Doctors warn against drinking water from hot plastic bottles

Doctors warn against drinking water from hot plastic bottles

A group of doctors on the Healthline program of Vodafone Ghana says drinking water from heated plastic bottles causes cancer.

When asked of the myth regarding plastic bottles and sachets (popularly known as "pure water"), the doctors reveal that exposing these bottles or sachets to the sun rays generates cancer-causing agents in the water which can prove deadly for human consumption.

Drivers have also be warned to stay away from leaving their bottled water in cars since the heat generated in the car induces such cancer-causing elements as well.

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Importance of water to the body can better be understood from the fact that the body is made up of about 60% water. Water in the body is used for a number of physiological activities. It is used by the cells and tissues to carry out basic functions.

In addition to this, water is used by other body organs like the kidney, heart, and brain to maintain their proper functioning.

Water is also used to control the body temperature and the body’s chemical environment.

The body loses water through sweating, breathing and waste removal. It is therefore wise for you to ensure that you re-hydrate regularly to keep your body’s water level in check.

Hydrating your body can be done by drinking water, other fluids like beverages and eating foods that have a lot of fluid.

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The element of hydrating regularly brings about the question of how much water you should drink per day. The answer to this question depends on a number of factors including, your body activity, the climate in which you live and your health conditions. If you are very active during the day or night, your body will demand much water, meaning that you will need to drink a lot of water.

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