List of beach resorts in Ghana

List of beach resorts in Ghana

Beach resorts offer an excellent way for people to enjoy themselves in this West African country. When in need of a relaxing getaway, one can visit one of the many available resorts for the treat of a lifetime. Most of the resorts offer world-class facilities and the service at these resorts provides value for money. Beach resorts in Ghana are significant attractions for tourists all over the world as they get to relax in the sandy beaches and enjoy Ghanaian cuisine.

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The resorts are great for family vacations like during the Christmas holiday and even for hosting office team building sessions. Sandy beaches and soothing atmosphere make the beach resorts in Ghana the ideal place for relaxation. These beach resorts are also one of the best ideas for a honeymoon destination. Ghanaian culture that is always welcoming for strangers makes these resorts the ideal place for people to unwind. Apart from having the serene environment and the sandy beaches, the holiday resorts in Ghana offer a wide variety of tours that one can take along the coastal cities.

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1. White Sands Beach Resort and Spa Ghana

beach resorts in ghana, beach resorts in cape coast, holiday resorts in ghana

White Sands resort is a combination of luxury and style. The exotic nature of the resort makes it the ideal relaxation resort of class. The resort consists of 10 well appointed and individually designed suites and chalets within a 60-acre space. Part of the resort includes exotic gardens, a private beach, clubhouse, restaurant, tennis court and helipad. Architecture and design of the hotel done in a way that conserves the natural environment. Restaurants in the resort offer guests new culinary experiences that are both exotic and familiar.

2. Blue Diamond Beach Spa Resort

The Blue Diamond Resort is ideal for retreating and unwinding from the daily life routine. It lies along a wise empty beach that is full of palm trees to create the ultimate relaxing environment. It is situated 80 kilometres from Accra and covers 8 hectares of land. Hammocks in the resort offer a picturesque view of a fishing village known as Apam. Services available at the resort include:

  • A sauna
  • Car rental
  • Conference facilities
  • Restaurant with a daily specials
  • Swimming pool

3. Beach Resorts in Cape Coast

I. Coconut Grove Beach Resort

Coconut Grove resort prides itself in their warm smiles and friendly service. The resort is famous for their healthy foods prepared by their well-trained chefs. The hotel won the 2016 GRA awards. Some of the amenities the resort offers include classy accommodation, massage, conference facilities and much more.

II. Elmina Bay Resort

beach resorts in ghana, beach resorts in cape coast, holiday resorts in ghana

Elmina Bay Hotel is based in the heart of the historical region in Ghana. It is a masterpiece in terms of quality and offers the Atlantic Ocean as the main centre of attraction. The hotel offers a tranquil and relaxing environment while providing a spectacular view of the beach. Elmina Bay Resort offers many activities and places to tour around the area of the historic region.

III. Anomabo Beach Resort

List of beach resorts in Ghana

Anomabo beach resort is based in a town that was once popular for the slave trading centres. The name Anomabo means ‘bird rock’ as a result of the closeness to an area where birds frequently nest. Anomabo Beach Resort has a traditional feel to it regarding the design. It is located within a coconut grove off a major highway making it very accessible. The architecture of the resort was done with minimal damage to the surrounding coconut groves. Part of the attraction is the view of the resort that looks out to the Atlantic Ocean and the bay with white sandy beaches. Waves from the ocean are perfect for surfing, and the local fishermen can take one around in the canoe at a fee.

IV. Ko-Sa Beach Resort

Ko-Sa Beach Resort is an environment-friendly resort. It is made with eco-friendly materials and uses power sources that are friendly to the environment. The natural surroundings of the resort make it the ideal place to relax for a vacation. The resort is located near Kakum National Park making it a lively place to stay as one can visit the park. Lodging in the resort is made of clay houses with a touch of modern design. Sandy beaches along the hotel make it a relaxing site for one to unwind.

4. Beach resorts in Ghana Ada

I. Maks Resort

beach resorts in ghana, beach resorts in cape coast, holiday resorts in ghana

Maks Resort is a simple resort near the Volta River. It is a blend of luxurious accommodation and the natural environment. Surrounding environment of the resort is endowed with natural attractions such as a butterfly sanctuary and a mangrove reserve. The Atlantic Ocean and the many islands around the Volta River are some of the main attractions to Maks Resort.

II. Aqua Safari Resort

Aqua Safari Resort offers a wide variety of events including viewing wildlife, water-surfing and many more. The resort also offers a wide range of Ghanaian traditional music and cuisine. Regarding location, Aqua safari resort is based at the waterfront making swimming and water sports popular at the resort. Accommodation at the resort is ideal for relaxing and can host large groups.

III. Aborigines Beach Resort

Aborigines Beach Resort is located along the Keta beach. The main attraction is the sandy beach and the water sports available around. One can also enjoy canoe rides.

5. Busua Beach Resort

Busua Beach Resort has established itself as one of the most beautiful resorts available in Ghana. As a resort, it provides maximum comfort and relaxation. The unique design and the facilities at the resort are sure to make each stay a memorable one.

6. Resorts in Accra Ghana

I. Ramada Resort Accra Coco beach

Ramada Resort is based in Coco beach, where the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean meet. Accommodation of the hotel is world-class, and it offers a relaxing view with sandy beaches. The hotel also offers numerous attractions and has a natural beauty that is breathtaking. Ramada Resort is equipped with conference rooms, a ballroom and several other facilities that make it the ideal destination.

II. Nordsee Beach Resort

Located in Accra, the Nordsee Beach Resort is the ideal place to unwind within Accra. Nordsee Resort has facilities like a swimming pool, conference facilities and is famous for their friendly staff. Accommodation in the hotel is also very luxurious, and the view of the beach gives it the ideal view for visitors. The hotel’s restaurant offers a variety of cuisines that are made with the utmost care and profession.

7. Maaha Beach Resort

Maaha Beach Resort is popular for the use of the traditional Nzema vernacular architecture in its design. Its architecture fused with the remarkable view of the Atlantic Ocean in combination with the ecological landscape makes this the ideal place to be.

The resort offers excellent and indigenous hospitality. It is the perfect getaway for leisure within the oil and gas hub of Ghana. It is also immersed in the diverse culture of Ghana and the historical sites and arts and crafts of Ghana.

Beach resorts in Ghana are numerous, and all have unique attractions. One thing that stands out the most is the fact that the resorts take a keen interest in the conservation of the environment. Ghana’s beach resorts are an excellent place to relax and unwind for both families and corporate functions. Apart from relaxing, the resorts offer an excellent opportunity to enjoy the exotic Ghanaian cuisines.

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