How to learn anything

How to learn anything

Learning how to learn anything requires an understanding of the topic you seek to learn. In the current world, information is readily accessible in abundant, thus increasing the need to learn more. The only way to manage yourself well is by managing your time. Time allocation is the first discipline you need to master when you want to learn anything.

how to learn fast for exam
how can i learn anything quickly?
learning how to learn book
how to learn english

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Once you know the topic you seek to explore and break it down to manageable portions, you need to allocate your time properly so that you can focus on a given subject at a specified time. With this in mind, you can be able to work your way towards developing the right mindset that will allow you to focus on a given subject. Below is a detailed explanation of how to learn faster and remember more in this time of abundant information.

Learning how to learn

Learning to learn is the ability to pursue learning consistently, to arrange your learning through proper time management as an individual or in groups. It involves being aware of your learning process and needs.

Is there any simple answer to the question how can I learn anything quickly? By now you have probably gone through most learning how to learn book available on different platforms, but still, you are not quite sure and confident about the content. This should be no worry for you, as it happens to the best of us. Learning is a continuous process that can’t be mastered in a single day, but through a consistent effort to improve yourself. Learning within a short time is possible but demands a lot from you. You have to be focused, dedicated and disciplined enough to stick by the rules. Below are some tricks on how to learn quickly.

Learning how to learn

For you to learn any skill, you have to begin by learning the necessary skills, e.g., mathematics, language and computer skills that will help you in the subsequent learning stages of your skill set. The essence of having the basics of learning is to acquire the right mindset that will enable you to access, gain, and process and take up fresh information, ideas, and skills. This helps you greatly throughout the process of fully mastering your skill set of choice. Once you have your basics well figured, use the following strategies to learn a new skill:

Establish goals

Goals are important as they give you a sense of direction. Goals allow a student to focus all his/her strength towards achieving it. When setting goals, you have to be realistic. Set goals that will challenge you and ones that will make it possible for you to meet. Have a culture of celebrating every time you achieve a goal. This will boost your morale and keep your spirits high all the time.

Determine essential information

Essential information is that which is at the core of the subject you are learning. These are the basic principles of the working theory you are studying. Determining the essential information will allow you to understand better the subject matter you are learning.

how to learn fast for exam
how can i learn anything quickly?
learning how to learn book
how to learn english

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Find patterns and "chunk" information

Chunking information involves breaking down long strings of information into chunks that are easy to remember. Once you identify patterns in the information you are learning, you need to chunk them so that you can memorize and remember it quite easily.

Plan and manage time (prioritize)

Planning and time management is synonymous with prioritizing. It is the art of putting first things first. Prioritizing involves identifying the critical tasks and dedicating, time, energy and attention to them so that you can deliver them at the right time. This improves your efficiency and allows you to beat deadlines every time you work on a new task.

Seek help when necessary

There is a famous quote sold around that says, no one is an island. Help is essential when you seek to understand a topic exhaustively. Of course, there are better-skilled persons than you who have a lot to teach. Identify a person who has mastered in your specific field of interest and pursue him/her for lessons. This will speed up your learning process. The good thing with this type of learning is that you get lessons from an experienced individual who is accomplished in the field just as much as he is right in theory.

How to learn fast for an exam

Examinations have been at the center stage of learning since the invention of learning itself. It is a measure of academic excellence. This makes it the most important single event of a student’s life every semester or school term. The difference between a successful life after school and a bad life is pretty much, determined by your exam outcome. Ensuring that you are well prepared for it is therefore very important. Below are some of the strategies you can apply to learn fast from exams.

Study smaller portions at one go

Cultivate a habit of studying smaller portions of your notes every day. This allows you to master a subject matter over a period, allowing you to memorize and understand the important topics.

Allocate your study time appropriately.

Avoid studying continuously for more than 2hours. The law of diminishing returns applies to every aspect of life. When you dedicate yourself to learning a topic for longer hours, you might end up losing your focus after some time and become ineffective in the subsequent hours. Allocate yourself two hours with short breaks in the middle or quarterly. This will allow you to take a breather and refresh your mind ready to continue with the study.

Give your mind occasional breaks

Your mind is the most powerful asset before any exam. Its maintenance is crucial for maximum productivity. Give it a break where you do not discuss any exam related subjects or think anything related to the exams. This will relax your mind and allow you to think clearly. Taking these breaks allows your mind to be effective in the subsequent learning processes.

Focus on the essential materials

Most of the things tested in the exams come from the core material. These essential materials include important theorems, principles, diagrams, and graphs. Learning this material will allow you to have the basic understanding of the whole subject matter thus making it easy for you to pass the exam.

You need to shift between subject categories

There are several subject categories taught in school. These categories include memory dependent subjects, e.g. history, interpretation, e.g. literature, and solving based, e.g. math. To be more effective, you have to shift between these subject categories.

how to learn fast for exam
how can i learn anything quickly?
learning how to learn book
how to learn english

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Read, memorise and write

When you read, you internalize and visualize. Through this, you understand and learn. When you write what you have learned on a piece of paper, you master the concept. This makes your learning experience worthwhile. In addition to this, you can read the crucial points out loud. This helps you grasp and remember the concept that you are learning quite well.

Use the right and proven note taking techniques

The SQ5R and Cornell Notes are the best note taking methods that you can use when learning your subject matter.


This stands for:

  • Survey – this involves skimming through a text, noting all the important areas.
  • Question – turn all the headings and subheadings into questions that are likely to be asked in the exam.
  • Read, record and recite the text– go through the text and record all the major points. Record them in point form such that you can be able to go through them quickly. Recite them repeatedly.
  • Review – review the question that you had earlier asked yourself and try to find correct answers for the questions
  • Reflect – repeat the whole process while reflecting on all the things you have learned until you fully grasp the concepts

Cornell Notes

This is a simple and effective three-column configuration of taking notes, which allows you to memorize and remember information quite easily.

Use visual cues so that you can easily remember

Stick charts on your wall, cupboards, and whiteboards and note all the formulas, quick tips, and mnemonics of crucial information that is difficult to grasp. This will help you learn the difficult concepts easily.

Revise within 24hours

Recap, review and reinforce within 24hours all the chapters you have learned a few days before the exam. This will allow you to gain an understanding and remember all the information you have acquired throughout the process.

Sleep well

Sleep is important. When you sleep, you relax your mind and refresh yourself. This will prepare your mind to work properly while in the examination room, thus help you process questions and provide valid answers to your questions.

How to learn English

English is the most used language across the world. However, it is not quite easy, especially to those who English is not their first language. This is a challenge but not a permanent problem. You can attain fluency and English skills by learning English. Below are some of the things you need to do to learn English:

  1. First thing is for you to have the right attitude. Develop a positive attitude. Do not be afraid to make a grammatical error or any other type of error when speaking or writing. This will allow people to correct you and improve.
  2. Associate yourself with English speaking individuals. This creates an enabling environment where you will passively learn English. At the same time, ensure that you speak English at all times. Speaking English is the easiest way to learn.
  3. Make a study plan that you will follow as you practice your English skills. If possible make it known to your close associates, family, and friends. This will allow them to push you toward realizing your goals.
  4. Practice the four basic skills that is, reading, speaking, writing and most importantly listening. You have to work on all these areas for you to master the little details of the English language.
  5. Test yourself to examine your progress. This will help you observe your progress and know the areas where you need to focus on so that you can improve yourself.
  6. Make goals, both short-term and long-term goals. This will allow you to work your way up the mastery pyramid.
  7. Read newspaper articles, children books, and novels. This helps you to identify proper sentence structure, new vocabulary, and proper punctuation. All these add up towards proper mastering of the English language.
  8. Watch tutorials and videos that teach you on the different topics about English. This will improve your fluency and make you better at it.
  9. Take an English course. An English course has been structured to educate you on what you are expected to learn after the whole course. This will allow you to know where to focus your energy, time and resources.
  10. Get a trainer is always the best option. A trainer who is knowledgeable and experienced will impart the right lessons allowing you to grow and develop in the language sphere. This will make it easy for you to learn.
how to learn fast for exam
how can i learn anything quickly?
learning how to learn book
how to learn english

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Learning how to learn summary

In summary, how to learn anything takes effort, commitment, discipline, consistency and having the right guidance. Acquiring skill is not an event but a continuous process. All you need to do is to learn how to learn best, to grow with every challenge, and to focus on meeting your learning goals. All these combined will give you the right mindset to grow at a fast rate, thus overcoming all your learning hurdles. Most importantly, find a mentor or a trainer, someone who has excelled in the field you seek to master and ask to be his or her student. This will cut your learning time by half or even more and allow you to become good in a subject of your interest.

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