Funny riddles and their answers

Funny riddles and their answers

Are you bored and looking for an awesome way to pass the time? How about you give your brain a little workout? We have compiled a list of riddles and their answers to help jog your mind in a fascinating and fun way. The best part about these riddles and their answers, is that they are fit for the entire family. The more, the merrier. Grab your partner and have much fun solving these riddles together as a unit.

riddles for kids
riddles with answers for kids
tricky riddles for kids with answers
riddles for middle school

This article contains a great selection of the mind-boggling riddles that are sure enough to make your day. They are not complicated and talk about our everyday lives and experiences. They have been subdivided into different sections for children, middle school students, and adults. Keep scrolling.

Riddles for middle school

  • Riddle: The cloud is my mother, my father is the wind, the still stream is my son and the fruit of the land is my daughter. My bed is the rainbow, my destined resting place is the earth, and I am a gift and blessing for mankind?
  • Answer: Rain
  • Riddle: What is it that belongs to you but it is used more than you do?
  • Answer: Your name
  • Riddle: Once I have been harvested from the mine, I remain locked up in a wooden case. From this place, I stay never to be released. However, I am used by everyone. What could I be?
  • Answer: Lead
  • Riddle: What rises up the chimney when it is down but fails to rise up the chimney?
  • Answer: An umbrella

List of riddles for kids with answers

riddles for kids
riddles with answers for kids
tricky riddles for kids with answers
riddles for middle school

Most of the children around the world love riddles. Not only do the riddles for kids offer fun but they help the children think and reason. Below is a compilation of riddles meant for children. They include silly ones, educative, funny and old favorites that are sure enough to keep the children thinking. We have provided the riddles with answers for kids. Share the riddles with your friends and agemates and spread the fun:

  • Riddle: I have a face and two hands, but I don’t have either arms or legs?

Answer: Clock

  • Riddle: What has a horn but cannot honk?

Answer: A rhinoceros

  • Riddle: Which word made up of five letters becomes even shorter when you add to it two letters?

Answer: Short

  • Riddle: Which word starts and finishes with the letter E but has only one letter?

Answer: Envelope

  • Riddle: Why did the child bury the flashlight?

Answer: Because the flashlight batteries died

  • Riddle: What has a neck but lacks a head?

Answer: A bottle

  • Riddle: What kind of cheese is made backward?

Answer: Edam

  • Riddle: What only gets wetter as it dries up?

Answer: A towel

  • Riddle: Which letter lined up in the alphabet carries a lot of water?

Answer: C

  • Riddle: What word begins with the letter P and finishes with the letter E and carries thousands of other letters?

Answer: Post Office

  • Riddle: What has to be broken so that you can make use of it?

Answer: An Egg

  • Riddle: Why would a man who is living in California not be buried in San Francisco?

Answer: Because the man is still living

  • Riddle: Which month of the year has 28 days?

Answer: All the months of the year have 28 days.

  • Riddle: If everyone decided to purchase a white car, what would we have?

Answer: A white carnation.

  • Riddle: Where does Friday come before Thursday in this world?

Answer: In the lineup in the dictionary.

  • Riddle: What is so delicate that just the mention of it breaks it?

Answer: Silence

  • Riddle: When an electric train is heading north, and the wind is rough. What direction is the smoke blowing to?

Answer: There is no smoke since it is an electric train.

English riddles with answers

riddles for kids
riddles with answers for kids
tricky riddles for kids with answers
riddles for middle school
  • Riddle: You should ensure that I am straight as possible even though few people do. Most time you can find me slightly bent or curved. The sadness that you experience in life makes me bend even more, but in case I bend for too long I may never straighten out ever again?

Answer: Your posture

  • Riddle: Every single day many human beings from across the world come and pay me a visit even though it is just for a few minutes. Many consider me to be very dirty though they cannot live without me. And when the people come to pay me a visit, they show me the private parts of their lives that they rarely show others. What could I possibly be?

Answer: A toilet

  • Riddle: Depending on how you treat me, sometimes I can shine, other times I am dull. Other times I can be big while other times I can be small. Other times I can be pointy, other times I remain curved. Don’t ask me questions since even though I am sharp, most times I am not smart enough. What am I?

Answer: Knife

  • Riddle: I am believed by many to be one dimensional, and tinier that anything beyond your imagination, any others say that I form the basis for all that we see. What am I?

Answer: A string

  • Riddle: A chauffeur is going on the wrong way down a one-way street. He further goes past the standing four police officers that are along the way, yet none of the officers were able to stop him. One of the officers glanced and waved at him. Why did the officers stop him?

Answer: The chauffeur was walking down the one-way street and not driving.

  • Riddle: In case the Pentagon has five sides, the octagon has 8 sides, the decagon has 10 sides, and the hexagon has 6 sides. How many sides does a family made up of 3 have on the dining table?

Answer: It is only dependent on the number of dishes that the family is serving.

  • Riddle: You can collect me and toss me. You can also decide to flip and spin me. There are different versions of me from around the world. What am I?

Answer: A coin

  • Riddle: Sometimes I can choose to be happy, sad, angry, cry. I come with a lot of facial expressions and many different sizes. Sometimes I can communicate without even using words. I can also transfer from place to place at the speed of light. What am I?

Answer: Emojis

  • Riddle: Jane ordered for a meal for her family made up of four members at a fast food restaurant. She ordered the numbers of the meals 1,3,7 and 9 respectively. Unfortunately, she ended up canceling all the orders and giving all the food back. Why is this?

Answer: Because the food was odd.

  • Riddle: Four women are suffering from obesity hail from different countries. One woman is from Egypt, the other from Sudan, one from Lebanon and the last was a British woman. They all become sad when they lost 30 pounds. What was the reason behind their sadness?

Answer: This is because, in their respective countries, pounds is a form of currency but not a measure of weight.

  • Riddle: Jane and June decide to relax as they went on a vacation. Each of them gets booked 2 separate hotel rooms. The rooms had no heating services, and June felt really cold, but Jane did not feel cold. Without putting on extra clothing or wrapping around with any material to warm her up, what did Jane do to maintain her warmth in the cold and damp room?

Answer: Jane huddled across the room to the corner when it is always ninety degrees.

  • Riddle: I can be broken down into tiny pieces only when I am given away first to someone else. I can be clogged and at the same time attacked, but that is my own fault. No matter what the case is or the problems I have, never can you let me go. What am I?

Answer: The heart

  • Riddle: To define us, we are small little creatures. All of us come with different features. When it is one of us in the glass is set. The other one of us is found in the jet. The other can be found in the tin. The second last is found boxed in within. The last one of us, you should pursue since it can never fly away from you?

Answer: The Vowels

  • Riddle: I am the side of the bird that does not exist in the sky, I can also drown in the sea, but I will still remain dry. I am the last part of the vestige of man that refuses to go away. When you are mourning, I am thrown down your feet where I lie. I start my job early to cover your ankles and thighs. My work is to work the way up, as I devour your legs to your waist. When it strikes midday, I am chased away only to return quickly to feel the arm of my taste. When dusk beckons, I enter your lungs as I walk down your mouth and tongue. I prey on your body, soul, and mind. When the darkness starts to creep, I have my way to follow which comes as a relief to many. This is until dawn when I rise again. What am I?

Answer: Shadow

  • Riddle: I am often talked of, but no one has ever seen me in real life. I am ever coming but never been. I am looked for daily but never there. I am always approaching but never come near. Thousands of its wait but never reveal their fate. Even though they expect me to show up, they never discover me there.

Answer: Tomorrow

With these riddles and their answers, you can engage the whole family before or after a meal. The children can also have a lot of fun sharing these riddles at school or at the playground. Some of the riddles are easy to answer while others require deep thinking. Riddle telling is a tradition that should be carried forward to the upcoming generation. Remember at the end of the day, it is all about having fun, laughing and bonding as a family or friends.

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