Importance of personal hygiene

Importance of personal hygiene

The question is why keep and care for your body? In this article we will enlighten you more on the importance of personal hygiene to our health. Personal hygiene is the process or way of keeping and caring for ones body in a clean and pleasant way. These ways can also be called the daily activities such as brushing of teeth, combing of hair, cutting your nails and toes, washing your hands after you visit the washroom, or lift up good from the ground and bathing. In practicing personal hygiene, there are a lot of benefits to be derived such as social, personal, health and psychology. The most important benefit why one should care and keep the body clean is to have a healthy body and help prevent the spread of infection, illness and bad odour around.

importance of personal hygiene
why is personal hygiene important
benefits of personal hygiene

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Reasons for good hygiene

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In Africa the people who are more concern about caring for their body. Bare in mind that for the females, about 80% of them are mindful how they carry themselves and below are some reasons why this is so:

  • Education on personal hygiene and its importance from an early age
  • The bad treatment and humiliation received from people on a persistent hygiene problem such as body odor
  • It is seen as one way to look attractive to the opposite sex

Medical and health reasons

There are a lot of diseases spreading around due to lack of proper care of our body. Most people mishandle their body anyhow forgetting that we shall bear the cost if we fall sick. When we practice person hygiene its makes us free from deadly disease and the spread of infectious disease which can be transferred around. Example: fungi and bacteria

Social reasons

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When one practices personal hygiene he or she influences self-esteem, confidence, motivation and has a good body image in the society. Most people hate to be talked about, especially in a negative manner.

By ensuring that our body is clean and well presented, we are more assured of projecting a positive body image that reflects our personalities. Also children should be taught the importance of hygiene and how to achieve good hygiene very early to keep themselves and others healthy and to reduce the risk of being bullied at school.

This also makes one an icon in the workplace, classroom, church or even social gathering because of how neatly healthy and presentable one look among his or her peers but those who don't care well for their body are neglected, lack the confidence to walk among people, shy, timid, scared, have low self esteem.

Personal reasons

Regular hand washing cannot is simple. An action to prevent a plethora of illnesses and disorders developing. Many people ‘forget’ to wash their hands after using the toilet or before handling foods; this can cause a great deal of illness and even death so its important to wash our hands frequently or use a hand sanitizer.

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Psychological reasons

When one neatly presented, clean and tidy, he or she can feel more confident, especially in every situation. By maintaining a good personal hygiene our chances of succeeding either in work or social settings, or even with the opposite sex can be high and achieved since we have a sound mind.

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Now let's look at other reasons why one should practice personal hygiene

Beautiful mood

importance of personal hygiene
why is personal hygiene important
benefits of personal hygiene

When you engage in personal hygiene you are able to brighten your mood that is keeping your teeth and having attractive smiles. A beautiful smile can make a person's day - but if the teeth are grubby or breath is smelly, it has an entirely different result.

This also requires frequent brushing and good dental habits. If you fail to brush your teeth, they are more likely to become discolored, get cavities and possibly fall out. According to the research, when we are involved in regular brushing this can decrease the risk of gum disease, which can cause tooth loss bad breath or even worse.

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Reduce health care cost

Good hygiene curbs the spread of disease, resulting in lower health care costs. Caring for our body by regular brushing your teeth and keeping your clothes clean would eliminate unnecessary visits to your dentist and doctor, saving you money and also your time.

Avoidance of smell in our hair

importance of personal hygiene
why is personal hygiene important
benefits of personal hygiene

Good hygiene includes washing your hair and brushing it regularly to prevent dandruff and other scalp diseases. Keeping our hair neatly combed and styled will prevent odor which won't embarrass us in public


When you're clean, you'll feel much better, happy and comfortable about yourself than when you're dirty. People will react more positively, nice, polite, sweet to you, which will also help raise your self-esteem and prestige

Sex appeal

You are more likely to appeal to a potential partner if you practice good hygiene. Dirty hair, discolored teeth and bad breath can keep you from having romance in your life.

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Social acceptance

Good hygiene is critical for social acceptance, because most people don't want to be around others who are dirty or smelly. Children who practice good hygiene eliminate one major reason for other kids to make fun of or bully them. It's sad to see someone on the playground getting taunted for smelling bad or having dirty hair.

Professional acceptance

Most employers prefer employees who are clean and well-groomed. Good hygiene can make the difference in being hired and getting promotions.

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Personal hygiene activities for adults

importance of personal hygiene
why is personal hygiene important
benefits of personal hygiene

There are some personal hygiene activities for adults to practice each day, below are some listed to take note of;

Regular bathing

Having a regular bathing will reduces body odor and can help you control skin problems like acne, black spots. In order to reduce the bacteria that contribute to body odor, you need to have a daily bath and in so doing you need to concentrate particularly in the armpits and on the feet.

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We have personal choice that determines whether you should take a bath or shower, if you are heavily soiled it is best to shower rather than wash with dirty bathwater. Wash your hair as frequently as needed based on your hair type. Dry yourself thoroughly after bathing to prevent bacteria growth.


Proper oral hygiene is crucial in reducing and preventing problems of the mouth and gums like plaque, cavities, gingivitis, tartar and bad breath. Brush your teeth at least twice per day and floss once per day. Your dentist can assess problem areas in your mouth and recommend special methods or products you may need

Teeth - Brush your teeth twice daily with a decent toothbrush (powered ones are best), a fluoride-based toothpaste and an antibacterial mouthwash and you can't go far wrong. If you think your teeth are not white enough, try wearing different colors to make them seem brighter, avoid drinks such as tea, coffee and red wine, which are thought to stain them. If you're still convinced they're not white enough ask your dentist about treatments.

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Smelly breath - Sometimes, despite good brushing, a tooth will succumb to decay - if left untreated this can spread and infect your gums. Bad breath can be the sign of a gum infection. Make sure you visit your dentist regularly to keep a check on it. Halitosis (bad breath) can also be a result of dehydration or an empty stomach, so eat and drink regularly.

Build good grooming habits

Grooming is the act of making yourself presentable to others. At its most basic level, grooming includes keeping your body, teeth, clothes, hair and nails clean and preventing body odor by using antiperspirant and deodorant. More advanced grooming practices may also include hair styling, makeup, moisturizers, manicures, pedicures, nail polish, personal fragrance, hair removal and more.

Washing your clothes and cleaning your home

Wash your clothes regularly to remove odors. Treat stains as soon as they occur, and iron when needed to remove wrinkles. Keeping your home clean reduces bacteria, helps prevent insects and contributes to overall well-being. Housecleaning basics include properly disposing of garbage, washing dirty dishes, and cleaning floors regularly. Wash sheets and bedding at least twice a month.

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Combing of hair

Wondering why to comb ones hair, its really not an issue but your appearance matter a lot? How do your hair bushy or nicely trimmed ? At some points of your life - especially in your teenage years and at times that of hormonal change, hair can become greasy more easily. And there is only one solution to greasy hair and that is to wash it, although most people find dry shampoo in helping absorb some of the greases. If you're lucky enough to have hair long enough to tie up then you can miss a wash occasionally

Another point to note is if you suffering from dandruff, try using shampoo or get medical treatments if it becomes serious.

We also have head lice that are highly contagious. If left unattended, the lice will grow large enough that you can actually see them moving(!) and the white eggs (nits) are also sometimes visible. You may also - but not always - experience itching. The best way to avoid persistent head lice is to wash your hair, leave a conditioner in and comb through with a fine tooth comb. Do this at least once a week.

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Practicing proper personal hygiene is very important because Good personal hygiene does not only enhances our appearance, but its significance is directly also related to preventing infections, diseases, and keeping us free from unpleasant odors and humiliations . Its also good to your mental health and psychological minds helping you feel better about yourself.


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