Legacy Girls College contacts

Legacy Girls College contacts

The decision and the choice of the school for your daughter are very important. It will determine the kind of education she gets and make a value system of what she is likely to become in her entire life. Legacy Girls College will never compromise when it comes to giving you the kind of quality education you need to achieve and to attain the kind of life you want for your child. This article will help you get all the information that relates to the school, the programs it offers, their contacts and all that you would like to know pertaining to the school.

legacy girls college facebook
legacy girls college twitter
legacy girls college instagram
location of legacy girls college

A good education is not easy to come by. Even so, parents need to strive to ensure that they enrol their children in schools that guarantee quality education for them. Legacy Girls College will not disappoint. Check out these details on how to contact them in case you desire to join the school or enrol your daughter.

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About Legacy Girls College

Legacy Girls College has the uniqueness of being the only private girls' college in the whole of Ghana. The school was foundered in September 2015 with the main aim of providing holistic education and nurture young girls into becoming agents of change in different parts of the world. The school is carpeted in the green woodlands that provide a conducive environment for teaching and learning. The school has core values that they try to achieve in their endeavour to achieve a high-quality education. These core values are:

  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Excellence
  • Ambition
  • Determination

Given a chance, this school will totally nurture you and help you achieve all you want in life.


Legacy Girls College has a mission to:

  • Nurture the potential of every girl and ensure to equip them to cater for the demands of the ever-changing and dynamic world we live in.
  • Provide an education for girls that prepares them for excellence in the real world by ensuring that they are well-equipped to be confident, competent and caring in all the fields of life they find themselves in.


Legacy Girls College believes that there is no strategy better than that which involves women as the centre of it. It is because of this reason that they aim at educating girls and women as a social policy that has been tested and proven to work. Their vision is inspired by these words from Kofi Annan. - "A vision of girls and women understanding their rights and responsibilities and playing their central role in national development"

Location of Legacy Girls College

legacy girls college facebook
legacy girls college twitter
legacy girls college instagram
location of legacy girls college

Legacy Girls College is the first private girls' school in Ghana. It is located in the green woodlands of Ghana. The institution overlooks a serene and hilly environment. This offers a perfect ambience for sobriety and studies.

Courses offered at Legacy Girls College

Legacy school Ghana offers various courses to the girls. These courses and programs majorly offered in the school are classified under WASSCE and IGSCE. These programs include both the compulsory and the elective subjects as shown below.


  • Social Studies
  • English
  • Core Maths
  • Integrated Science
  • General Arts
  • Literature
  • History
  • Christian Religious Studies
  • Geography
  • Government
  • French
  • Elective Maths
  • Economics
  • ICT
  • Business
  • Business Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Principles of Cost Accounting
  • Science Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics


  • English
  • Literature
  • Mathematics
  • ICT
  • Humanities and social sciences
  • History
  • Sociology
  • Geography
  • Additional Mathematics and Economics
  • Biology
  • French, Science, and Chemistry
  • Physics

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Entry/Admission requirements.

The entry process in Legacy Girls College is majorly through entrance examination and interviews. The admission department prepares the exam for the applicants where they get chances depending on their performance. The proficiency test covers Mathematics, English Language and Science. Interviews are done as well and the best students are enroled. Admission to the school is, however, only confirmed after the students have passed the examinations. However, despite the examination and the interviews, in order to get an admission into Legacy Girls College, the following entry requirements and criteria are compulsory. This is mostly for the entrance into the senior high school.

  • Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) – for WASSCE.
  • Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint – for IGCSE.

How to apply

In order to be enrolled in the school, they carry out examination and interviews which determine the eligibility of the students to be admitted. In order to apply, follow the procedure below:

  • Download the application form from the school's website
  • Fill the form and afterwards, attach the requirements and submit them to the school personally
  • Alternatively, after the filling of the form and all other requirements, scan and send them to Legacy girls college email which is info@lgc.edu.gh

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Legacy Girls College contact number

legacy girls college facebook
legacy girls college twitter
legacy girls college instagram
location of legacy girls college

Legacy Girls College has various contacts that can be used to reach them. The following contacts are applicable.

  • Administration office line: +233 303 965533
  • Telephone 1: +233 201 423474
  • Telephone 2: +233 244 583138
  • Telephone 3: +233 243 860824
  • Telephone 4: +233 244311643

Legacy Girls College address

The school's post office address is as follows:

  • P. O. Box 84, Akuse - E/R, Ghana

Legacy girls' college Facebook

The Legacy Girls' College Facebook page is Legacy Girls' college.

Legacy girls' college Twitter

The twitter handle for the school is Legacy Girls college @LegacyGirls-

You can use the Legacy Girls College twitter handle any time to get any information concerning the institution.

Legacy girls' college Instagram.


This is the Legacy Girls College Instagram. You can check out the different pics and stories about the school.

Owing to the courses offered at Legacy Girls College, you will never regret pursuing your education in legacy Girls' College. The quality and skills you will acquire are exceptional. Additionally, the school nurtures the students in various disciplines, enhancing their compatibility with the dynamics of the ever-changing global world. This way, its students have a competitive advantage in the real world

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