Laweh Open University programs and fees

Laweh Open University programs and fees

Laweh Open University is one of the best universities in the country and the whole of West Africa. Established in 2014, the institution offers a wide selection of programs ranging from certificates to doctorate degrees. What’s more, the university is a global partner of the Open University of Tanzania. Laweh Open University location is at Teshie-Nungua, Addogon Rd, off Baatsona Rd, near Lekma Polytechnic, Accra Ghana.

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Laweh University is actually the first and only in Ghana and second in West Africa to be accredited as an Open University College. The school strives to provide some of the best programs and therefore has been able to build a good reputation for itself over the years. Laweh Open University College Ghana has good policies which ensure that it maintains a high level of integrity. Some of these policies include;

  • Staff development policy – This is a policy that applies to all staff members of the school, whether part time staff or full time staff. All the staffs must attend training at their manager’s discretion.
  • Library policy - There are rules and regulations which are outlined to ensure the school library is used in the right way.
  • Ethics policy – Laweh Open University is committed to ensure that the highest professional and ethical standards are maintained for a great future ahead.
  • Victims’ rights policy – This is a policy that has been outlined by the school to all the community members to conduct themselves professionally and uphold a high level of standard. The policy is meant to curb any thefts or other miscellaneous activities.
  • ODQLA policy – Open distance and e-learning policy which aims to promote and encourage delivery of high-quality practices to higher education institutions.
  • OER policy – These are free learning and teaching materials known as the Open Educational Resources which are available and can be easily accessed online.

Online courses in Ghana

laweh university
laweh open university location
is laweh open university accredited
laweh open university college ghana

When it comes to online courses, Laweh Open University is not left behind. Students can access these courses through the iLaweh portal which can be found on the website of the school. This is known as the iCampus and to access it, you need to have been given a student or staff ID.

This actually means that you can learn from anywhere at your own convenience regardless of your location and earn a certificate or degree from Laweh Open University. Laweh Open University also offers online library services which is open to all registered students.

Short courses in Ghana

laweh university
laweh open university location
is laweh open university accredited
laweh open university college ghana

Laweh provides high-quality programs to the students and the school also features some great short courses which one can partake in. These short courses are certificate and diploma courses.

There are also undergraduate, graduate, as well as college courses, although these are not offered as short courses.

Some of the undergraduate Laweh Open University courses offered include;

  • BBA International Business Management
  • BBA Finance and Accounting,
  • BBA Marketing
  • BBA Human Resource Management.

Graduate courses include;

  • MBA Entrepreneurship
  • MBA Finance & Marketing
  • MSc Development Economics
  • MBA Human Resource Management
  • MBA Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Colleges include;

  • College of Business,
  • College of Arts & Social Sciences
  • College of Science & Technology
  • College of Health & Public Administration

When you are looking to join an open universities in Ghana, then joining Laweh Open University is the right choice you can make.

Application requirements for Laweh Open University

laweh university
laweh open university location
is laweh open university accredited
laweh open university college ghana

I'm sure you are asking "is laweh open university accredited?" Yes. they are actually the first and only national open university of Ghana. The laweh open university accreditation is by the National Accreditation board. For application, you can decide to apply online through their website. The process of application requires certain things such as bio-data of the applicant, academic records, as well as Curriculum Vitaes for graduate applicants.

A personal statement is required. Also, you need to note that you might be required to submit hard copies of certified academic records in cases where a conditional offer of admission is received

You can check out more details on the admission requirements here.

Laweh Open University fees

The fee structure of Laweh Open University differs from one level to the other depending on which course you are undertaking . These levels can either be certificates, diplomas, undergraduate programs, or graduate programs.

Laweh Open University fee for undergraduate local students is GHC 1600 for trimester and the graduate programs fee for a trimester for local students is GHC 2800. The fees for international students’ undergraduate programs is $600 per semester or $1,200 per year. School fees are always paid through deposit to the institution’s designated bank account which they specify to you on admission.

Laweh Open University is one to watch out for and a one-of-a kind college that is suitable for all types of people. When it comes to choosing a school, the best recommendation is a university that stands out and provides the right kind of environment and facilities that will be beneficial to students. One such university is the Laweh Open University. Be sure to check out more details about the school on their website. You can also visit them on their specified address above and get to learn more.

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