True love messages for him

True love messages for him

True love messages are meant for every person that has emotions. It is often misunderstood that such messages are not useful when sent to women. In fact, the society tends to assume that men are strong and are not likely to appreciate such messages. However, contrary to this common assumption, men will appreciate a great message especially if it comes from someone that they love and treasure. As such, learning how to write a good love message for the man that you care for is a plus. You will come across as a girlfriend or wife that is not self-centered but one that cares about the feelings of her man. Here are a few variations of the messages you should consider sending him to remind him just how much you value and love him.

real love quotes
i love you quotes for him
romantic love words
touching love quotes

Every human being is likely to appreciate words of love and encouragement regardless of their gender. If you are a woman that is in a relationship, make it a point to surprise the man you love by sending him unique love messages. Check out the following true love messages to draw the right inspiration. Make sure you write from your heart as he is likely to see through fake and insincere words.

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Love quotes for him from the heart

Remember that true love messages are a reflection of what your heart feels and thinks about him. It is in your own interest to make sure that the message is genuine. It will help if you draw from some unique experiences that only the two of you can relate to. Share an internal joke or something embarrassing that will remind him of how much you love him. Here are example to get you started.

  • I remember how you approached me that evening when I stood in the field with my friends. They thought you were afraid as you struggled to find your words and you kept looking at me and looking away. What they did not know was how hooked I already was to you. I found your embarrassment cute and was ready to encourage you for I knew you are a good man. It is amazing how many years have gone by since those college days and how much more brave you are. I was not wrong my love, you are a warrior that only shows up for those he cares for. For that, I will always love you for I cannot doubt or question your loyalty and love.
  • Love is not any easy thing to nurture. I admire how you go out of your way to make me happy darling. You may not know it but I see everything that you do and take it to heart. I may not be able to repay you for everything but just know that you have my love forever. I will remain your queen my love.
  • Many think that warriors come with swords and spears but how wrong they are. I have experienced and have seen a warrior in my house. A man so selfless that he would put his life on the line to see me safe. That man is you my love. Ever since I became your girlfriend, all you have done is to go out of your way to please me. You rebuke me ever so subtly and with love. You show me the right path because you are concerned with my progress and growth. I will not think twice about spending the rest of my life with you. You are rare and a woman’s best gift. I love you honey.
  • Many know you as the father of my children. Your people know you as their brother and son. But I know you as the lord of my heart. You captured and conquered me years ago when you made me fall in love with you. I may not have taken notice when it all happened because I was not even interested. You opened my eyes and taught me to let go of fear. You taught me to believe in love and taught me to trust. Thank you for not giving me a reason not to doubt love. It shines ever brightly because of you my king. I will always love you.
  • Some people say that you only fall in love but once. I tend to disagree because I fall in love with you daily. The moment I wake up and see your face beside me every morning, I smile in appreciation as I recount and thank god for being so gracious to me. You are a faithful and diligent man. I have never had any cause to complain or cry out of pain because of you. Instead, you have been my pillar. You have taken my pains and shouldered me from crashing. When I had no strength to go on, you literally step in and carry me on your back. For that and much more, I will always be grateful. I am in deed a very lucky woman for having a true friend in the man that I love.
  • I like to call us a power couple but we both know that all the strength and power comes from you my love. I admire how you shield me and adore me. How you love to show me off to your friends and how you will deal with anyone that dares mock your wife for any reason. Even in my worst of days, you never tire to remind me that I mean the world to you. You are my strength my love. I have become a much better person just by being with you. You have taught me so much about life that I cannot appreciate you enough. You are my main man and I will always have you very close to my heart.

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Real love quotes art

real love quotes
i love you quotes for him
romantic love words
touching love quotes

Whether you want to send him romantic quotes or just want to make him see your heart through your words, the biggest and most important thing is to ensure that you are real. Check out the following examples for inspiration.

  • I do not know if you are aware of how much I am scared of losing you. You are my all in all love. I look at you and tears come to my eyes as I remember how lucky I am. I would never be half the woman I am today without your support and encouragement. You have been more than a husband and confidant to me. You are my true friend. I can come to you with anything and everything and know that you got me. I love you honey. Always and forever.
  • They say love can play tricks on you if you are not careful. That is what I feared the most as I looked for ways to avoid heart break. I can never thank the stars enough for bringing you may way my love. You have easily restored my confidence in love and shown me that it is okay to be vulnerable. It is through you that I have learnt to cry and break down for you have always been there to catch me. You have always made the landing soft and have ways of making every pain go away. I love you so much my love.
  • My prayer as a young girl was very simple. God give a man that will be good to me. I can testify that indeed he is a faithful God. My love, you are an answered prayer. You have done far more beyond what I would have expected or imagined. You have loved me so well that I sometimes wonder if I am worth it. You never tire of putting up with my tantrums. You wait patiently when I am too stubborn to listen. Your words are magical and have a way of melting away all my heart’s hardness. I am grateful that you are the man I married. I love you dear.

Best love quotes

  • Sometimes short and precise messages are all you need to capture his attention. Check out these examples.
  • The king of my heart makes my life worth living every day. Much love sweetheart.
  • I have seen many men but none can match up to who you are for me. You are mine and I am yours. I shut all the others out and focus on my gift, which is you my love.
  • No amount of exposure can ever dilute the goodness of your heart. You are one in a billion my King. The man with eyes only for me. I am forever grateful
  • I have no doubt that you love me even when we are miles apart. I rest in the promise that you made to me. We will love each other till we cannot do that anyone, and that will never happen.
  • You deliberately protect me, you provide for me, you defend me and you love me so much. No amount of words can express how much I appreciate and love you honey.
  • Sometimes I smile just at the thought of you. I have experienced joy in this world because I have known a true gentleman. Thank you my love for being the source of my joy.

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I love you quotes for him

real love quotes
i love you quotes for him
romantic love words
touching love quotes

The following touching love quotes will make you understand why love is the most powerful emotion in the world.

  • Trials will come and our love may be shaken my circumstance that are beyond us. One thing you can be sure of my love is that I will never let you go. I love you.
  • If I say you I love you as a mother loves his child I would be lying. If I say I love you like a sibling loves a brother or sister I would be lying. My love for you cannot be explained Cannot find reasons for my love for you. All I know is that I love with my whole heart and it would hurt so much if anything happens to our love. I love you.
  • I have heard of beautiful stories of love. Couples have been together for decades. Others have done great things just by sticking with each other. Mine is a simple wish and hope. That as we are today, our hearts will beat together forever until we are called to heaven. This I pray because I know if our hearts continue beating for each other, there is nothing that will be too great or might to pull us apart as that would mean death. May we grow toothless together my love. I love you.
  • I smile knowing that you were my choice and I was yours. Many may not have agreed to our choices but we stood the opposition. You have brought so much joy to my life that no one can believe I am 60 years old, I look 45 years. I do not regret ever choosing you my king. You have given me beautiful children. We have made memories I would only have dreamt of. I am looking forward to many more years with you my love. Forever yours.
  • It is amazing how my heart calms down just at the thought of you. Whenever someone upsets or irritates me, I have learnt not to let myself get worked up. Thanks to your wisdom, your suggestion is working wonders for me. No more anxiety and bad moods. You are my drug my love. Even in your absence I know I can look at you for comfort. I love you.

In case you need to come up with romantic love words for your man, the suggestions above will be very helpful. Remember that all you need to do is to make him see through your heart even when you are for apart. The right words can be powerful and very fulfilling if utilized appropriately. Let your man know how you feel about him through the powerful true love messages that you send him every once in a while. Your relationship will be very spicy if you make this a habit.

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