Top trending Morgan Heritage songs

Top trending Morgan Heritage songs

The 1990s had some really cool reggae songs, especially from bands such as Morgan Heritage. They were, and still are a vibrant band that's recording and releasing good reggae music. From songs like Don't Haffi Dread to Hallelujah featuring Diamond Platnumz, you have to read on to find out why Morgan Heritage songs still rock.

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The group came into existence in 1994 and comprises the five children of Denroy Morgan, who was also a reggae artist. The members of the group are Peter Morgan "Peetah," Una Morgan, Roy "Gramps" Morgan, Nakhamyah "Lukes" Morgan and Memmalatel "Mojo" Morgan. More than twenty years later, the group still releases songs that resonate with many people as you'll find out from the songs listed below.

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Morgan Heritage songs 2017

To start with, here is a list of songs that the reggae group released in 2017.

1. Dancing in the Moonlight – Morgan Heritage

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Dancing in the Moonlight was one of the famous songs listed in the Avrakedabra album. The song tries to encourage its listeners to dance at night on the beach under the moonlight. It advises against letting the stresses of life take a toll on us. Before it is too late in this life, set aside free time to have fun and forget all your troubles. The best things in life sometimes cost us nothing.

2. One Family – Morgan Heritage

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One Family is another popular song around the world from the endeared band. The song is loved by many and has carried away many as well. It is also part of the above-mentioned album. This song also features a couple of other international artists who did a tremendous job. The two artists are Ziggy Marley and Stephen Marley. The song has over 145k views on YouTube. The two featured artists are also from another family, the Marley family.

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3. Want Some More - Morgan Heritage

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In the same Avrakedabra album, the band also recorded another song called Want Some More, which revolves around Rastafarian teachings. It carries the vibe of a gospel song preaching the teachings of Jah, who is the Rastafarian God.

The song campaigns for the gospel of Jah and points out how the youth have turned away from their God. It's time for them to get to know more of him and understand. Of course we cannot finish describing the song without mentioning another international artist who are featured in it. He goes by the name Mr. Talk Box. The tune is four and a half minutes and has a good number of views on YouTube.

4. Pineapple Wine - Morgan Heritage

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Pineapple Wine is another Morgan Heritage song that was released in 2017. It runs for about four minutes and its official lyric video, which was published in April of 2018, has over 29K views on YouTube at the time of this writing.

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It is a vivid description and the power of dramatic poetry used is revealed and evident. It describes how one came across a sexy hot lady alias pineapple wine while on Hawaii beaches. The lady was from Wahini and was in a bikini. That's as much as I can describe and you'll need to listen to find out yourself what transpired later in the song.

5. Tribute to Ruggs - Morgan Heritage song

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It is not just any other song but is also a touching tribute to Bunny Ruggs. It is centered on the late Bunny Ruggs who was known by hits such as" It's You" and "Heaven Sent - Dat Feelin".

6. Harder Than You Know - Morgan Heritage

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If you are into love music in the reggae genre, this is a song that you need to add to your album. It revolves around love and breaks up. "...but now I doubt if I was your only lover, are we just lost in time...“ is from the song. This song also features in the Avrakedabra album.

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7. Ready for Love - Morgan Heritage

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Are you ready for love? "Ready for Love" is undoubtedly a song that will leave your heart skipping and beating fast to the resonance of the wordings and rhythmic lyrics from Morgan Heritage. The song will take you down memory lane - to your first love nostalgia where everybody wished for everlasting love.

This song is also in the Avrakedabra album of 2017 and had the top Billboard chart-topping duo R.City and Reggae super group add their musical touches. I think you'll be ready for love if you get a partner that live out the song.

8. Reggae Night - Morgan Heritage

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Every night is a reggae night here in Africa. Talk to people, and they will tell you that. This song stole airwaves with a bang that many clubs made money through the night of nonstop reggae music. The song has gained many fans with its energizing beats and easy-to-sing lyrics. This song also featured in the 2017 list of Morgan Heritage song. In this song, the group featured another artist by the name Drezion.

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9. Golden - Morgan Heritage

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Another song that featured in the Avrakedabra album is Golden. The song runs for 4:28 minutes and you can play it on many online music platforms.

10. Dream Girl - Morgan Heritage

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Everybody has a dream to have a perfect guy or girl in life. This time we focus on Morgan's kind of girl with a focus on the qualities traits she possesses. This song revolves around life and how sometimes life is a dream and how it is inspired by dreams and goals. The relevance of living is quite elaborate in this song. You cannot afford to miss this track in your playlist.

11. We Are – Song by Morgan Heritage

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It is another song that will captivate you as it escalates the feeling of oneness through its lyrics. The song has featured Kabaka Pyramid and Dre Island. The idea of being the future leaders and heirs of this world is clear in this song. People do not need to believe in propaganda but accept and embrace reality.

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12. Selah - Morgan Heritage

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Selah is a biblical song. Its lyrics are based on the Bible and touch the souls of humans by encouraging them to open their eyes and see. "They that come to steal and declare you poor as they rob you of your gold and diamonds, what a conspiracy?" the song's lyrics go. You'll love this song because of its African touch.

Morgan Heritage songs on YouTube

YouTube has become the go-to platform for anyone searching for a song. For instance, to find Morgan Heritage songs, you just need to visit their channel on YouTube and you'll be good to go. Some of their other songs were uploaded by their recording labels.

1. Morgan Heritage Perfect Love Song

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It was uploaded in 2013 by VP Records and one can buy a copy from iTunes. You can also stream or purchase the song from other online music sharing platforms. With over 4 million views on YouTube at the time of this writing, it is clear that the song is quite popular.

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2. She Still Loves Me

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And it has won the hearts of many by reaching over 14 million combined views on YouTube and still rocketing. It's a chilled song that can soothe you through your afternoons.

3. Morgan Heritage Tell Me How Come

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Tell Me How Come is another Morgan Heritage classic that you can easily access online. It was a top trending song by this big reggae band and its flavor still runs through our ears with nostalgia. Right from the beginning of the song, it's very easy to identify song that talks about the societies affecting the society.

Although the song highlights some saddening facts about life, its carefully crafted lyrics, rhythm, and melodies makes it melodious to the ear. You'll not be alone if you find yourself playing the song on repeat. Actually, I've just replayed the song.

4. Morgan Heritage Down By The River

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How is one able to live inside someone else yet they are far away? This is just one line from the lyrics of the Down By The River song. The beauty of lyrics and poetry in a song is that they make you relate with the song. You can almost feel the lively flow of the river in the song.

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Down By The River has super catchy beats and easy-to-sing lyrics that makes the song a popular pick during many reggae events. The creativity and relevance in the message the song is another plus that make reggae fans love the song.

Morgan Heritage albums

This reggae band has released several albums over the years.

1. Avrakedabra

This group has a good number of albums, and to mention a few, I will start with the one in 2017, which happens to be the latest so far. It goes by the name Avrakedabra. The group was nominated for the Grammy Awards in 2018 in the reggae category.

2. Strictly Roots

It is an album that was released in 2015. It was basically about the life of the Rastafarians' hearts that you should listen to.

3. Full Circle

Full Circle is the seventh studio album by the group that launched in 2005, which is about 13 years ago and still rocking many reggae fans.

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4. Another Rockerz Moment

In 2006, Morgan Heritage released an album by the name Another Rockerz Moment that was released by the label VP records and launched on September 26 the same year.

Other albums include:

  • Protect Us Jah
  • One Calling
  • Don't Haffi Dread
  • More Teachings...
  • Three in One
  • Mission In Progress

Morgan Heritage best songs

Morgan Heritage songs, songs of morgan heritage, songs by morgan heritage

Picking the best songs by Morgan Heritage can be a tricky process. You would have consider many factors like the message in a song, its production, video quality, and music arrangement. Such factors do vary from one fan to another, which means fans will choose different Morgan Heritage songs as their best.

Having said so though, Down By The River, Perfect Love - She's Still Loves Me, Tell Me How Come, The Girl is Mine, Don't Haffi Dread, Nothing to Smile About, A Man Is Still A Man, Reggae Brought Back To Love are some of the top songs.

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Leaning the lyrics of Morgan Heritage songs is the perfect way to enjoy them whenever any of the songs plays.

Top 10 Morgan Heritage songs

The following songs of Morgan Heritage can be easily be featured on a top ten list of their all-time songs. They're some of the biggest tunes that most reggae fans can sing along. The good thing about reggae music is the content is very educative, informative and entertaining.

  • Don't Haffi Dread
  • Hail Rastafarian
  • Strictly Roots
  • Light It Up
  • Brooklyn and Jamaica
  • Here Comes The King
  • Mount Zion Medley
  • Perfect Love
  • Tell Me How Come
  • Give We A License

Having checked out all the above Morgan Heritage songs, which one was and is still your favorite? In addition, it should not escape you that the group is still releasing songs and featuring in other musicians' music. For instance, the reggae group has recently released song where they've featured African artists by the name Diamond Platinumz and Stonebwoy.

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