Webster University Ghana programs and fees

Webster University Ghana programs and fees

Webster University Ghana is among the best universities in the soils of Ghana that aims at providing a learning environment to its students and transforms them into global citizen’s .The university sticks to its mission, vision, and core values all that have a common goal of providing excellence to all its learners. The university offers various courses and programs to cater to the global needs of the ever-dynamic world. In order to pursue an education here, the university provides information that you need to know, the courses offered and the fees you need for your education. This article gives the green light on all you need to know concerning the institution.

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Webster University Ghana campus is an international campus of the main campus based in St. Louis, Missouri. The university got accreditation from the Ghana national accreditation board in 2013.It also carries full institution from the higher learning commission (HLC) Northcentral association. These accreditation include the awarding of both graduate and undergraduate programs. Students from across the world are free enrolling at Webster University Ghana each year. All learners benefit from the cultural diversity and dynamic international environment provided at the in the institution.

Courses offered at Webster University Ghana

Webster University is among the universities in Accra where the learners have an advantage of benefiting from the personalized plans that help them to gain competitive advantage .The flexibility of the degree programs combines both academic depth, intellectual breadth and wide freedom to explore diverse interests. The university offers undergraduate, graduate and masters programmes.

Masters programs

Masters in business administration(MBA)

Because of a recent survey of employers by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), it shed a green light that MBA graduates are in demand with anticipation in salary increases. Webster University courses of masters in business administration (MBA) combine theories and information from various disciplines including accounting, marketing economics, production operations, finance, and strategic management, and provide tools and techniques that learners need to solve a problem in a wide variety of business situations. Webster University Ghana has an MBA Global Track that provides graduate students with an opportunity to go and live abroad while learning and studying MBA as part of their coursework.

MA in international relations( Masters in international relations)

This program came into existence due to the thriving international global markets and innovations in technology that led to the world becoming a small and simple place. This program equips it learners with the skills that they need to handle the complexities in the ever-growing business and political societies and their environments. International relations students get an opportunity to get skills and knowledge to enhance their career in commerce, law, journalism, business, education, public affairs, or government

Undergraduate programs

Webster University has flexible degrees that promote Excellency in academic depth and encourages all the learners to explore a diverse interest. All the programs take 4 years to earn their degrees. In order to graduate from the university, every student must take 128 credit hours of the coursework that must include a major and global citizenship requirement.

Bachelor of arts degree

Under the Bachelor of Arts degrees, the university offers several programs that include the following:

BA international relations

Webster University with the growing globalization in business and political societies, it saw a need to introduce this bachelors degree. It caters for the global needs of the business world in cutting across all the diverse cultures and customs as part of lives. Due to the complexities and dynamism of the world, these courses equip the learners to handle the complexities. The coursework for this degree program cuts across all the disciplines and exposes the students to all the subfield that are pertinent key. The relevant issues in this discipline include globalization, humanitarian action, human rights, and economic development. For students seeking to work with a governmental agency, a nongovernmental organization, an intergovernmental organization, or a multinational corporation this program is ideal for them. To students planning to pursue a Ph.D. or an academic career at another institution, the program is highly recommended to them.

BA Management

This is the art of effectively coordinating all the available resources and minimizing of the costs while maximizing the profits of an organization. This program aims at giving learners the skills in both theoretical and functional management while exploring internal and external aspects of managerial work. This course also helps the students to become competent in decision-making. Some of the key aspects that the course gives knowledge and skills in include determination of income; inflation, aggregate demand and supply, international economic issues, output; money and banking, and monetary and fiscal policies. The key distinction points to this course include the following:

  1. Webster University BA courses strive to ensure that it delivers education relevant to the real happenings in the world.
  2. Students are equipped with a broad understanding of ways of motivating their employees to achieve top performance.
  3. The hiring of employees and labor-management relations are the major issues that the students are equipped with and given a broad understanding of.

BA Media communications

Due to the world’s saturation with advertising messages, media and the increasing need for the consumer reports there is a need to have more people with the knowledge in media communication. It is this reason that makes BA media communication in media communication a must in Webster University a must in order to cater to the increasing needs. Media communication degree provides the students with the skills and emphasis in critical thinking, communication skills, and technical expertise. The main advantage you have while having a degree in media communication is the variety of carriers that you can major in. These include television and video production, broadcast journalism, scriptwriting, media marketing, research, public relations, advertising, specialized journalism, and technical writing, technical writing, instructional technology.

BA in Psychology

Webster's psychology professors use approaches that range from the scientific to philosophical and the experimental to theoretical. Through exploration of these methods, psychology students develop and apply problem-solving skills that help them think analytically and communicate persuasively in the professional world. They offer a diverse psychological curriculum and offer a strong theoretical field in the world of psychology.

Bachelor of science degree

BSc. Computer science

BSc computer science is among the programmes in Webster University Ghana. The university introduced the computer science program with an objective to provide the learners with a solid background in the different areas of information and encourage them to develop originality and creativity. The programmes also aim at catering for the high demand for computer skills and knowledge across various sectors. Good ground in this field helps in placing the bearers in various careers they pursue.

webster university ghana fees
programmes in webster university ghana
webster university ghana scholarship
webster university courses

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BS in Finance

This course helps the business owners and financial managers to understand financial modeling, financial business strategy mergers, and acquisitions from an analytical perspective. This greatly helps in the achievements of new goals. At Webster University, the finance degree programs help them measure financial risk, determine the value of financial assets, formulate strategies to reduce risks, analyze the financial decisions of a corporation and ultimately lead toward career advancement.

Webster University Ghana requirements

Undergraduate programmes requirements

Application of the undergraduate courses is online, and the following documents are submitted:

  • Official high school transcripts
  • Certified true copy of high school diploma or External exams certificate
  • Literal English translations of the diploma and transcripts. (If they are not in English). Translations must be official: certified by an accredited translator or notarized by a competent legal authority. We do not accept photocopies of translations
  • English proficiency results from either a TOEFL or IELTS test
  • A 300-word essay to discuss the following:
  1. Your education and life experience.
  2. How have these experiences shaped your life goals?
  3. How do you expect this program to help you achieve your goal?
  • A letter of recommendation
  • Write a short entrance exam
  • Official ID - A photocopy of a national identity card or biographical passport page

Admissions requirements

  • American High School Diploma which is a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.5 on a 4 point scale, or its equivalent in other grading systems (academic achievement in programs that use a grading or assessment scale other than a 4.0 is evaluated in the context of the relevant academic system)
  • WASSCE: Credit passes (A1-C6) in six subjects comprising three core subjects including English Language and Mathematics and three relevant subjects
  • SSSCE: Credit passes (A-D) in six subjects comprising three core subjects including English Language and Mathematics and three relevant subjects
  • A Levels , IB, and its equivalent
  • The English language proficiency minimum requirement is a TOEFL score of 575 points on the Paper-based test or 89 points Internet-based test or an IELTS score Overall band 6.5
webster university ghana fees
programmes in webster university ghana
webster university ghana scholarship
webster university courses

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Graduate requirements

Webster university advisors in admission board will be of importance in the application process. Requirements below are applicable to all degree programs.

Admissions requirements.

  1. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
  2. A cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.5 on a 4-point scale, or its equivalent. Academic achievement in programs that use a different assessment scale is evaluated in the context of the relevant academic system
  3. The English language proficiency minimum requirement is a TOEFL score of 575 points on the Paper-based test or 89 points Internet-based test or an IELTS score Overall band 6.5

Additional requirements: MBA

MBA applicants need to have previously completed the following courses, or their equivalents, within the last five years with a grade of ‘B’ or better:

  1. Financial Accounting - BUSN 5600 Accounting Theory and Practice
  2. Microeconomics & Macroeconomics - BUSN 5620 Current Economic Analysis.

The above, additional requirements for MBA applicants need to be availed. If they are missing in the application materials, then they need to complete a pre-requisite coursework before starting an MBA program.

Webster University Ghana fees

Below are the different categories of fees to be paid to the university.

Undergraduate Fees

Tuition fees per semester is $4,900.00 (4-6 courses). If you choose to pay per year you will have to part with $9,800.00 (Academic year). Tuition fee for summer programme is $980.00 per 3 Credit Hour Course.

The students have an option to select the payment program that is convenient for them. The payment is allowed locally in Ghana Cedis. The application fee of $50 or GHC 200 is compulsory and nonrefundable. Once a student gets admission, they are supposed to make a deposit of $500 as confirmation of their intention to join the institution. The school credits the student account with the deposit once they join the university. In case the student needs accommodation within the school, they can do a request for the same.

Graduate Fees

Tuition fees amount payable each term is $1,500.00 for 1 Course, $3,000.00 for 2 Courses, and $18,000.00 for the entire program.

Just like the undergraduate, the applicants deposit $500 as a confirmation of their intent to join the university once admitted. Deposits crediting to the student accounts are done once they join the campus and cater for the first semester fees. An indication of the full names and unique Webster school ID on the bank slips is vital for proper identification.

Webster University Ghana scholarship

Based on the academic achievements and proof of financial need, Webster University offers scholarships to the students. There are also other determining factors by the university that will lead to awarding of the scholarship. The scholarships are valid only id the student studies full time and is able to maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 and above. The scholarships are available upon requests by the accepted student. Students in need of financial aids can apply from other financial aid schemes apart from university scholarships.

webster university ghana fees
programmes in webster university ghana
webster university ghana scholarship
webster university courses

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Webster university contacts and address

Use the contacts provided below to reach the university.

Courier packages contacts:

Webster University Ghana Campus

  • Plot #445B Luanda Close, Off Lagos Avenue
  • East Legon, Accra, Ghana

Postal mail addresses:

  • Webster University Ghana Campus
  • PO. Box CT 10337,
  • Cantonments, Accra, Ghana

Email for general enquiries

  • ghana@webster.edu

Phone contacts:

  • Phone: +233-(0)302-502-554 | +233-(0)302-507-393
  • Mobile: +233-(0)540-120-849 | +233-(0)540-120-869 | +234809 999 3514

Webster University Ghana campus is among the best private universities in Accra, and you have an assurance you cannot regret choosing it. It will provide you with the best courses, and most importantly, they are realistic to the developing needs of the real world. Having all the information and all pertain to the university in this article, and then you have the best chance to make an informed decision. All the best.

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