Quotes about moving on after breakup

Quotes about moving on after breakup

Have you felt like everything had suddenly gone downhill? Do you feel that you need encouraging quotes about moving on? Have you experienced palpable fear, a breakout of sweat and the adrenaline rush that accompanies the feeling of a breakup? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you definitely need to read this article. These quotes have been carefully selected to help you to turn those grey feelings to shades of brighter ones. You can always refer to them to gain your confidence back or to strengthen yourself. You can also share them to encourage another person, whether your relative or a friend.

inspirational quotes about moving on
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The period after a break up can be emotionally and psychologically draining that moving on may seem almost impossible. This happens especially after investing time, resources and emotions into the relationship. However, irrespective of the circumstance, moving on in life is inevitable because the past will always remain the past.

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Quotes about life lessons and moving on

Reading about life lessons and moving on quotes will help you to see other people's perspective to your pain. This is, at least, from those who have also gone through this challenging path. These quotes can help in your healing process as you are on the way to recovery.

  • "Moving on is hard, but once you do, you will be glad because it will be your best decision ever".
  • "Be not ashamed of yourself nor of your past, be proud of your mistakes as they teach you precious life lessons".
  • "You are better than what you think you are; never let anyone make you feel less of yourself".
  • Why hold on to the dark yesterday when there is a whole future you can paint beautiful colours on".
  • "It is normal to cry but do not let the darkness overwhelm you, instead see those tears as watering a beautiful garden of roses where love resides".
  • "It is colourful on the other side, but that is after you have moved on".

Inspirational quotes about moving on

The feeling of sadness, especially after a breakup, can be overpowering and make you see more of the dark side of life. However, you must get out of the gloom to embrace the bloom that lies ahead. Therefore, to stimulate yourself out of the melancholic mood, here are some quotes for you.

  • "In the past are good memories you need to let go of to enjoy the greater moment you are in. It will inspire you for a colourful future".
  • "Look to the past, consider your errors. Look to the present, create your dream. Look to the future, walk in the imagination of your glory".
  • "You understand yourself better after every breakup, and then you love yourself better as you move on".
  • "Get ready to shine, get ready to smile, get ready to sing. The world can get more beautiful when you move on".
  • "Keep moving on till you get it right. Getting it right is when you can smile and laugh again".
  • "Turn that corner of pain and guilt and you will be surprised at what lies ahead. For what lies ahead is the lush of love and life".

Positive moving on quotes for girls

A relationship is a pathway to transporting every human to a feeling of bliss. When couples are still together in a relationship, they enjoy this heavenly feeling. However, when a break up happens, it comes with a raw pain that hurts like hell. Take solace in the benevolence of these quotes as they remind you of how beautifully smart and charmingly witty you are.

getting over heartbreak quotes
forget the past quotes and moving on
quotes for a girl who moved on

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  • "There is the sunshine after the storm, there is the rainbow after the rain and there will be joy after sadness".
  • "You are not the only one, breaking up and moving on happens to almost everyone, it is a part of the life cycle".
  • "If it is meant to be yours, it will surely come back, if you really love him, set him free by forgiving him".
  • "Be happy he did not make it to the future, he was actually meant for the past".
  • "Close that door and walk into the greatness where love is all around".
  • "You are right ahead to Mr Right every time you let go and move on, you are a step closer to him".

Short quotes about moving on

The period following a breakup can be very sad. Read the following short quotes to brighten yourself up.

  • "Let go. Let love. Move on and move forward".
  • "Love life. Love yourself, love nature and move on".
  • "Move on, let go, life is short".
  • "Some people are part of your past, not a part of your future".
  • "Forget the fear, let go of whatever makes you cry".
  • "Time heals all wounds, even a heartbreak".
  • "Love is a game we all love to play, forgetting it hurts the most".

Move on quotes for him

Breakups are painful and men mostly need to be comforted to overcome the gulf of pain that comes after a breakup. Therefore, if you are a man who is going through a breakup pain and need to move on, here are some quotes to help you.

  • "The choice is yours, and your power that can never be taken from you. Choose to love again".
  • "You are not the victim; you are the victor for not falling victim to a love that could have gone sour in the future".
  • "Forgive her but more importantly, forgive yourself".
getting over heartbreak quotes
forget the past quotes and moving on
quotes for a girl who moved on
  • You will not get your bride by mere wishing. You have to work hard for it.

Getting over heartbreak quotes

You start to heal the moment you start to seek solutions to overcome the pain you are currently going through. Heartbreaks are normal and a passing phase that happens to almost every individual. However, it is important to get over the heartbreak to be able to move on. Here are some sayings to help you heal.

  • "Embrace life and friendship, it is the greatest therapy to heal".
  • "Yesterday is gone, today is here with its new opportunities, you may never find true happiness if you refuse to move on".
  • "Learn from your errors, it is normal to make them. Let go and move on".
  • "Grief is a normal phase. However, when longer than normal, it becomes depression and then you need a doctor. Why don't you try the love doctor?"
  • "You will realize that life is beautiful as long as memories of friends and loved ones remain".

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Forget the past quotes and moving on

Forgive and forget! Forgiveness usually precedes forgetting but even though it is difficult, you must forget. Forgetting the past is the first step toward moving forward. If you must move on in your new relationship, you must forget the past. You do not want to move on with the old baggage. Kindly help yourself with these quotes.

  • "Yesterday is gone, today is here, shine brightly for tomorrow".
  • "Hatred is like cancer, it does not let go of its victims easily. Forgive and be free".
  • "You cannot receive when your fists are closed. Release the old baggage of emotional attachments and be open to receiving new gifts of love".
  • "Stop groping in the loss instead of hoping for love".
  • "Be joyful, be happy, for the end has come to the pain you are in and the beginning is here for all that is beautiful".
  • "The only thing you need the past for is to learn from your mistakes. Unlearn, learn and relearn as you finally move on".

Quotes for a girl who moved on

No matter how tender a girl is, smartness is one of her core attributes. Most girls tend to move on quickly after a breakup. As the saying goes, "life is short". Therefore, these quotes have been carefully selected for you to keep you going.

  • "You are a survivor, somebody's inspiration. You know why? That you fell apart and came to yourself again".
  • "You have loved, forgiven, forgotten and it's OK to move on".
  • "You deserve joy, you deserve peace and you deserve some tender loving care".
  • "Don't blame yourself too much, don't beat yourself too hard. You should give yourself the best".
  • "Leaving him was not easy, letting go was not easy, but it was worth it".
  • "Let seeds of happiness germinate with those tears. Move on".
  • "Does your heart feel heavy? Laugh it off and feel light".

How can I move on quotes?

Are you thinking of how to move on based on what has happened? Well, you can move on when you realize that the power to do so is in you. No matter the pain, pick up the pieces with these quotes.

how can i move on quotes
quotes about relationships ending and moving on
quotes about moving on and being happy
break up quotes for him
  • "I can change my life, I have the power to do so, nobody can do it for me".
  • "Each new day comes with its strength and thoughts".
  • "Do not gamble with your future, change your thoughts, pick up the pieces and move on".
  • "The past is behind; forget it. The future, however, you can desire".
  • "Set high relationship goals, it may be slow but you will surely get there as long as you move on".
  • "When worried about moving on, remember that moving on is the only option".

Quotes about relationships ending and moving on

The end of a relationship is a break up. It can either be amicable, sad or bitter. Whatever the case may be, it is important to heal and move on. These quotes about moving on and being happy will help you with that.

  • "It ended because it was not meant to be. Find love as that is meant to be".
  • "Better things come when good things end".
  • "The memories brighten, the memories hurt but new memories can be created and hopefully, those will last".
  • "It is hard to let go but harder to stay when you are not needed".
  • "Someone somewhere desires you and silently prays for you".
  • "It is never too late to turn around as long as you will end in a happy destination".
  • "Look to the past, not at the wasted time but at the lessons learnt for they shall surely help in building new blocks of a relationship".

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Break up quotes for him

Break up is normal, it happens to normal people who can pick up the pieces of their hearts and move on.

  • "The shape of the heart makes it easy to break, you only need to pierce an arrow through it".
  • "Save your pride and be proud of your future, for there lays the queen of your heart".
  • "You are strong when you let go, holding on can get you damaged".
  • "Wash your eyes with tears, it makes you see clearly again".
  • "She was your priority, you were her option".

Nursing the pain of the past can be challenging and even expensive. That is why these quotes about moving on have been carefully selected to help you overcome the pains and see the past as being past. They are meant to help you embrace the future ahead.

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