Popular happy birthday songs

Popular happy birthday songs

Happy birthday songs have a way of bring a cheerful mood into birthday celebrations. You can only mark your birthday in style if you incorporate a few unique birthday songs that will get people dancing and celebrating. There are so many birthday songs out there. Picking the right one based on the crowd that you will invite is important. Choose the best songs that will keep your crowd excited. This article brings a few of these songs. Choose the most appropriate one for you.

happy birthday songs karaoke
happy birthday songs in english
happy birthday songs for kids

Happy birthday songs are sung during birthday parties. The song are sung just before you blow out the candle. There are so many happy birthday songs around the world; however, we look at the happy birthday songs for kids ‘go for this songs when preparing a birthday party for your kid,' and happy birthday songs for lovers. Well, when love is in the air, everyone can smell. Bring that out by correctly infusing right songs.

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Happy birthday songs

Let us has looked at some of the general happy birthday songs. These songs can be sung at any birthday party. Whether, the birthday you are attending is for a friend, lover, parent, sister, kid name them. Exercise no restriction when singing them. Here are such songs.

Birthday special

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In this song was sang by Van Der Graaf Generator frontman Peter Hammill. In this song, Peter waxes randomly about a parrot in the pantry, Hansel and Gretel and ice in the cauldron. The song leaves us not so sure about what we would like to be at the end of this birthday special.

Birthday morning

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Birthday morning song is an ancient song. Sang in 1968, the song like the rest of flower power anthems of the period gently wafts down the ages. With it, is the kaleidoscopic snapshot of those magical times. The song brings out love, innocent dreams, and power of positive thinking.

At your birthday

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This is a 1969 song by the 60's acid rockers, Steppenwolf. The song is inviting and will turn the birthday party into an excellent one. The song is creepy and from the third album of the group. If this song does not elevate the mood of your quest, let them it the cake and leave. You have done your best.

The birthday

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The birthday is an English psychedelia at its peak. The song was released on the wake of ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.' The song was sung by Jeff Lynne who sang alongside Roy Wood, in the Move. The song was a debut from the first major group ‘The Idle race.’

Too bad n your birthday

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This is a little birthday ditty from Ram Jam’s cult eponymous debut. The song is built around ‘Get it on’ by T. Rex. The song is a catchy one especially after being dusted off by Joan Jett.


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The song is from ‘the crown of creation.’ It is an evocative song from the fourth album of Jefferson Airplane. This song carries an important message. It tells us that as much as the years keep piling up, we need to remain steady and not age in brain.


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Though despised by the composers ‘The Beetles’ in about 1968, the song is like by many birthday party organizers. Well, you might wonder how a song can be favorite among the listeners and yet not among members of the band. Have a listen to it and judge. We are not going to do that for you.

Birthday dethday

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As the saying goes, ‘it is my birthday, and I will die if I want to' this song. This song brings in an excellent insight of any birthday, it merely says it is your birthday, you are free to do what you want. It is undoubtedly one song you do not wish to leave out on your birthday list of songs.

Happy birthday songs in English

Well, not all happy birthday songs are in English. Interestingly, a sizeable fraction of the world’s population speaks other languages and not English. Among this populace, are birthday celebrations. Birthday songs are available in native languages too. That said, we single out happy birthday songs in English. You never know who your friend will show up with so instead of only having birthday songs in vernacular language have happy birthday songs in English also.

Here is a list of the best birthday songs in English.

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Happy birthday - Stevie Wonder

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Stevie Wonder recorded this song as a push to have Martin Luther King Jr's birthday celebrated as a national holiday. As much as this may insinuate politics, the song has gained momentum as one of the best happy birthday songs across the birthday. It was once sung at the diamond jubilee to honor Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee.

Happy birthday - Alter Images

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This is one of the best songs in the United Kingdom. As much as the group broke up 2 years after producing the hit, the song was their greatest ever hit. It was composed in 1981.

16 candles - The Crest

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Now, this is a good one for your teenage friend, child or sibling. During their 16th birthday party crown the day by using the song.

Unhappy birthday- The Smiths

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Happy birthdays are meant to be jovial days. Full of vibrancy and happiness. However, some birthdays rekindle painful memories. Suppose, you are celebrating your deceased parent, sibling lover or friend’s birthday, this is a song you can sing along.

Happy birthday sweet 16- Neil Sedaka

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This is a song composed in 1961. It is an up-tempo choice for those celebrating their 16th year.

Happy birthday blues - Kathy Young with the innocent

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This is a soothing song that celebrates your birthday in style. If you loved old school then this will make your birthday unique.

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Happy birthday songs for kids

Kids value every special event in their life. No wonder, as early as the beginning of the year, they will be on your neck reminding you of their birthday. As much as this could be confused with being pestiferous, allow me to give you an alternative point of approach. How about we look at it as the child reminding us to prepare us? They believe that if you plan it earlier, then there are chances that, they are likely to get their taste of a birthday party.

Well, start right here. Find beautiful happy birthday songs for them that day, then get the cakes, gifts and any other mixture of things to make them happy. Here are happy birthday song for kids.

Birthday - Destiny’s Child

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The song lets you know that this is your birthday. You do not need to do anything but lie back and enjoy the day.

Forever young - Rod Stewart

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This song encourages and expresses support for the kid. You show the love through this song. Also in the same song, you wish the happiness and sunshine, wisdom, fortune, sincere and dignified presence, without forgetting unconditional love.

As good as I was once - Toby Keith

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A 2005 country music still has a taste of time. In the song, Toby Keith recounts that, while he is not good as he once was, he still throws a few backs, talk a little. It is a tribute to those growing up but refuse to grow old. It's quite a good piece for kids.

Happy Birthday songs for lover

Happy birthdays for loved ones are used to express love for one another. During this auspicious moment, your partner expects the best out of their loved ones. Understanding the weight of preparing yourself for a birthday of your loved one, we present you happy birthday songs for lover. It is a good starting point if you want to make his or her day.

Wait, the songs are only the starting point. You will need a gift too, but that is not our business here. We suggest to you the best happy birthday songs for lover that you could use during that day. Let us look at the best happy birthday songs for lover.

Your song- Elton John

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Elton sings powerfully as a reminder of the things that as a lover, you would do for the person you love. This song gives you hope that there is so much to look forward to as you turn a new year.

Happy, happy birthday baby - Tune Weavers

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In this song, a lady phones her ex-boyfriend. She reminds her of the good time to pair spend together. As much as this would be a little bit difficult today? But if you ex-lover is your friend, make he or her day be the day to remember the good day with you.

Having a party - Rod Stewart

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Rod Stewart remade a 1962 classic hit. Though not a birthday song as such, it meets the mood required for the occasion. The song celebrated good clean fun, and togetherness.

Happy birthday darlin - Conway Twitty

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Well, if you are having trust issues, listen to this joyful birthday dedication. In this song, a man wants to gift his wife by taking away the trust issue. In the song, the man wants to replace the lonely moments, suspicion and doubt with love and faith.

Raise your glass - Pink

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This song comes in, those moments you want to propose a toast to that particular birthday person. In this song, Pink celebrates the guests in the room and asks them to raise their glass. It such a fantastic track for your happy birthday songs.

Sixteen candles - Franki Valli and the Four Seasons

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In this song, a young love stricken man sing the song to his girlfriend who is turning 16 years old. The young man describes her as his teenage queen. This is a song to dedicate to your loved one. Remembering where she was at her 16th birthday would arouse emotions.

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Happy birthday songs karaoke

Let us look at happy birthday songs karaoke.

The great discovery

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The song is by Elton John. Elton is, without doubt, one of the best song composure the world has. In this song, the selfish birthday talk of ‘me, me!' take a 180-degree shift to portray a young child wonder of the new child arrival. This is a beautiful song to welcome a newborn child.

Magician’s birthday - Uriah Heep

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This is one song you don't want to omit on your list of happy birthday songs. The song was sung by Uriah Heep and lasts for about 11 minutes in length. This is one song the quests will sing along.

Traditional style happy birthday

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This is the most common birthday tune all over the world. It fits all ages and nationalities. It has been modified in different ways but still maintains it unique traditional birthday celebratory tune. It is the song you can never go wrong with.

Sweet a baby James -James Taylor

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Cute birthday song for baby James. It is excellent for parents that love country music.

For he is jolly good fellow

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This is another common birthday song that is sang all over the world. It is perfect for kids birthdays.

Happy birthday my darling - Pauline Sevilla

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This is a soothing and romantic birthday song for two people that want to mark a birthday celebration in a romantic way. It is perfect for a man or woman that wants to surprise their lover

There are so many songs you can use to make your birthday a success. This article has looked at the different happy birthday songs under different categories. The categories mentioned are Karaoke happy birthday songs, birthday songs for kids and lovers and the general type of songs you could use in any birthday party. Apart from the food for the stomach, add to the menu food for the soul too, and that is without doubt music.


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