How to screenshot on a laptop

How to screenshot on a laptop

Have you ever come across a picture to die for on your laptop and wished to share it with your friends? You may be reviewing your social media pages when you find a killer photo or a fantastic meme. How can you capture that and save it in your files on your desktop for you to share it? A screenshot is basically a photo of what appears on your screen at that precise moment. Capturing the content on that screen could never be easier. All it take is just a few steps that take less than a minute to perform on your keyboard.

how to screenshot on a laptop
screenshot on windows
laptop screenshot
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This article details the procedure on how you can perform this amazing feature. It can be done on any laptop, no matter the size, storage or processing capabilities.

Screenshot on Windows laptops

This procedure applies to laptops and PCs that run on the Windows operating system. Here are the simple steps.

1. In the case where your laptop keyboard has a 'PrintScrn' written in blue and matching with the ‘Fn’ key, press the windows logo key + Fn key +PrtScr to capture a screenshot.

2. Alternatively, you may press the windows logo key + control key (ctrl) +PrtScr key for the same reasons. However, the choice of the method to use is highly determined by your laptop. It is important to confirm this from your laptop’s manual.

3. After you capture the screenshot, your laptop screen will appear dim for a moment, and then your screenshots will appear (labeled in numbers and in sequence) in a folder entitled ‘Screenshots’ found on the pictures folder.

Remember, your laptop will appear dim if the ‘Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing’ option is enabled. To confirm this;

  1. Click or tap on the system settings
  2. After that, click or tap on the advanced tap
  3. Under the performance options, select visual effects
  4. Click or tap on the custom option
  5. A drop -down list of settings will appear with a tick on the ‘Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing’ option.

However, if you want to capture a screenshot of your entire window, press on the 'PrtScr' key. In case you need a captured image of the active window, press the Alt Key +PrtScr. The captured images are automatically saved in the clipboard. This implies that, an additional program is needed to restore the saved screenshots. Surprisingly, the captured screenshots do not show the mouse pointer.

How to take a screenshot hp laptop

Different laptops have different positioning of various keys on the keyboard and different formalities for performing some functions. Here is how to operate the function on a hp laptop.

1. On your laptop’s keyboard, press the 'PrtScr' key

2. Open your preferred application for instance WordPad

3. Right click on it,

4. A drop- down menu with options will appear

5. Click or tap on the paste option

6. Alternatively, you can press on 'Ctrl + V' to paste the screenshot

How to capture a screenshot on a portion of your screen

screenshot on windows
laptop screenshot
screenshot hp laptop
laptop screen shots

This functionality will help you when you only want just to capture a part of your screen. Here is the procedure for doing that.

1. If you need a laptop screenshot from a small part of your screen, you may need to press on the windows logo key + shift + s.

2. After that, your laptop screen will be grayed out. Similarly, your mouse cursor will also change.

3. Click or tap on the information, then drag to select the region you needed.

4. After that, a screenshot of the region you selected is taken and saved to the clipboard.

5. Paste it on your favorite application selecting on the 'edit' option pasting by pressing 'Ctrl +v'.

Note: The above method of taking a screenshot is only applicable in Windows 10 creators update. On the other version of windows, the option is available as a shortcut that is part of the Microsoft OneNote application.

How to take a screenshot on Windows 8

This method is specifically curated for this version of Windows. Here are the steps.

1. In Windows 8, pressing the 'windows logo key + PrtScr' or pressing the 'Windows logo key + the volume up' button will instantly save the captured images to the screenshot folder found in the pictures library. For your information, these screenshots are saved as PNG files.

How to take a screenshot using a snipping tool

A snipping tool is an inbuilt application found in Windows that helps in capturing a screenshot. To manage this, you will need to copy images from a free-form area, specific window or a rectangular region and save it in multiple formats. Interestingly, the screenshots (snips) can be saved as a HTML page, an image file, and also be annotated using different colored highlighters or pens. It’s also possible to email the captured images.

laptop screenshot
screenshot hp laptop
laptop screen shots
can you screenshot on a laptop

However, to enable taking screenshots of documents or images with a moving cursor, the snipping tool found in windows has a delay option with offers a period of taking snips from the tool tips and the pop-up menus. Below is a procedure to on how to capture snips from tool tips and the pop-up menus.

1. In your laptop, search for 'snipping tool', and double click on the app to open it.

2. After that, find ‘Delay’ and click or tap on it.

3. A drop-down list bearing the period (1-5 seconds) you would have to wait for a screenshot, will appear.

4. Select your preferred duration and wait until your screenshot is captured.

5.Choose your preferred snip type (full screen, free form or rectangular window), by clicking an arrow next on ‘New’.

6. Your laptop’s screen will fade out immediately the delay period you chose elapses.

7.Take advantage of the delay period and open up your tool tip or the pop-up menu you wanted to capture.

8. Remember, immediately your delay time elapses, your screen will fade out and freeze to allow you to make a snip. In addition to that, choosing a full screen or a window will allow the snipping tool to capture the image immediately.

Unfortunately, the snipping tool is commonly found on Windows 7 and 8. Secondly, the snipping tool cannot capture contents with moving cursors for instance; tool tips and the pop-up menus. In that particular case, alternative methods are preferred.

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How to take a screenshot using the keyboard shortcuts with Game Bar on Windows 10

How to screenshot on a laptop
screenshot hp laptop
laptop screen shots
can you screenshot on a laptop

This is a whole new way of taking screenshots. Take a look at how it is done and try it. It could work on your Windows 10 PC.

1. First, launch the Xbox app found on the Windows 10 settings.

2. Click or tap on the “take screenshots using Game DVR” option found on the “Game DVR Toggle.”

3. Assign your preferred keyboard shortcut.

4. To generate a screenshot, press on the windows logo key +G, and then confirm it’s a game by clicking or tapping ‘yes.’

5. Afterward, press on the camera icon to take your screenshot. Alternatively, you can also capture the screenshot by pressing on the 'windows logo key + Alt key + PrtScr'.

6. You will then receive a ‘screenshot saved’ notification. To open the image, click or tap on that notification.

For your information, the Game Bar will generate the screenshots and automatically save them to “C\Users\ [your username]\videos\captures” in PNG format.

How to take screenshots on Windows 10 using Snagit

Snagit is a third-party tool that gives the screenshot lovers a chance to make hundreds of screenshots with the desired flexibility. It has several features that allow the user to draw shapes and arrows on screenshots, take annotated screenshots among other exciting features. However, to acquire it, you must be prepared to part with a few dollars. Potential buyers are encouraged to first download its free trial to familiarize with it.

In addition to that, the easiest method to screenshot on windows is;

1. Press on the 'print' button,

2. Open the windows paint and save your captured image there

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How to capture a screenshot in Vista or Windows 7

These are some of the old versions of the Windows operating systems. Here are the ways of taking a screenshot on them.

1. In the laptop’s keyboard, press the print screen key (abbreviated as PrtScr), which is usually located between the screen lock key (Scr Lk) and the function 12 key (Fn 12). Then press the function key (FN) to access the print screen feature. After that, the captured image is automatically copied to the clipboard. However, to view that image, you need to paste it into a document.

2. To capture an image of only the active window, you will click on the specific window, that contains the image or information you want to screenshot. After that, press the 'alt key + the print screen key (PrtScr)' and paste it before saving it. However, on some laptops, you will need to press the 'Altkey + the function key+ the print screen' key to capture an image.

How to take a screenshot using the Lightshot app on windows

Similarly, if you need to make several laptop screen shots and add some annotations, consider using Lightshot. It is an app found on the chrome web store, opera, IE, and Windows or Mac.

screenshot on windows
laptop screenshot
screenshot hp laptop
laptop screen shots

It is also available as a stand-alone app which can be installed in Windows. The Lightshot app instantly edits your image. Secondly, you can acquire the link of your image by pasting it on the internet. In addition to that, Lightshot makes it possible to find images similar to an image on your screen.

Now, can you screenshot on a laptop? I hope this tutorial has provided you with useful information on how to screenshot on a laptop, various methods, options, and guidelines. You only need to read your laptop’s manual to choose a compatible method and follow the procedures.


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