6 dark events you must pray against this Sunday

6 dark events you must pray against this Sunday

Sunday is the beginning of the working week but also a moment of spirituality for Christians. Here in Ghana, for instance, Sundays are busy times for millions of Christians who flock Churches to praise their maker.

But as you go about your church activities this Sunday, here are some issues you may want to consider praying against this Sunday

1. Premature deaths

The year 2018 has recorded several unfortunate deaths with most of the cases being that of premature deaths. Just recently, we also heard shocking news of the death of the former vice president, Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur. Most Christians believe the best way to ending calamities is through effective and fervent prayer. Maybe this can be your prayer topic.

2. Road accidents

Although the road safety commission indicates that the number of road accidents has decreased in the year 2018 alone, there still are disturbing cases of accidents on our roads. A prayer against accidents will never be a bad thing to do on a Sunday.

3. Evil acts

The year 2018 alone has been riddled with unfortunate events, shocking ones. Defilement and the trend of young people taking their lives. Yes, the law has taken its cause in all of these cases but you still may want to chip in a word for anyone going through these painful experiences.

4. Ghana's internal safety

We live in an unsafe world. Although Ghana is one of the safest countries in the world, there still are moments of tragedy like the armed robbery, gas explosions, you name them. Government through the police and military is doing all it could to enforce security in the country but maybe your prayer as a Christian could calm things up.

5. Political vigilantism and menace of land guards

One of the government's major headaches has been the issue of vigilante groups who continue to take things into their own hands behaving as if they determine the realm of affairs in the country. We have read several disturbing stories of how these groups break into courtrooms to free their members from being tried, lock down government offices and so on. In recent time, one other headache of Ghanaians have been the menace of land guards who scare away landowners through vicious means.

6. Fulani herdsmen

The influx of Fulani herdsmen in Ghana has never been a peaceful experience as clashes between them (Fulani herdsmen) and indigenes continue to record fatalities. The government, through a joint security taskforce, continue to neutralize the effect of these clashes but more still needs to be done.

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