Hypocrisy quotes and sayings

Hypocrisy quotes and sayings

Hypocrisy is when someone claims to have certain moral standards or certain moral principals, but their behaviour speaks differently. This could be your friends or people close to you. They could say they are very religious, and they condemn acts that oppose a specific religion, but they do the same things they condemn. This can be a bothersome behaviour, and it sometimes feels very unfair.

hypocrisy quotes
hypocrite quotes
quotes about hypocrisy

Some hypocrites, however, are not aware that they are practising hypocrisy until they are told the truth of their behaviour. Below is a detailed list of hypocrisy quotes and sayings that you can use to identify and point out hypocrites.

Quotes about hypocrisy

Here are some of the quotes you can use to notify someone of their unconscious acts of hypocrisy and make them learn change.

Three things in the world deserve no mercy, hypocrisy, fraud, and tyranny.

Hypocrisy does not deserve mercy. This is a saying from Fredrick William Robertson, the English divine, that shows that hypocrisy is a very shady character that some people tend to acquire. The fact that it is placed in the same group as fraud and tyranny, shows that hypocrisy is wrong.

The only negativity that is unforgivable is hypocrisy, the repentance of a hypocrite is itself hypocrisy.

This is among the quotes about hypocrites. It is a quote from William Hazlit that suggests that hypocrisy should not be forgiven. He points out that if a hypocrite prays to be excused of this virtue, they should not be taken seriously but should be ignored. This is because their repentance prayer is hypocrisy itself and you will never know if it is genuine repentance. Hypocrites are used to the life of embracing hypocrisy, and so if they claim to repent, one cannot be sure of their repentance. Hypocrites are like false-talkers, so you never know if they are speaking lies or not.

An open enemy can be a curse, but a fake friend is worse.

A genuine face is better. We all have friends but if we have an enemy disguised as a friend, it is far more dangerous compared to having an open foe. When you have a public enemy, you will always be careful when around them. You can decide not to share your secrets with them. However, if you have an enemy who pretends to be your friend, you will be like a town with no guards or a house with no doors. You will end up sharing some of your information, and they can use the information to destroy you. The worst thing is that it is hard for you to identify who your fake friends are and this is why it is better to have an open foe than a pretentious friend.

hypocrite quotes
quotes about hypocrisy
quotes about hypocrites
Keep off people with two faces.

Avoid the person with two faces. This is one of the jokes about hypocrites. So you have these friends that are with you when you are loaded with cash and then disappear once the money is gone? It's better to avoid such friends. They are hypocrites who will never be of any help to you when trouble comes, they forget the meaning of friendship. There is the second group of friends who gossip behind your back. They pretend to be extra friendly to you but once they are far away from you, they are your enemies. These are the type of people referred to as the people with two faces.

Men have quarrelled about religion that they never practised.

People who never practice the religion they preach is an explanation of the social hypocrisy quotes. You have probably heard people talking or even arguing to defend a specific religious doctrine, which they never follow. These kinds of people are hypocrites. They do different things than what they say. They are the people who would point fingers and say that a particular person is not following the correct religious doctrine. However, if you have the chance to know them better, you will find that they do the same thing that they are condemning. These kind of people are all over, and they are the loudest. You will find them in many religious meetings to show how they are, but in reality, they never follow what the doctrines they are defending say.

They pray to Buddha with their mouths but their hearts are full of evil.

This is a Vietnamese quote relating to prayers directed to the Vietnamese god. Buddha is a Vietnamese god that people love to pray to. This quote talks about those always praying to their holy one, but whose hearts are full of all kinds of evil. When someone prays, they seem innocent and holy but their hearts may be full of guile. They pray innocently with their mouths, but they could be evil in their hearts.

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Often those that criticize others reveal what they lack.
Living a double life is a sign of hypocrisy

Some people pretend to be wicked to instil fear but keep doing good all the time. This too is hypocrisy because they claim to have a particular type of standard while they do not have it. It does not matter that they are doing a good thing while claiming to be wicked, the fact is that they are hypocrites. Hypocrisy is not a good virtue, someone might need help, but they would be afraid of asking for it from an individual if that person always talks about how wicked they can be towards other people.

quotes about hypocrites
jokes about hypocrites
social hypocrisy quotes
A hypocrite does not see their sins

Counting other people’s sin will never make you a saint. Some hypocrites seem to be very fond of pointing out other people's sins while they make the same mistakes. They think if they point out other people's sins they will look holy and sinless. This is nothing but pure lies, and if you point out someone's mistakes and fail to correct your errors, you are the same as that person you are condemning. A hypocrite only sees the sins of others but fails to look at their crimes.

Hypocrites hate the truth

Hypocrites get offended if told the truth. Hypocrites are fond of lying, and they can get irritated if you start speaking the truth in their presence. This can be a good trick to find out the characters of your friends. Hypocrisy is another form of lying and hypocrites are aware of this, so if you happen to speak against them, they can quickly get angry. No liar likes being told the truth, and this is why hypocrites hate the fact.

Hypocrites say ‘do not judge me by my past,' but they will not get over yours.

Everyone has a past, but hypocrites consider theirs' a righteous one. They would keep telling you to stop judging them according to how they lived in the past, but they would always remind you of what you did in the past. This is a great way to know if you have a genuine friend or a hypocrite as a friend.

A saint abroad and a devil at home

This quote by John Bunyan states how hypocrites behave. Hypocrites show how good they are when they are not at home but change when they are in their homes. They treat their families differently from outsiders.

quotes about hypocrites
jokes about hypocrites
social hypocrisy quotes

These hypocrisy quotes are not only meant to condemn but also to educate on the vice. It is rather unfortunate that someone can consistently demean your stature simply because of what you choose to become yet they live by what they are advising you against. Learn how to carefully select the people you choose to heed advice from and all this may be a thing to be unheard of.

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