pre-eminent research and health education institution. With a second campus located in Hohoe, the administration and main campus together are dedicated to helping students gain certificate and diploma courses that would help them pursue a course in the medical field.

how to check uhas admission list
when will uhas admission list be out
admission at uhas

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The University of Health and Allied Sciences

The institution has set high standards of discipline and quality education, which prepares all students thoroughly for the competitive job market. Its set of fundamental guiding principles are listed below:

  • For students to get the best form of education, UHAS has partnered with international students, the private sector, professional bodies, agencies, and departments, and the ministries of health and education.
  • Currently, the job market is highly competitive hence; it has come up with a curriculum that focuses on a balance between competencies and academic knowledge.
  • Between the school calendars, UHAS has come up with long holidays in the semester that enables students to go on internships and fieldwork in different district hospitals.
  • Community work emphasis is a compulsory component at the university as it helps students to be practically oriented.
  • In order to be relevant to the health needs of the Ghanaians and beyond, students indulge in research and clinical service. They practice on issues relating to the upcoming challenges in the education and health sector.

Is UHAS admission forms out? Yes, the forms are out and the students applying for the 2018/2019 academic year need to go carefully through all the entry requirements before they can apply to join the university. Afterwards, they can apply through the school’s portal after purchasing the UHAS E-Voucher at GHc 220.00 from:

  • Ghana Post Offices (i.e. the nearest post office)
  • Zenith Bank limited
  • Agricultural Development Bank (ADB)
  • GCB Bank Limited (GCB)

For foreign applicants, they can get the UHAS vouchers using VISA and Master cards. After successfully depositing an amount of $ 130.00, the voucher is sent.

UHAS receives applications from both foreign and Ghanaian applicants. However, the foreign applicants are advised to contact the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) to get a detailed interpretation for their results.

Programmes offered

Apart from being the only state university dedicated to ensuring healthcare professionals in Ghana are well-trained, UHAS is the first public university to be constructed in Ghana’s Volta region. Presently, the institution teaches 18 undergraduate programs in one institute, and six schools. They include:

  • Institute of health research
  • School of Pharmacy
  • School of public health
  • School of nursing and midwifery
  • School of medicine
  • School of basic and biomedical sciences
  • School of allied health sciences

With its ongoing expansion, the university is yet to establish an institute of traditional and alternative medicine, school of dentistry, school of sports and exercise medicine, and Institute of medical education.

How to get admitted at UHAS

how to check uhas admission list
when will uhas admission list be out
admission at uhas

Like any other higher learning institution, the University of Health and Allied Sciences has entry requirements. Setting targets enables them to get students to get a competitive and transparent admission process at the institution each year. The application for the next academic year will open in December 2018, enabling students to prepare themselves in a timely fashion. The 2019/2020 academic year is expected to kick off in August 2019. However, students are expected to attain the following:

  • Level applicants must have the General Certificate of Education for the ordinary level with all the five subjects including Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English.
  • WASSCE/SSSCE entry requirements will be at least a pass of (A1-C6/A-D) in all the four core subjects that include Social Studies, Integrated Science, Mathematics, and English. Applicants must note that it is a must to have gotten a C6/D in Social Studies.
  • Mature applicants and this applies to the school of pharmacy should have acquired a higher national diploma (HND) in a Pharmacy technician course or in dispensing technology. If not, they could have its equivalent from a recognized institution or a three years relevant working experience.

The General requirements for international students would require them to have the following:

  • IGCSE Cambridge of O and A levels
  • GCE Cambridge O and A levels
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • Senior Secondary School Certificate (WASSCE/SSSCE)
  • American high school grades 12 and 13 examinations
  • Baccalaureate from French-speaking countries, and other foreign high school diplomas that are equivalent to the Ghanaian WASSCE

After a successful application, the question each student asks is when will UHAS admission list be out. The list comes out in the mid-year before the commencement of the following academic year to enable students to get ready for reporting.

After students who have successfully qualified to join the institution are listed, you will no longer have a problem on how to check UHAS admission list. Normally, the list is successfully uploaded online to allow all applicants to go through and confirm if they have been shortlisted.

On how to check admission status, several measures have been put into place to ensure you are not a victim of fraud. After printing out your admission fees you can pay school fees at either Zenith Bank, ADB, or GCB. It is important to pay school fees before the deadline so that you do not miss your slot.

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UHAS admission fees

how to check uhas admission list
when will uhas admission list be out
admission at uhas

During the application process, paying of fees depends on various provisions such as if you coming to study as an MPHIL, if it is a top up , you are an international or regular student. Below is the fees to be paid.

  • Medicine degrees students pay a total of GHc 9,784
  • Physician assistants, residents pay GHc 7,642, while non-residents pay GHc 6,322
  • For nursing and midwifery, residents pay GHc 7,747, while non-residents pay GHc 6,427
  • Dietetics and physiotherapy language residents pay GHc 6,474, while non-residents pay GHc 7,806
  • In the school of medical and lab sciences residents pay GHc 6,486, while non-residents pay 6,486
  • All the remaining public health options, residents pay GHc 5,792 while non-residents pay GHc 4,472.

The UHAS admission deadline falls just before the set date for the new academic year. Parents and students are given ample time to ensure they pay all the required monies before students can report at the University.

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