Four big reasons why women don't usually report sexual assault

Four big reasons why women don't usually report sexual assault

According to statistics from inter-governmental bodies such as the United Nations (UN), women are at the most threat of being intimately abused. A lot of reasons have been given for this and one of them includes the fact that rape is rarely reported.

In the United States, sexual abuse is one of the most unreported crimes. It is easy to say that the issue is the same in Ghana but we don not have proper numbers to back it up.

For such a crime to go on for so long and have perpetrators walking free, there has to be an environment that makes it possible, compiles a number of reasons why women and girls are less likely to report if they are victims of abuse.

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1. Fear of stigmatisation

Women and girls across the world are afraid to report that they are victims of abuse because the environment exists to forever look down on them afterwards.

Indeed, even when the culprits are punished, survivors of abuse made to feel like they have lost something and that they will not be whole again.

2. Fear of not being believed

There also exists among Ghanaians the habit of consistently looking for holes in the stories of victims. Often times, victims are asked to provide evidence even when most abuse only happens between the culprit and victim.

Victims also get questions like, "What were you doing there?" and others further rubbish their pain.

3. Many women think it is normal for men to be aggressive

In a culture such as Ghana's, one is more likely to find the majority of the people saying that men are born to lead and women to follow.

As such, women learn when they are girls that men can only do anything with aggression. Hence, when a man forces himself on them, they normalise it.

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4. The pressure from familiarity

According to most studies, women and girls are usually familiar with the people who are likely to abuse them. Most often than not, these women trusted the culprits.

The culprits then play the trust and familiarity to their advantage. Family and friends are brought in to put pressure on victims to not go to law officers to report.

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