Long distance love letters

Long distance love letters

Long distance love letters have kept people together even when distance was a barrier. One of the best things is the sight of two people who are in love. The never ending laughter. The late night calls. The beautiful love messages. That is one feeling that most people desire. There, however, has been a controversy that most long distance relationships cannot survive the distance. Some couples have stood against all the odds and fought for their love even when there was nothing to fight for. The existence of such couples is enough evidence that there are chances of long distance relationships being successful. A common ingredient in the success of such relationships is constant communication. Long distance love letters make it possible.

distance love messages
missing you love letters
i miss you love letters

Those who have been in relationships can attest to the fact that sending your partner a mere ‘I love you' letter can sometimes becomes ordinary. For that reason, there is always the need to spice up the relationship by breaking the monotony. There are several letters with different messages that you can send your partner. The letters can add a little flavor to the relationship. They can also keep the flame of your relationship burning. Here are some of the long distance love letters that you can use to keep your relationship fruitful.

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Love message for him long distance

Long distance relationships are some of the most difficult relationships to keep. They are different from the other relationships in the sense that the partners are in separate locations. The only way of communication is through love messages and calls. Unfortunately, sending one another long distance love messages can be annoying. The boredom comes about especially when you choose to use the same words or send the same messages over and over again.

The excitement that comes with the message tends to fade away with time. At one point, the long distance love message completely loses its meaning. This therefore calls for creativity and genuineness if your message is to be unique. Make sure you are sincere and straightforward. Check out the following examples.

  • "Every time I walk down the streets and see couples together, it melts my heart. I cannot help but think of us. At times I visualize how beautiful we would have looked if it were us. I never stop thinking of you. Your breath. Your touch. Your scent. I miss you and cannot wait to set my eyes on you. I love you."

Sending this message is an emotional way of describing how a person feels when he or she comes across another couple beautifully in love. This message explains how much the individual admires the other couple. It also describes how much he or she misses his partner. Accompanying the letter with a simple, I miss you, makes the message easier to conceptualize. A partner can send his or her spouse this message at any point of the relationship. It best suits couples when he or she feels he misses the latter.

  • "They say that love is demonstrated by a soft wind that blows as a beautiful flower and blossoms right before the eyes. That is how beautiful your passion is. Petal after petal, your love has stretched its spectacular innocence to embrace the vibrant rays of the yellow sun. I hold you closest to my heart, and the distance is not close to a threat of how much I love you."

This is also one of the best touching long distance love messages that either a boyfriend or girlfriend can send the one they love as a way of demonstrating how much they value each other. The letter also likens the beauty that the relationship brings to the two lovers. The moment your love knows that you miss him or her then it is easy to keep the heart fond.

  • "I think of you almost all the time. Going to bed with your face on my mind is guarantee that I will have sweet dreams. Waking up to the thought of your smile and the good times that we have spent together assures me that I will have a good day. Despite the distance, it is like a part of you lives in me. I am grateful to the heavens for bringing you to me. Life has never been better. "

This is also one of the most straightforward long distance love messages coined from the simple words. The letter, however, highlights the joy and satisfaction that a partner brings. The message also shows appreciation to the two being in the relationship.

  • "I have not had the chance to share my sunsets with you. I have not had the opportunity to listen to the birds' chirp with you. The distance between us, however, does not mean that I do not think of you. I have you at the deepest point of my heart."

Sending your boyfriend or girlfriend this message gives them the hope that you think about them despite the distance. The letter also gives them the confidence that even though the two of you are separated by distance, you still care for them.

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I miss you love letters

distance love messages
missing you love letters
i miss you love letters

Love is sometimes impossible to explain. They say, ‘love knows no boundaries.’ This statement is true. People get into relationships even when they are continents apart. After all, being in a relationship is a personal decision of two people. Because of the distance, sending your partner missing you love messages or I miss you love letters is a good way of genuinely explaining how you feel when they are away. Here are some great I miss you love letters that you can send your partner. You can also learn to draft the best missing you love letters and surprise your lover every once in a while.

  • "Darling, every night when I go to bed, I think of us. I miss how you would curdle me to sleep. Your warmth and touch is what makes you miss you even more, especially when the nights are cold. I wish you were here."

Sending your boyfriend this message is a genuine way of letting him know how much you miss him. It is also one way of letting him know the impact that he has on your nights when you are not together.

  • "I think of you all the time that I have developed this new habit of wearing your clothes to bed. This habit gives me the comfort that you are with me. That way I get to sleep like a baby. I miss you."

This is a self-explanatory message. It is one of the simplest I miss you love letters that elaborates what a girlfriend does every time she feels she is lonely. It is also a romantic way of explaining the peace that her boyfriend brings to her when they are together.

  • "Yester night I had a dream. In the dream, we were together and were on vacation at the Maldives. We looked so good. You wore a very charming smile, and we were having the best time. When I woke up, I realized it was just a dream. I then realized that I have been spending a lot of time thinking about you. It shows how much I miss you."

Boyfriends also miss their girlfriends. Narrating your dream can be a creative way of coming up with I miss you love letters. It is also a romantic way of describing how much you miss your girlfriend. Sending this message can be more effective if you called her the sweet and romantic names.

Love messages for your husband far away

distance love messages
missing you love letters
i miss you love letters

Sending one another romantic long distance love messages is not just a dating-relationship thing. It should also extend to marriages. It is an effortless way of expressing one's love for his spouse. It is also a simple way of adding flavor to the union. Here are some of the love messages for your husband far away;

  • "Ever since I said yes I do, my life took an utterly different course. My days have shone brighter. My heart melts very time at the thought of you letting me be part of you. Nothing can ever replace you. I love you despite the distance."

This is the message of a wife who is completely satisfied with her marriage life. She is happy for being lucky to have her husband even though they are far apart.

  • "You have been gone for one week now. I do not think I could bear the loneliness all by myself. Thank heavens for the kids; otherwise you would have had to tag me along. Thank you for being a competent father to the kids. I am also grateful to you for being an understanding soulmate. I do not take it for granted. I love you. Please come home soon, the kids and I miss you."

This is a touching message meant to acknowledge your husband for his role as a husband and a father. This message also shows how much you value and treasure him. A wife can send her husband this message on any occasion. A simple good morning or goodnight can follow after this love message.

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Love letter to my wife

Husbands too can send their wives love letters to remind them that they still are the beautiful women that they chose to spend the rest of their lives together. Here is an emotional ‘love letter to my wife’ that can come in handy.

  • "I prayed to God for a blessing. He chose to send me a very beautiful flower. The fragrance that the flower came with was way beyond this world. Talking of its beauty, it came in the most captivating colors. For five years now, I have had the colorful flower in my garden. Its beauty has never faded. No flower can march to its beauty no matter how hard it tries. I wish to keep this beautiful treasure in my garden for the rest of my life. I love you, my dear wife."

This is a beautiful message that not only incorporates creativity but also paints the image of how much a husband values his wife. It is also one way of making your wife feel loved. The message can be a valentine’s message.

  • "We have had our lowest moments, moments that tried to crush us. You, however, was there to prove to me that you meant it when you said for better for worse. I do not take that for granted. I am forever grateful."

This is also a touching love letter to my wife to acknowledge her for proving her love daily. The message highlights how happy and grateful you are to her for standing by you through thick and thin. A husband can send his wife this message on any occasion.

It is high time that people stopped being too comfortable and tried to make their long distance relationships work. The stereotype that long distance relationships can never work should be a thing of the past. It is time the relationships more spicy by sending any of these long distance love letters. You do not have to worry about love message for husband far away, or even if it is the wife that is away.

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