Top trending Selina Boateng songs

Top trending Selina Boateng songs

Selina Boateng is a bubbly gospel musician from Ghana. She has earned her spot in the limelight through her inspiring songs, which are quite popular in the country. Thanks to her dedication and drive, she has so far released four albums and currently records her music under the Cebex Music Production label. Now, from all of her albums, which Selina Boateng songs have you listen to and loved?

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Besides her music, which we’re going to highlight below, an organisation called Woman Rising named her among the top 100 most influential Ghanaian women in 2016. It’s clear that her music reaches a massive audience. True to this analogy, her early music releases like Medofo Pa and Minku to Alpha and Omega were trending and popular songs.

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List of Selina Boateng songs

The best way to remind you or help you find out more about Selina Boateng gospel songs is to check out the following list. We’ve highlighted her old and new popular songs.

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1. Medofo Pa – Selina Boateng

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The easiest way to find this song online is to search using the phrase “Selina Boateng songs Medofo Pa.” it’s one of the first releases of this gospel artist and it turned out to be a success. Who wouldn’t love how the song starts with some nicely played saxophones? As the song progresses, the rhythmic subtle drums will hook you through the entire song.

Medofo Pa played a big part in putting Selina on the map. If you check out the comments under the video, you’ll find people from different nationalities saying positive things.

2. Minku Meho – Selina Boateng

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This is one of the Selina Boateng old songs that she released in 2011. It is a Cebex Music Production project that was directed by McWillies.

Minku Meho has an upbeat feel that you would want when in need of some encouragement from a gospel song. The song will encourage you to worry less about the future and let God be in charge of the same.

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Many people who’ve listed to the song, both her fans and other gospel music enthusiasts have confessed about replaying the song over.

3. Alpha and Omega – Selina Boateng

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Alpha and Omega was published in 2015. Since then, there are people who can’t get enough of this English-Ghanaian gospel song. In such cases, one can opt to save the song on their devices. To do so you’ll need to search online using the phrase “Selina Boateng song Alpha and Omega download” and choose the legal ways. You can also use an easy way of downloading the song using your premium Spotify account.

It’s worth noting that Selina collaborated with Uncle Ato to produce this masterpiece. The two struck a very nice balance between their vocals to make the song sweet to the ears.

it wouldn’t take you long to fall in love with the general arrangement of the entire song, which runs for over 10 minutes. The drums, background singers, her dancing, Ato’s presence, and the beats are all little things that made Alpha and Omega very popular.

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4. Eda Papa – Selina Boateng

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Eda Papa is a rather chilled song that would be appropriate to play in the afternoon after attending a church session. If you have premium Spotify account, you can easily save this song on your device. You can also explore other legal ways to download the song by searching the web using a phrase like “download song of Selina Boateng Eda Papa.”

5. Wobeye Nhyira – Selina Boateng

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Wobeye Nhyira also features on this Selina Boateng list of songs because of its popularity. For instance, on the video-sharing platform called YouTube, the song has a combined viewership of over 150,000.

Despite being a 2013 release, it’s one of the Selina Boateng video songs that you can watch and get inspired by its message.

6. Esumasem – Selina Boateng

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Without a doubt, Esumasem is a song that you’ll definitely play if you want to dance to your Lord. If you search “Selina Boateng song Esumasem”, you’ll find many positive feedbacks from people who love the song to bits.

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Esumasem is rich with nicely arranged musical instruments playing throughout the song. You don’t have to understand the Ghanaian language to love this song. Just press play, sit back, and enjoy the melodious Selina voice that blends smoothly with the beats and instruments.

Selina Boateng albums

This gospel musician from Ghana has four albums but her latest one – I’m Grategul – is the most successful having featured her popular song Alpha and Omega. Most of the songs in the album don’t have videos hence add to the list of Selina Boateng audio songs.

Among the ten songs that are in the I’m Grateful album, Selina Boateng-Oyonko Wawani is one of them. The song still resonates with most of her fans. Further, even if you decide to listen to Selina Boateng all songs, you’ll notice that she always maintains her singing style while incorporating different musical instruments that give the songs an African sound.

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Selina Boateng latest songs

Since she released I’m Grateful, Selina has been focussed on performing her songs and being a minister. However, she seems to have hit the studio in recent weeks. She posted a video of one of her studio sessions as evidence that she may be releasing new songs sooner than later.

Here is the video:

Going by her past popular songs, it’s safe to say that new songs by Selina Boateng are bound to rule the airwaves and uplift many Christians. She is a talented musicians and her fans are always on the lookout for any releases.


Most people who love music, both her fans and otherwise, it is clear that the popular Selina Boateng songs mentioned above are pleasing to the ears. Accessing the songs is easy thanks to the different online music sharing platforms. You can also implement the methods suggested here to legally download her songs to your device and listen to them on the go.

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