Taller men are more attractive to women - Here are reasons why

Taller men are more attractive to women - Here are reasons why

It would be needless to argue something that is almost self-evident as women liking men who are at least, taller than they are. We know for certain among most women that even if their men are not generally tall, they are expected to be taller than their women.

Science cannot tell us why we like who we like. Affection is not something scientists could measure or qualify.

But attraction, especially in the physical sense, is easy for scientists to explain.

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YEN.com.gh outlines for reasons women are attracted to taller men.

1. It is in the mind

According to many experts, women tend to like taller men because that is how natures has programmed them. A taller man or anything else, is usually associated with strength.

taller men

Experts have said that women tend to believe taller men would protect them.
Source: UGC

And through the years, women have been held us the vulnerable who need to be protected. Hence the protected need strong protectors.

2. Women want their men to stand out, literally

The idea of having a mate or partner whom everyone can literally see, is a turn on for women. And so often than not, a tall man is something every person could see.

The tall man, being the centre of attraction is then wanted by one woman because other women also want him.

3. Being the envy of other women

Society may teach that it is not necessary to aim to be the envy of others. But some natural scientists have affirmed that looking for people to envy you is something that printed in the minds of human beings.

The simple recognition that comes with being associated with a tall man (the best man) is what drives women.

4. Taller men are thought to be better in bed

This is probably the most unscientific of our four points. But it is perhaps the most widely believed.

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taller men

Relationships need physical stimulation and satisfaction to work.
Source: UGC

Taller men are thought by most women to be better lovers simply because they are associated with manly strength.

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