Inspirational Islamic quotes and sayings

Inspirational Islamic quotes and sayings

Inspirational Islamic quotes are there to uplift those Muslims who feel drifted away from Islam teachings. Sometimes you also need inspirations when life challenges you. These quotes will enable you to reflect on yourself, fix that broken heart, understand Allah’s teachings, and be aware of why you are existing. Our sayings and quotes collection are from the great philosophers, Holy Quran, Muslim scholars, prophet supplications, artists, and poets. We are humans; we make many mistakes, though we should try to better ourselves.

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Enjoy the motivating quotes and above all, get inspired.

Islamic quotes guidance and responsibility

As a dedicated Muslim, you need to allow God to guide you in your every day life. You have the responsibility of following Islam teachings to please Allah. Below are inspiring Islamic quotes in English to guide you and make you to understand your responsibility as a dedicated Muslim.

  • You practices should portray the beauty of Islamic. You should not force your family on your region.
  • Those who have faith have a mark of kindness. If you lack kindness, then it means you lack faith as well
  • If you have a dream of making to Jannah, then you have to hold your Deen tightly.
  • Attending the Masjid is not enough to Muslim. Allah is interested in your attention and not your attendance.
  • The main reason as to why God made you to belong to the Islamic region is due to his desires to see you making it to Jannah. Prove to him that you are truly worth it.
  • When you practice Islamic, you character is beautified. It should not makes you to be grumpy, intolerable, and impatient.
  • The Holy Quran is there to encourage, motivate, teach, and motivate you. It is not there to be placed on your shelf.

Motivating and encouraging Islamic quotes

best islamic quotes
islamic inspirational quotes
islamic quotes in english

We all need motivations because they keep us going. We present you the best Islamic quotes to encourage you to keep trusting in Allah’s teachings. You should be distracted by Dunya pleasures that is if you have a goal of making it to Jannah.

  • You should ask yourself each night if your practices took you a step further from Allah or closer to him.
  • Allah will not cry out for you, but you should cry out to him. Through prayers with communicate with Allah.
  • Remain close to whatever thing that keeps on reminding you that you should pray.
  • I belong to Islamic region, but I respect and love the Christians and the Jews.
  • Be a faithful Muslim every second and minute. Do not be a faithful Muslim for only 5 times per day.

Beautiful Islamic quotes about life

Sometimes we tend to feel so discouraged about life, which is normal because we are humans. You do not expect your life to be smooth always with no ups and downs. Read on our collection of Islamic inspirational quotes about life to get uplifted and to renew your Islamic faith.

  • Tomorrow is not guaranteed meaning that we should worry less about it.
  • Allah makes a way where there is no path.
  • Allah’s teachings comfort and strengthen Muslims regardless of how badly hurt they are.
  • Islam makes Muslim to be great and not the Muslims who make it great.
  • Trust Allah and he will get you through your challenges and problems.
  • In life, you cannot run away from problems. Keep in mind that Allah is always available to help us.
best islamic quotes
islamic inspirational quotes
islamic quotes in english
  • When we commence Salah, all our worries fades away.
  • You do not need to stress about Dunya things that you cannot even control. Instead, dedicate your worries unto Allah for he controls everything and he will definitely give you relief.
  • The beauty and goodness of Islamic religion is the fact that people who come together have different skin colors, different parents, but common beliefs.

Islam region welcomes anyone who believes in the oneness of God no matter the skin color and the background.


We believe that you have enjoyed reading our collection of Inspirational Islamic quotes. Keep on praying, trusting, being faithful, and being a good servant to Allah. He forgives sins and he will guide you in every step that you make. Pick the quotes that uplifted you, write them somewhere, and review them daily for inspirations.



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